Meeting Eastern European Brides: The Guide to Slavic Dating

Western men are often looking to date women from exotic and various parts of the world. Slavic or Eastern European women are especially on-demand with western men. Slavic women typically have very attractive features, intelligence, strength, and passion.

They are often compared to supermodels because of their height, oval facial features, and love for makeup and femininity. In addition to their remarkable beauty, the women have a lot to offer, hence why western men are looking to meet and date them.

Online dating platforms have helped make meeting these women a walk in the park. In this post, we look at how to meet and build a relationship with Eastern European women.

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Why dating Eastern European (Slavic) women?

There are many reasons to date Eastern European women. However, below are some of the top three reasons;

They are very beautiful

One of the crucial reasons for dating an Eastern European woman would be a good idea is that they are very attractive. There indeed is more to a woman than her looks. However, the first thing that most men see in a woman is their beauty. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt that these women look like goddesses on earth.

Slavic women

They are not demanding

Slavic women are very patient and not as demanding. In a relationship, patience is very important. Therefore, getting into a relationship with such women would be a wise idea. They are also not scared of showing love, which is also a critical aspect of a healthy and fruitful relationship. They are often calm in the face of challenges.

They are well-mannered and cultured

These women are respectful. This is because of their culture and how they are brought up. You never have to worry that she will choose her career over the family with an Eastern European woman. However, they are also not too conservative.

The Most Popular Slavic Dating Sites

In recent years, Slavic dating sites have gained immense popularity among individuals seeking connections with Eastern European women. Some of the most popular Slavic dating platforms include,  SerbianLove, GenerationLove, CuteOnly, BeHappy2Day, PolskaDate, and

These websites cater to a diverse range of individuals, assisting them in finding meaningful relationships with Slavic women from various countries. Each platform offers unique features and communication tools, ensuring that users have a seamless and enjoyable experience during their search for compatible partners. (A Foreign Affair)

This is one of the very first dating sites to come into existence. It was established in 1996 to help men and women find international relationship matches.  To access the site, you have to register or sign up. You also have to register for membership and pay a membership fee. Doing this will allow you access to women from various regions of the world.

The site offers compatibility matching services. It also lets you browse the profiles of different women at no cost. It also gives you freedom to communicate with your match using calls and texts.


The site charges 10 dollars for a woman’s address and to allow you to get in touch. It also offers membership charges ranging between 30 to 95 dollars. is an online dating platform catering specifically to singles looking for love with Serbian and Eastern European individuals. 

With a wide array of profiles to browse, the site provides various services including messaging, sending virtual gifts, and advanced search filters that allow members to find their ideal partner. 

Prices for premium memberships range from $23.99 for a 1-month subscription to $71.99 for 6 months. 

Although the site has strict privacy policies and a verification process for new users, it is still important for members to exercise caution and protect their personal information when using the platform. remains a popular choice for those seeking connections with Eastern European individuals. is a reputable online dating platform that connects Eastern European women with Western men. 

Established in 2008, the site offers a range of services, including messaging, video chats, and virtual gifts, to facilitate communication and foster connections. A detailed profile verification process ensures the safety and authenticity of members. 

While signing up for GenerationLove is free, members can access premium features through a credit-based system, with costs depending on the specific services utilized. The site takes user safety seriously and implements measures to protect personal data and privacy. is a popular international dating site that connects men worldwide with Eastern European women from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. 

The platform offers a range of services, including messaging, video chat, and advanced search features, ensuring a pleasant and secure communication experience for its users. has an extensive database of verified profiles, with stringent anti-scam policies in place to protect users from fraudulent activities. 

Costs for membership vary, starting from a monthly fee of $29.99 to access unlimited messaging and additional features. With its user-friendly design and commitment to user safety, is an ideal choice for those looking to connect with Eastern European women. is one of the leading online matchmaking platforms catering to men seeking relationships with Eastern European or Slavic women. 

With an extensive database of verified, legitimate profiles, this platform offers numerous services such as live chat, video calls, gift delivery, and more to foster a lasting, emotionally fulfilling connection. 

The costs associated with these services are budget-friendly and transparent, ensuring a hassle-free experience for all members. You can purchase credits starting from as little as 0.38 USD per credit. The more credits you buy, the lower the cost per credit. They offer a range of packages, from 20 credits for 14.99 USD to 1000 credits for 379 USD.

Prioritizing user safety, implements advanced security measures, such as SSL encryption, to ensure confidentiality and protect personal information. By offering efficient communication tools and stringent security, has established itself as a reliable platform for men seeking meaningful relationships with Eastern European women. is an online dating platform that focuses on connecting individuals with Polish single brides looking to establish meaningful relationships. 

The website offers a range of services, such as chat and email communication features, to facilitate interactions between users. To access these services, users are required to pay for subscription plans. The costs for these plans vary according to the length of commitment. 

Premium features on include the ability to send unlimited messages, use advanced search filters, and receive alerts when a potential match reads a message. The following is a breakdown of the costs associated with using Platinum: The cost of a Premium Membership for one month is $48.13, the cost of a Premium Membership for three months is $108.66, and the cost of a Premium Membership for six months is $180.97.

The user profiles on provide detailed information, including physical appearance and personal interests, to help users find the most compatible matches. The platform takes safety seriously, implementing measures such as profile verification to ensure a secure and authentic online dating experience. is a popular dating platform focused on helping individuals find love and companionship with Eastern European singles. 

The website offers a range of services, including advanced search options, instant messaging, and a comprehensive gallery of member profiles. To access premium features, members can opt for a subscription, with costs varying depending on the chosen plan. 

Interkontakt’s Gold Membership plan costs 19.90 EURO per month for 1 month, 39.90 EURO for 3 months (13.30 EURO per month), or 99.00 EURO for 12 months (8.25 EURO per month). Additional credits can also be purchased and used for features and services on the website. prioritizes user safety, implementing strict profile verification processes to ensure only genuine individuals are allowed in the community. With a dedication to maintaining a secure and user-friendly platform, continues to be a preferred destination for those seeking meaningful connections in the Eastern European dating scene.

Reasons why Western men want to meet Eastern European brides

The following are some primary reasons why men prefer Eastern European women as mail order brides;

They are highly attractive

One of the primary reasons Western men want to meet Eastern European mail order brides is because they are very attractive. These women have incredible genetics, which contributes to their beauty.

They also have a tremendous sense of fashion, which compliments their beauty. You also need to note that they also have a sexy exotic look that many westerners find very sexy.

They are bold and strong

Eastern European ladies are often very bold and strong. Their strength cannot be compared to Western ladies who claim to be independent and not need any man.

These women are open that they prefer strong men whose shoulders they can lean on despite their strength. However, without a man to lean on, they can depend on themselves. This means that you have to have immense strength to handle a Slavic woman.

They are smart and educated

One of the random facts that you won’t believe are true is that most Slavic women are very intellectual. Most of them have studied up to the university level. They are often aware of the current events, passionate about art, and love to travel.

Therefore, if you wish to keep a Slavic woman, treat them to lots of trips. Additionally, they are often curious, and they don’t back down easily from an argument. Therefore, you will never get bored with an Eastern European woman.

What is the character and mentality of Eastern European (Slavic) women?

If you are hoping to date a Slavic woman, you should know that they are very strong women. They are independent. However, they also love strong men who can protect them. Did you know? Is feminism not common in Eastern European nations? This means that most women in these nations are still highly conservative. 

They are focused on being feminine as opposed to being feminists. They are typically sweet, sensitive, gentle, and caring women.

You also need to note that a significant number of these women are in serious relationships. These women are trying hard to recover from their region’s reputation, being a sex-tourism destination two and a half decades ago.

Most of these women are looking to get into marriage or something equivalent. For this reason, they are very loyal even though they are very attractive.

What is the typical look of Eastern European women?

Eastern European or Slavic are incredibly beautiful. They have oval faces, and their bodies are often fit. Most men comment that a majority of Slavic women look like top models. These women embrace their feminine side significantly. It is for this reason that a majority of these women wear makeup.

Eastern European mail order brides

They like to wear their makeup bright and colorful. If you are want to date these women, you may have to accept that you will often have to deal with waiting for them as they put on their makeup. However, this does not have to turn off because the result is worth it. You will feel as though you are dating the most beautiful woman on earth when you go out.

Why are women from Eastern Europe looking for a western husband?

Below are some reasons why Slavic women would love to have western husbands:

They are strong

As mentioned earlier, Slavic women are very strong. This means that they require the strongest of men to satisfy them and hold them down. It is widely known that Western men are very strong. Thus, they are the best companions for Slavic women.

They are attractive

As the men are attracted to beauty, so are women. Most women will not admit that they consider the looks of a man. While looks may not be at the top of their list, women also consider how attractive a man is. For this reason, Slavic women are attracted to gorgeous western men.

They are hardworking

Western men are popularly known for their hardworking characters. Additionally, Slavic women are also known to put a lot of hard work into all they do. For this reason, the two are perfect matches.

They are romantic

Slavic men are not afraid of showing love and passion. For this reason, they also love men who can do the same. This is why they are attracted to Western men.

The Differences Between Eastern And Western Dating Culture

The differences between Eastern and Western dating culture are quite significant. In Eastern Europe, dating tends to be more formal and serious, with couples often going out in groups and waiting until they are ready for marriage before expressing physical affection. Family and tradition are heavily emphasized, and gift-giving is common in dating relationships. 

In contrast, Western dating culture is more relaxed and casual, with couples going on dates alone and expressing affection earlier. Individualism is more valued in Western dating culture, leading to a focus on getting to know one another personally without the pressure of traditional gender roles.

How to Spot Eastern European Dating Scammers?

Eastern European dating scammers can be difficult to identify, but there are some common red flags to watch for when engaging with potential partners online. Keep an eye out for individuals who seem too good to be true or use professional-looking photographs, as this could indicate a fake profile. 

Also, be cautious if your online friend has consistently bad luck, including accidents, arrests, or sudden illnesses.

Scammers may use these stories to gain sympathy and manipulate you into sending them money. One key indicator that your online contact might be a scammer is a request for funds for travel expenses, visas, or other unexpected fees. 

Additionally, pay attention to grammar and language usage as non-native speakers may struggle with these aspects. Lastly, be wary of internet acquaintances who promise marriage but are never able to follow through with visits or meeting in person.

FAQ: Dating Eastern European Women

Eastern European dating customs are more formal and serious compared to Western dating. Family plays a significant role in this culture, and relationships often involve activities like going for a walk or visiting a museum. Gift-giving is also an important part of Slavic dating.

Eastern European women take relationships quite seriously and are known for their loyalty and commitment. If dating someone from this region, you can expect them to be faithful and focused on creating a long-term bond with their partner.

In Eastern dating, there is a stronger emphasis on tradition and well-defined roles for men and women. Couples tend to go out in groups and may take longer before expressing physical affection. Western dating is more relaxed and individualistic, with a focus on casual dates and personal exploration.

Dating someone from Eastern Europe can be a fun and exciting experience, as you learn about their culture and enjoy their passion for life. This type of relationship can lead to long-term commitment and loyalty, with a partner who values family and community.

Meeting the family plays an essential role in Eastern European dating. It is common for couples to introduce their partners to family members early in the relationship, as family approval is crucial for maintaining a strong bond.

Conclusion: Meeting Eastern European women online

Around two or two and a half decades ago, if you wanted to meet a woman from the Eastern European region, you either had to travel to the area or hope to meet a foreigner. However, this is currently not the case. 

You can meet whichever woman you want through online platforms. The internet hosts hundreds of dating platforms from which you can choose. However, if you are specifically looking for a Slavic companion, you may want to confirm what the platform offers.

There are specific platforms like the three mentioned above that specifically feature Slavic women.

Last Updated: May 18, 2023

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