The Asian & Black Dating Sites: What To Consider

In my experience as a dating expert, I have discovered that many singles are finding love online. Many dating sites have cropped to meet this rising demand. Additionally, the number of interracial relationships that lead to marriage have also gone up. Frankly, I attribute this rise to the internet.

It has unfolded opportunities that we did not think are possible. Who would have thought that someday a black man could get married to an Asian woman? How the times have changed for the better!

Here, in this post, we shall look at three of the best Asian and black dating sites you can find your soulmate.

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What is the best Asian and black dating site?

There are many dating sites out there where one can log onto and find a soul mate. However, I have done the bulk of the work and compiled a detailed list of the best interracial dating sites ever.

Additionally, you do not have to get on a search engine again trying to find which dating sites are best suited for a person of your complexion. You will find all that information in this post.

asian black dating sites

That is not all; I have included lists of merits and demerits for each dating site to help you make a more transparent decision regarding which site is best for you. Also, in this post are the charges each site levies for their services.

Here are the three sites I handpicked:

Pros and Cons of interracial dating sites

Each dating site has its bright and downside. Frankly, there is no perfect dating site you will find. However, the sites mentioned above will prove to be worth your while.

Let us dive right in:


The websites have a large member base that makes it hard for anyone not to find a soul mate. Additionally, their websites have a user-friendly interface. The interface makes it easy for anyone to sign up and enjoy their services.

Lastly, these sites help one kick start their dating lives. If you are shy, all you have to do is sign up and let the search algorithms do all the work for you.


The interracial dating sites are top-rated among fraudsters and con artists. The number of fake accounts on these sites is worrying and seems to be going up by the day. Additionally, the charges they levy for premium membership is high, and many folks may not afford it.

What is the dating platform with the highest success rate?

Judging by the success stories, I read reviews written by members who have used the sites. I found out that Internationalcupid has a high success rate.

The dating site has minimal cases of impersonation, and the dating community is quite vibrant. Additionally, they have a high number of members, most of whom are from the black community.

Secondly, the website follows closely with very positive reviews from its clients. Its success is primarily attributed to the high number of women on the site. There are more women than women on the site, and therefore many men head onto the site to try out their luck.

Lastly, comes with a slightly high success rate. The dating site is mainly for African singles and is not very popular among western countries. However, it is operated by CupidMedia and is doing well compared to other dating sites.

My advice to you:
Would be to try at least two of the above websites for optimal exposure.
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Why do Black guys get attracted to Asian Women or vice versa?

In recent times, black men have continued to show interest in Asian women. Why? To find an accurate answer, I went on to do some research on my own and found out a couple of things.

The first reason is that black guys want to learn new languages and get exposed to foreign cultures. Dating an Asian woman would give the black man these two things. Additionally, I also found out that many men want to start a mixed-race family. Their kids would have a diverse genetic composition that would help them in many areas.

Asian black dating sites

Additionally, I also sought out the reason why Asian women are attracted to black men. I found out that their motivations are more or less the same as the men. However, Asian women tend to find black men more romantic and more caring.

Since most Asian women are well advanced in their careers, most want a devoted husband who loves them for who they are.

Top 3 dating sites for Asian men and black women

This post will discuss three of the best dating sites for Asian men and black women, as I mentioned earlier. However, this section will provide a more detailed review of each site and paint a clear picture of everything you need to know.

Under each section, you will find the pros and cons for the dating site, the quality of profiles on the site, and the premium membership costs.

The Asian dating site has over 2.5 million members across the globe. It is by far the largest dating site on the continent, and more members are signing up by the minute. The dating site was launched 15 years ago and has done well in these years.

Additionally, their website is available in many languages and accommodates people who do not speak English as their first language.

Lastly, their membership is mainly concentrated in the USA, Europe, the Philippines, and China.

Here are the pros of the site


Profile quality

To start with, there are many women on the website. The women hail from different parts of the continent. Anyone can find a soul mate in these women; also, there is a verification badge for profiles on the premium membership.

The badges prove to other members that you are a genuine client.


There are two membership plans on the site; gold and platinum.

InternationalCupid is a dating site that is loved by many. They have hundreds of success stories that are all attributed to their art of matching algorithms. Regardless of your region, you can use this website and find the love of your life without much hassle.

They have members across Russia, Asia, Europe, and even Latin America. All these countries have hot singles that are looking for love and companionship. All you have to do is sign up and enjoy their services first-hand.

Here are the pros and cons of this website



Profile quality

Here, when you sign up, the profile consists of many details about you. You will be asked to upload a most recent picture of yourself, and this will be the face of your profile. Anyone who seeks you out on the app will see this picture.

Additionally, you can choose to include hobbies in your profile. They could play a part in helping the search algorithm find you a partner.


Their prices are fair, and they guarantee you will get your money’s worth.

For the gold plan, you will be charged $29.98 for the first month and a total of $119.98 for an annual subscription.

As for the premium plan, you will have to part with an excellent $34.99 per month and a total of $149.99 for the entire year.

They have over 2.5 million singles on the website and have many beautiful features that you will love. Additionally, they have members from across the United States and the UK.

Here are the pros and cons of this website



Profile quality

Their advanced security features make it hard for anyone to impersonate. They are easily detected, and the account is suspended. You can also send a message directly to a person you are interested in after paying for a membership plan.


They charge a total of $29.98 per month and $119.98 per year on the gold membership plan.

Lastly, they charge $34.99 per month and $149.99 per year on the platinum plan.


If you are looking for love, then keep in mind that this is the 21st century, and things are evolving. My advice would be to head online and be signed up on a dating site to help you down this road.

Last Updated on June 08, 2023

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