The 7 Best International Dating Sites and Apps Reviewed by Krystyna

In the 21st century, finding love has never been this easy. With just the tap of a button, you can find the love of your life across borders.

All this has been made possible by advancements in technology where singles can sign up and login to websites or mobile apps and find a match for themselves. International dating has increasingly become popular and easy in the digital age. Foreign dating sites can help you find the right person for a serious relationship, casual dating, or even marriage. 

If you are looking for an International dating website or mobile application to use to find someone special in your life, well, look no further.

This post will discuss seven of the most lucrative International dating apps and sites you can try to find a foreign bride.

Reasons Why You Can Trust Us

Dating Tips for Finding the Right Person Abroad

Finding the right person abroad can be challenging because of the differences you might have. Here are some essential dating tips to help you find the right foreign match.

Cultural differences

Dating a foreigner involves interacting with someone from a different culture. To help your relationship last, you should respect each other’s cultures and traditions. Dating a foreigner is fun because you can learn about their culture, country, and traditions. When you visit your partner, you must be careful with how you act around her family so that you don’t upset them.

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Language barriers

Language barrier is the biggest issue when dating a foreign person. Though you might both speak English, it can be hard to express yourselves compared to your native languages. To help remove the language barrier, you should learn each other’s language.

You will probably communicate in English, but learning each other’s languages helps you show that you are serious about your relationship.

It will make you both happy, and you can talk to your families more.

However, it will take time and money to master the other person’s language. Always practice with your partner and ask them to teach you basic words; with time, you will have mastered their languages.

International dating scam

Online dating scam is common in online dating, and it happens when a person is tricked into believing they are in a relationship with the person they met online.

The best way to avoid romance scams is by paying attention to red flags, approaching the relationship slowly, and doing your own snooping to identify their credibility.

To avoid these scammers, always practice cybersecurity best practices which will help to protect you against internet scams.

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Are you ready to travel to meet your foreign match?

After months of communicating with your foreign match, it is time to travel and meet them.

Plan to visit your foreign match if you are comfortable with them and are sure you have formed a strong emotional connection.

You need to be cautious because you are meeting them for the first time, and it is best to inform your close friends in case things don’t go as you wanted.

Selecting Overseas Dating Sites - Our Process

We use the following criteria to select the best foreign / International dating sites:

1. International Cupid

This premium dating service claims to find you the perfect match wherever you are in the world. It has a membership base from Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Further, it is available in over 32 languages and also has a free membership.

International Cupid has over 100,000 monthly visitors. 44% of them are males, while 56% are women. Read our review: InternationalCupid Review 2023: Is it worth joining InternationalCupid?

Service and features

There is a chat room available on the website, as well as advanced search filters. In addition, sending hearts is free of charge, and free users can also communicate with paying members.

A user’s profile shows profile badges, match indicators, and a short introduction to their profile. The profiles are very detailed on this service, and a profile photo and other information can be uploaded much later. On InternationalCupid, the profiles are detailed to enhance the search results.

Each member is encouraged to update their profiles. Further, the average profile on this site has an “about me” tab where information about one’s appearance, lifestyle, background, and other details are on display.

Is a safe site?

The website is foolproof, and so is the application. They have all been fitted with SSL certificates to prevent hackers and brute attacks.

How much does it cost to join InternationalCupid?

Members on the gold package will cost them $29.98 per month, $59.99 for a three-month plan, and $119.98 for an annual plan. Those on the platinum membership package cost $34.99 per month, $69.98 for three months, and $149.99 for a yearly plan.

What we like about this site

On this website, there are several features we like, they include:

2. (A Foreign Affair)

This is a dating and matchmaking agency with over 30 years of experience. I have seen many singles finding love and having successful matches on this service. Hence, I can comfortably share that it is a legitimate site.

Here, you can find interracial relationships, and if you are differently-abled, you can get special assistance so you may also get a match. has well over 80,000 visitors each month. Further, did you know that there are over 60,000 members active daily? Each of these singles is from every part of the world, and therefore, you are guaranteed to find diversity.

Service and features

Each member is encouraged to update their profiles. Further, the average profile on this site has an “about me” tab where information about one’s appearance, lifestyle, background, and other details are on display.

Every account on the site has to have a profile picture, bio, and other minor details about the person you are looking for. You may also choose to indicate your locality and additional basic information such as physical appearance details.

Is a safe site?

The security team and the customer care desk are always alert for any fake accounts or impersonators. No fake accounts have been reported yet.

How much does it cost to join Loveme?

On the platinum membership plan, you will have to pay $29.95 per month, renewed monthly.

What we like about this site

Here are a few things I like about


In my experience, Eharmony is the go-to site for singles who are in it to find serious, long-term relationships. It is also interesting to know that it uses a scientific research method called Compatibility Matching System to yield better matches.

Eharmony International is undoubtedly one of the biggest dating sites because it has over 29,000,000 members every month. Many users give it a 4-star rating.

Service and features

On this site, members can send winks for free, there are a variety of communication mediums, and you can also add a list of your favorite people on a list. Furthermore, premium users have full access to the website’s contact features.

Upon signing up, you will soon find out that the profile sections are pretty detailed. However, only the premium members can view profile photos. Nonetheless, viewing complete profiles is free. There is also an “about me” section where you can find more details about other users.

Is eHarmony a safe site?

There have been a few cases of impersonation reported on this service. However, all members are advised to stay alert and report any suspicious persons to the admin or customer care immediately.

How much does it cost to join

There are two membership plans on eHarmony, namely light and extra. On the light plan, for the semi-annual package, you will be charged $395.40, and for the entire year, $861.60.

For the extra package, for the annual plan, you will be charged $861.60

What we like about this site

I like eHarmony because it takes matchmaking seriously. After all, they have advanced technology and a scientific approach.

Other things you may also like include:


This is your trusted partner in finding your perfect bride from Ukraine or Eastern Europe? From my point of view, this is the perfect dating site to seek out a long-term relationship with singles from Ukraine. The Ukrainian dating community is vibrant and quite welcoming to foreigners.

There are 15,570 members on this website. However, there are over 11,000 active members each month. Hence, you will undoubtedly have choices to make.

Service and features

You will most definitely like some of the features on this site. First, an “instant messenger” button permits one to chat through video or audio.

There are many ways of sending interests, likes, and hearts to other members. In addition, the number of online users is always in real-time, and there are also cupid tags that optimize the matchmaking process.

If you are from a foreign country, a translation feature can help you translate a profile into your local language. The admin approves all the photos on display. Members are encouraged to complete their profiles to enhance matchmaking.

Is UkraineSingles a safe site?

Verified accounts have badges, which are visible to everyone. However, this is only available to paying members. Further, I must warn you that there are a lot of incomplete and empty profiles. Therefore, beware.

How much does it cost to join

The premium membership costs $149.99 annually and $34.99 monthly. The Gold Membership goes for $119.98 annually and $29.98 monthly.

What we like about this site

Here are three things I like about

5. is a premium service, dedicated to helping you find a suitable Russian match. I have chosen to include it in the list because it is worth checking out.

This site has a large client base with over 2 million active members each month. Most of them are Russian women looking for relationships with foreign men.

Service and features

Some of the features I like include: messages, which are configured like emails, and each message has a subject.

There are also many pre-written messages, and you can also print out the conversation with a member. Finally, non-paying members can send hearts to paying members.

The profiles here are detailed. Each member has a profile photo, which has to be authentic and clear. There is also a section where users input some information about them that describes their personality, locality, and other features. Additionally, you can update a profile later.

Is RussianCupid a safe site?

There is a verified badge for individuals with a proven identity, meaning they have provided an ID copy. However, there are a lot of fake profiles and bots despite efforts by active moderators.

How much does it cost to join

There are two membership plans, platinum and gold. On the platinum dial, users pay $39.99 monthly and $159.99 annually. On the gold package, they are charged $34.99 monthly and $139.99 yearly.

What we like about this site

Some of the features I like include:

6. ChristianFilipina

Are you looking to meet an earnest Christian woman from the Philippines to build a long-lasting relationship with? Then I highly recommend the Christian Filipina site. You will be sure to find your dream partner. Related reading: Filipino Brides: The Ultimate Guide to Filipino Dating

There are over 1,100,000 registered members, and the majority are from the USA. Also, there are over 1000,000 monthly visits.

Service and features

This site has a chat room that I found to be quite enjoyable. You can send winks and choose from four options of searching to select your match. Furthermore, premium members can read complete messages, and standard members can respond to premium members’ messages for free.

Viewing a Christian Filipina member’s profile is easy because everything you will need is fitted in a minimalistic design. Members must upload their photos and fill in a form that will contain details about their nationality, names, and age.

The profile also includes a short description of oneself and what qualities they are looking for in a person.

Is ChristianFilipina a safe site?

As with any other dating site, there are frauds and fake accounts. However, there is an active anti-fraud team that flags any suspicious accounts. Verified members have badges to prove authenticity.

How much does it cost to join

On this site, paying members choose between the gold and platinum plans. You will have to pay $82.33 for three months and $247 annually on the gold package. On the platinum package, users part with $597 annually.

What we like about this site

There are many contacting features that you can use, and most of these are free. Further, this site is strictly for persons looking for serious long-term relationships. Lastly, many members are verified, so there are fewer cases of fraud.


If you are looking for a hot Asian date, then our advice to you is to use the platform to find a date. It is the leading Asian dating website with over 4.5 million members worldwide. Besides, it is pretty interesting and memorable.

There are over 220,000 members who are registered. Therefore, the monthly visitors and active members are about 200,000.

Service and features

You will be delighted to know that there are message translation services available on the site. That means you can comfortably communicate with your Asian date.

Further, there is a preference-based matching system that is quite helpful. That is not all, many members use chat rooms to share, and you can also put your most exciting contacts on the favourites list.

All the uploaded features are verified and should be clear. On the profile, users must indicate their age, gender, marital status, whom they are looking for, and what kind of relationship they are seeking.

Is AsianDating a safe site?

All members who upload their pictures must also provide proof of identification by providing a valid ID. Conclusively, this service is relatively secure in comparison with others.

How much does it cost to join

Members choose between two membership plans, gold and platinum. Users are charged $29.98 for one month and $119.98 for the annual plan on the gold plan. Additionally, for the platinum plan, users are charged $34.99 monthly and $149.99 annually.

What we like about this site

Some of the features I like include:

Are There Any Foreign Dating Sites Which Are Scam-Free?

Simply put, there is no scam-free dating site. Dating sites work hard on improving their anti-scam measures, but scammers get clever and implement smart techniques to fraud customers on dating sites.

The biggest challenge of International dating is the PPL scam – pay per letter scam when the dating services do not operate legitimate and offer fake chats with bots.

online dating scams

Thus, when navigating these dating sites, you should always be careful and know that you might get scammed. The best way to protect yourself from being scammed is to stop the communication immediately and report the activity.

What Is the Best International Dating Site?

There is no best international dating site as there are many International dating sites for each taste and cost, such as ethnic dating sites like or, credit-based sites such as Behappy2day, matchmaking and romance trip sites such as (A Foreign Affair).

It all depends on what you are looking for, as some sites are geared towards casual dating, and others are geared towards more serious relationships.

Conclusion: International dating makes our lives better 🙂

Here is a random fact you will not believe is true, people who meet on the internet are less likely to get divorced. In a study, out of all the divorces recorded, only 6% were from couples who had met on the internet.

foreign dating guide

Therefore, do not be afraid to love again. Use one of the mentioned sites in this post, and love will locate you.

Last Updated on June 07, 2023

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