LadaDate Review 2023: Fake or legal? [BLACKLISTED]

LadaDate, a Russian and Ukrainian “mail order bride” dating site,  has a bad reputation for scamming people. As such, you should be careful when signing up so that you do not fall into the arms of the wrongful dating service provider.

Surely I wanted to know if the bad reputation is really deserved and what about all these poor customer reviews on the internet.

Let’s check deeper in this post. What is the main goal of this dating platform, what services they provide and how much it will cost you when using LadaDate?

But the main question of the review is whether LadaDate is a legit servie or not. 

Reasons Why You Can Trust Krystyna

What is is a dating site designed to link men from all over the world to women in Eastern Europe. It is named after the Slavic goddess of love and was intended to bring good luck to all those who visited the website searching for love.

While it is an international site, it mainly features men from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

LadaDate review

Once you register on the website, you gain access to thousands of women’s profiles. You can then browse them and pick the one you are interested in. Send them a message or start a live chat to communicate with them. 

We made a research but couldn’t find any information about the company, only the following contact.


Queen Street 4, EH2 1JE, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

I am not sure if they are correct as I was not able to find any confirmation that the company is based in United Kingdom.


This dating site is blacklisted due to poor customer reviews, large number of fake profiles and very high prices for services. We recommend you use the below brands instead, for a safer experience.

Services at LadaDate Reviewed

The major services on the website are online dating, dating chat, and video dating services.

While on the website, you will also get the dating chat service whereby you can access the dating chat rooms and get the freedom of talking to women behind the screen. 

You have to pay for the video dating service and see your selected potential spouse from the other side of the screen.

Can I try LadaDate for Free?

While the signup and registration process is free, you cannot get by without purchasing credits on LadaDate.

For you to open ongoing letters, you must spend seven credits. To get the contact information, you must spend 25 credits. 

LadaDate Costs and Prices - Expensive!

Men can sign up for free on the website as there is no applicable membership fee.

Instead of the memberships, the website allows clients to buy credits that they can use to purchase activities such as sending messages, watching videos, and taking part in live chats.

For you to send a message, you need seven credits, ten credits to watch a video, and one credit per minute to participate in the live chats.

Additionally, these credits can be used to purchase gifts whereby a huge toy costs 140 credits. Purchasing jewelry to surprise your potential spouse may cost up to 720 credits. You can purchase 20 credits for $0.60 per credit, while 750 credits cost $0.40 per credit. The more you purchase, the cheaper they become.

Here is the price list of the LadaDate credits:

  • Free – Incoming letter
  • 1 Credit – 1 minute of live video
  • 1 Credit – 1 Chat
  • 7 Credits – Outgoing letter
  • 10 Credits – Viewing of the video clip
  • 25 Credits – Requesting of contact information

Review of the Female Profiles at LadaDate

You can sign up on the website and begin browsing for potential spouses. With thousands of women to pick, you can then purchase the credits and begin talking to whoever you desire. These Slavic women have different purposes on the website where some want long term relationship while others want friends.

LadaDate experience online

Each member on the website has preferences, including what they love to do during pastime, religious beliefs, as well as different views on life. You can find a partner within a particular age bracket. By reading someone’s profile, you can know whether they will want you or not. After that, you can add those you love on a favourite’s list and an ignore list if you do not want to talk to them.

We found a lot of users reviews about women’s profiles complaining photos are fake.

User Experience on Trustpilot &

Most users mention that there are mostly paid girls on the website. A client likened the girls to those on Webcam as they are willing to write you letters.

However, they will only generate letters and chat live with you. Additionally, most of the girls only send you short letters that are frequently repetitive.

We can assume its a chatbot or site staff just doing such letter-spaming.

ladadate trustpilot

They do not make sense as they are always about sex and lust. You will pay for contact information but may never receive a response. If you get a response, it may be a fake contact number. Other clients claimed that the profiles are run and maintained by an operator call centre. They warn other people not to sign up on the website as it is a scam.

They will only lose money and expose their payment cards to fraudulent activities.

ladadate sitejabber

On has a consumer rating of 3.32 stars from 91 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. 
But the site has also negative feedback: site covers scammers, no real girls, they just want you spend money with credits and send/receive letters. They are fakes!

How Serious and Secure is LadaDate?

According to the reviews left by some clients, the website is not secure. You will lose your money and get nothing from it. Particularly, one who used in July 2020 stated that he paid a lot of money to obtain four women’s contacts. After receiving the money, they did not answer the emails, and the phone number they gave was fake.

He further insisted that he has proof of the letters and chats with these four women and strongly believes that they are paid to chat with a client and then dump. It is not worth it.

Others complained of how the video and audio contact technology on the website is just fake and that you can never get a serious lover from the website. It can be a little overwhelming when you are desperately looking for love.

Our final touch: the site is not secure and doesn’t care about safety of its customers.

Secure and Reliable Alternatives to LadaDate

Here are three alternatives to LadaDate: is a dating website based in the US that is one of the best dating services for people looking for lovers. It was launched in 1995.

Service description has designed the most cost-effective and time-saving ways for you to interact with women, chat with them and date them. Once you sign up, you will view different women and correspond with the one you think matches your needs.


You’ll need to pay $95 to be a platinum member. Then you will pay a monthly subscription of $29.95. Other charges include $2.5 to send untranslated texts, $7.49 to send translated text per page, and $5.95 to read a message.


The design of the website appears cluttered and unorganized, but everything a user needs is available. So, we can say it is user-friendly even though it looks messy.


The site does not disclose your personal info. This means there will be no data leaked until you write a woman.

Profile quality

The vast gallery of women presents stunning women from various countries. These profiles comprise the basic info about users assisting to narrow down your search for the perfect match. is one of the largest foreign dating and tour services. It was founded in1995 and became the first international online dating site with singles tour services.

Service description

The website focuses on single, beautiful women from across the globe. The site conducts single international tours every year and also individual tours. Once you register for free, you’ll not be limited to exploring beautiful women across the world.


It’s premium subscription starts at $29.95, and users can buy credits and coins on the website at $50 onwards.


It has a user-friendly interface. In some cases, you may get messages from individuals you don’t want to chat with or get many invitations.

In this case, you can block those users you don’t want. This is helpful if an individual is behaving inappropriately. The ability to filter users by area is helpful when you are searching for a partner in your location, and you don’t want to have a long-distance relationship.


Unregistered users won’t see your profile info. This is to protect your privacy and make sure that only women you want to interact with can view your details. This plays a role in improving security and protecting users’ anonymity.

Profile quality

There is an extensive collection of beautiful women on the website. Private and public services are available on the site. If you value your anonymity and want to protect your details, you might opt for the private platform. The public platform allows anyone, even the unregistered ones, to access the website and go through the user’s info.

As the name suggests, this website claims to have profiles of cute females only. Members will search for their match by state and include info like preferred height, weight, and zodiac sign.

Service description

The best thing about this website is that it doesn’t use any mediator and lets men and women site members contact one another directly.


One month subscription will cost you $29.99, a 3-months subscription will cost $16.99, and the 6-month subscription will cost $12.99.


For security purposes, a short interview is conducted with all-female website members before their profile goes live. This plays a role in reducing scammers, even though it’s not 100 percent foolproof.


The site has a user-friendly interface with numerous features. This allows you to find your match easily.

Profile quality

The site has a wide collection of beautiful women from all walks of life. You will meet nice and real Russian women.

Verdict: Stay Away from

There are many negative reviews concerning LadaDate online. For example, “Their women are just preying on your money, they get part of the money you pay for chatting and messaging them. 

Or “This is the most fraudulent dating site I’ve ever used. Nothing but phoney letters from make believe profiles. The women never acknowledge receiving letters from the men. I wasted both time and money using this site.

According to the Ladadate reviews, the chances of getting scammed is pretty high.

During our research, we could not find any information about the operator. The name of the operator is LD PROJECT LLP but I was not able to find any information about this company on the Internet. That is a first sign that the site has something to hide. 

Our verdict:  turned out to be an insufficient service to find a bride from Eastern Europe.

You can find your lover anywhere. You can never be sure where your spouse is located, online or offline, or in your continent or away. By joining the right dating site, you get to explore all possible options.

What is your experience with LadaDate? Please share it in the comments below.

Last Updated: June 7, 2023

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