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Until 2003, couples seeking divorce needed written approval from employers or community councils. Therefore, many couples were obliged to remain in dead unions, if only to prevent public stigma and protect their privacy. With one in five marriages today ending in divorce – double the rates of ten years ago – Chinese divorce rates continue to increase.

This has caused many Chinese women to want to date foreigners and seek marriage partners outside their norm, thus increasing online dating sites’ popularity.

Dating sites are numerous, some narrowing down to the specific ethnic type of women you will meet there. All these sites have free membership and fee-based memberships offering a range of services. So what are the options available?

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Are There Any Free Chinese Dating Sites?

Yes, numerous free Chinese dating sites exist, and they would give you access to Chinese singles in other parts of the world and in China. You’ll be able to browse through photos and profiles and initiate communication. A few sites are absolutely free, and only basic verification is required.

When creating a profile on most dating sites, you may be required to indicate your phone number. This gives you access to the verification code sent and permits you accessibility to the site’s services. For some, you will be required to upload some form of government identification for verification purposes.

Chinese dating sites

As a free member, you may be limited to swiping a maximum of a hundred profiles every twelve hours on some dating sites. For others, you’ll only have access to messages and be able to read and reply to those sent by VIP members. However, all functions become unlimited upon upgrading.

Which Free Chinese Dating Site Has The Highest Success Rate?

ChinaLoveCupid would be my best pick as the free Chinese dating site with the highest success rate. Although not all features are available to free members, this site allows you to browse through as a free member to determine if it will be worth your while before spending a single dime.

Audio and video messages are also very helpful since not all dating platforms offer that alternative. You can also align your preferences and make tags with other platform members. Furthermore, ChinaLoveCupid enables you to see the ranking of compatibility with other users.

Other useful features on this platform that make it so successful are the message filtering and translation capabilities. You can set who you’d like to receive messages from based on location, ethnicity, social habits (drinking and smoking), religion, nationality, and children’s preference. The translation service eliminates language barriers, allowing you to communicate with just about anyone.

Are Free Chinese Dating Sites a Waste of Time?

Free Chinese dating sites are not a waste of time as you can meet genuine people and form long-lasting relationships. It will just be a long, daunting process shifting through millions of profiles before identifying a suitable prospect.

Also, the potential of finding scammers on a free platform is higher than on a paid one. Shifting through and separating the chaff from the grain will be time-consuming and sometimes confusing, but, at the end of it all, it just might be worth your efforts. After all, dating in China is a numbers game.

Be on the lookout for people putting fake photos representing themselves as someone they are not. This happens quite a bit on the free dating sites. You’ll also come across those purely intent on getting money out of you and not really into an actual dating experience. Or those who are only interested in practising their English with a foreigner.

Our advice to you: When creating a profile, be as detailed as possible so that you come up in relevant searches, thus narrowing down your possibilities. Additionally, upload a couple of photos that enhance your good qualities. Members tend to take those with photos more seriously.
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Are Free Chinese Dating Sites Scam-Free?

It so happens that every international dating site does not lack a few fake profiles and scammers. More so on the free sites as there is categorically no commitment required to be a free member. However, your search to find your perfect match may take longer than on a paid site due to the numerous profiles available.

Additionally, most free sites do not require verification, meaning just about anyone can create a profile. Such sites will have numerous people joining with ill intentions. It is advisable to do your due diligence as you interact with members. 

For free sites, it is advisable not to share any personal details with members no matter how intense your conversations are getting, for you never know what their intentions are.

Are Paid Dating Sites Better and Safer for Serious Relationships?

Paid dating sites will definitely shift the jokers from the serious participants. After all, when one is invested, they will be more apt to get results. Dating is no mean feat, and if one does not want to invest in the process, then it is likely that their intentions may be dubious.

Chinese women dating

Additionally, the numerous features you access as a paid member increases your chances of finding ‘the one’ as you will be able to conduct selective searches, thus identifying people with similar interests. The paid sites have fewer members, and this makes your profile browsing an easier task.

Fake profiles and scammers are scarce on paid dating platforms. They are usually out to suck resources out of people, hence unwilling to spend their own money. Again, the verification process on paid platforms is intense and increases the participants’ authenticity levels, giving you a better, safer interacting experience.

Random Facts That You Won't Believe Are True:

Chinese women contribute more to the country’s GDP than women in other countries.

TOP 3 Legit Paid Services to Find a Bride in China (A Foreign Affair)

This site is completely free for women and offers differently-abled members free assistance. They organize for ‘singles tours,’ a sequence of events where you get to meet prospective partners face-to-face. For these activities, they make all the arrangements, including accommodation, so you’ll go on your date with peace of mind.

Middle-aged and older age groups tend to dominate the site, so if you’re looking for a long-term relationship, this would be the place for you. The sign-up process varies for men and women. It allows you to select whether you seek same-sex relationships or are a straight person.

It costs $29.95 a month for a Platinum membership.

The website provides translation services eliminating language barriers. It also requires verification of identity and photos before uploading them to your profile, reducing the number of fake profiles. Most substantial features are available with an upgraded membership.

The website is easy to use and well-designed and has a quick and easy sign-up process. You can opt for the basic details or get intense, giving you more narrowed down results when searching.

Costs are affordable and heavily discounted if you opt to pay annually at a fee of $119.98 and $149.99 for the Gold and Platinum memberships, respectively. This works out to a mere $10.00 and $12.50 a month.


The website provides a sleek and navigable interface. ChinaLoveCupid is an established venue for people looking to find Chinese singles. With about 40,000 users, it’s not the largest site in the niche. You will still access decent communication tools and spam security that will make this a site worthy of your time if you can register for a premium membership.

The site’s design stands out. It doesn’t shout boredom, and it displays enhanced and informative profiles. Early in the process, you get lots of free functions to try out for you to see how you like it.

Costs are $29.98 and $34.99 monthly for the Gold and Platinum memberships, respectively. Suppose you opt to pay for three months in advance or for the whole year. In that case, you get heavily discounted rates equivalent to $10.00 and $12.50 respectively for the annual memberships.

Conclusion: Meeting women from China online

Asian women generally love respect and straightforwardness alongside honest communication. Display this, and you’ll be on the right track to attracting your potential Asian bride. If you are attractive and financially stable, that is a bonus. An added advantage is being strong; they like to feel protected, as do all women.

Treat her like a lady, don’t rush her or take her to nightclubs, and remember to buy her flowers from time to time. You’ll easily win her heart after that.

Learning the Oriental culture, traditions, and cuisine will go a long way in attracting these women. Whatever you do, do not guess her native origin; you’ll get opposite results and put her off instead. Ask questions and be curiously engaged in your interactions, and you’ll be surprised at the results you’ll get.

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