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2 thoughts on “Ask me questions”

  1. Hello,

    I have some comments about UADreams.

    But, I would like to write comments in a fashion that is not easily traced back to me. What I would like to comment on at the moment is that I have meet some women from the site. The first trip I made I meet two women and both situation seemed promising.

    They were is separate regions so bear with me here. When I met the first one we clicked right away and I still feel that had I not had to return to my home country we would at least dated if not had a serious relationship. As I mentioned there is a second one. So, off to a different region and I met the second one. Perhaps a little more detail.

    She I got along very well, also. I can give more detail to this later, but for now I will say she invited me to her home town, which is not where we met, and I was very tempted. But, I had already changed plans to see the first woman again.

    So, back to that region. Now, when I first was there she had some time off from work, this time not so. Our time together was more limited. From this I saw a side of work in Ukraine, how hard people work and the long hours and low pay. I could she her frustration. When I left Ukraine I had contact with both of them. And for some time.

    The first woman removed herself from the website and we continued our communication, then we lost communication when she moved. Later she married someone. Her daughter contacted me or rather found my contact and got us back together.

    She made a mistake and married an abusive man. But, while she and I were in contact privately she once again met someone and we no longer are in contact, but her daughter and I still are. This could fill another short story. Back to the second one, we had contact, but I was not very attentive as I thought something would happen with the first one. The second one entered a relationship also and this one was very abusive and hurt her. Back to me, I have no one and focused on one woman I met on the same site. So, once again I traveled ( I make my own plans and have been all over Ukraine).

    While I met number three I had a lot of questions as our age gap was large. Her parents have a large age gap and this I verified when meeting her family. But, she is very immature.

    I don’t say this to be mean, but as an explaination. The interpreter for number 2 and 3 was the same person and to her credit after the initial introductions came with us on walks etc, and there was no charge. We are all still friends, except number 1. I am in Ukraine now, but not to meet anyone.

    But that brings me to the next point that I thought was scammish. I met online someone that was closer to my age and I thought most likely we would be a match. This is recently. As I had some credits built up I had writen to someone and had told them I was going to leave the site. As I was preparing my note with support to leave the site I got a letter from this last woman. We hit it off and I stayed on the site. But, I had to buy more video credits as she invited me to see her online.

    She did type and engage in conversation quickly, I found nothing odd in her behavior or in the presentation of her on the video ( I do have some experience with detecting loops, prerecorded videos on other sites). But here is what happens and I found scammish. I am aware that the video chat also gives them a credit for 30 minutes of english lessons per hour of video.

    The first woman showed me the lessons and explained how it worked. But we got along very well until I mentioned that I am coming to Ukraine and would like to meet her. She did not decline, she simply did not answer. So, I mentioned again because this is where you would really find out if you have chemistry, how you’d communicate through the language barrier, etc.

    And again no answer.

    Then I noticed the tone of the letters was changing and she cancelled a video chat that she had asked for. Then at the time school started she said she did not have as much time, etc. So, wished her well, commented that I would have had a dream come true with her, but I realize I am not the man for her from her view.

    I’m not saying the site is scammish, although it is expensive, but that each woman has a reason to be there and it is not always about a relationship. Another comment I see some woman have been on for 5 years, they are very attractive and I would think they would have found that someone by now.

  2. Geehrte Damen und Herren,
    Ich bin schon ca. seit 2 Jahren auf der Seite Uadreams,muss allerdings behaupten
    im ersten jahr war ich öfters in Kontakt mit 2 Damen allerdings war mir nicht möglich
    oft Video chatten,mir fiel ein die Damen wollten immer Video chatten und weniger
    schreiben,ich fragte mich warum?Ok,dann kam Corona der Kontakt wurde weniger.Einer der
    Damen wollte wirklich unbedingt video Chatten,wir taten es mir fiel aber ein sie schaute kaum
    zu mir also in der kamara,mit der zeit machte mir das stützig.
    Zufällig las ich Kommentare von Herren die schlechte Erfahrungen hatten im Internet mit Damen
    aus Uadreams.manche besuchten die Damen und erlebten schlechte Überraschung.Jetzt
    bin ich allerdings voll am zweifeln geehrte Dame können Sie mir hier sagen ist uadream wirklich
    Fake also sind die Damen nicht interessiert jemand zu kennen und kontaktieren mit dem Männern des Geldes
    wegen.Können Sie mir beweisen wirklich,daß die Seite echt Betrüger im Spiel sind?Ich wäre Ihnen sehr Dankbar

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