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I strongly believe in giving my readers a place to share their dating stories, which can help other men to avoid their mistakes and identify scammers. There’s lots of positives to sharing your story and, depending on what you’re cool with, many different ways to do it.

Why your dating story matters

Ever listened to someone talk about their dating experience and thought ‘Oh, someone else has been through that, too? I thought it was just me!

Finding similarities with other people helps us improve our own dating adventure.

Your dating adventure may feel ordinary to you, but it might seem extraordinary to someone else. Every story shared is a chance to help someone find his match online.

Are there any rules?

There are no rules or requirements for your dating story and experience. This is an opportunity for you to share YOUR dating experience and story in your own words.

How to share your dating story

We are excited you are here, and we look forward to reading your International and intercultural dating story. If you came to this blog, this means you are looking for dating services’ reviews written by real users (not by dating agencies or matchmakers or dating agents or affiliate partners). Your experience is important to each reader, too.

Please note that while it is our intention to publish all submitted stories, on very rare occasions we do not post a story. Typically, these are stories where:

Have you gained some positive and/or negative experience with dating Russian and Ukrainian women, scammers and professional pro-daters, dishonest / honest online dating sites and marriage agencies? 

Please share your story with us. Your story is really meaningfull to us because every story and review can bring hope and inspiration to others.

Just send your story / dating site review / experience to [email protected] and I will publish it.

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