ColombianCupid Review 2023: Is it worth joining ColombianCupid?

Over the years, Colombia has increased security within the country and is indeed a beautiful place to visit. Most Colombian women are beautiful with petite bodies and make good conversationalists. If you’re looking for a Latino woman, ColombianCupid is the place to be. Language need not be a barrier as you can view this dating site in multiple languages.

There have been many success stories, but, like in real life face to face meetups, there is a possibility for disappointment or meeting a few wrong people before finally meeting “the one.” In this article, I take you through whether joining is a good idea or not. I explain how the dating site works, the cost implications, and what you need to know to be successful in your pursuit of a hot Colombian partner.

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What Services Are Offered at ColombianCupid?

ColombianCupid provides a dating platform that lets you meet Colombian women with the intention to date and possibly have a long-term relationship.

For optimal services on ColombianCupid, it is advisable to pay for a membership to access a range of services. These include a live chat via instant messenger, exclusive search features, the ability to browse anonymously, and you can also hide your profile.

Other services include VIP profile highlighting, communicating with all the members on the platform, access to an advanced matching algorithm, receiving and sending messages to anyone on the forum, and messages translation into your language of preference.

As a fee-paying member, you can also rank your profile above others and double your profile space. This would make you stand out and increase your chances of the Colombian women reaching out to communicate with you. Plus, there are no adverts to interrupt your navigation around the site. You also get access to live video chat, enhancing your long-distance dating experience.

Can I Try ColombianCupid for Free?

Joining ColombianCupid is free, and the registration process isn’t laborious. However, like all free things, you only have access to a limited range of services. For instance, once you create a profile, you get access to the basic matching feature, which allows you to search for women who would make a suitable match.

The information you have uploaded to your profile, specifically what you indicate in the “I’m searching for” section, sets the basis for your match search.

As a free member, you can communicate with members on paid subscriptions, and you can also send interest notifications. All other special services, like live chat and language translation services, among many different services, are not available to you as a free member.

That said, you can start with a free membership, which allows you to browse through profiles while you determine if is the place you want to meet and date your Colombian dream girl.

ColombianCupid Costs and Prices

ColombianCupid memberships are average in cost compared to other similar dating sites. This makes it stand out as online dating sites are never a walk in the park, and you would want to get value for your money. There are two types of membership with different service offerings. There is a Gold Membership and a Platinum Membership, with each having variations in costs.

As a Gold member, you will be required to part with $31.98 every month to enjoy the unique services offered on this dating site. If you opt to pay quarterly, you will pay a fee of $63.99, an equivalent of $21.33 per month. The best rate is if you opt for annual payments as you will pay $127.98, an equivalent of $10.67 per month.

Platinum membership is slightly pricier and requires a fee of $36.99 monthly. If you’d like to enjoy discounts on your membership fee, then you can opt to either pay $73.98 every three months or $149.99 every year. This works out to a rate of $24.66 per month and $12.50 per month, respectively.

Review Of the Female Profiles at

Unfortunately, Colombia is generally a developing country with many economic hardships. The average monthly income is below $300, which puts many of the women in this country to want to seek asylum in the West, where they believe all is well and all are rich. It is up to you to clear this misconception in the Colombian women’s minds on this site.

While a considerable number of Colombian women are merely looking for a way out of their misery, it is possible to find a suitable life partner. You have to do your due diligence, be respectful in your interactions, and avoid sending money to women you haven’t met personally. These women are very good at creating fake stories that will drive you to compassion and a philanthropic nature.

Nevertheless, when you finally meet the appropriate, genuine Colombian woman, you’ll be happy, so it’s definitely worth the journey.

Registration Process at

The registration process at is concise and takes less than a minute to fill in. It is obligatory to fill in your name, gender, and email address. You can also register using your Facebook account with the mere click of a button.

You will then need to upload photos to enhance your experience on this dating site. It is best to upload real pictures for authenticity’s sake. I would advise you to elevate your membership from the standard one to stand out from thousands of profiles as you will rank better.

Once you complete your description and uploading photos, your registration process is almost complete. Photos are reviewed and approved between 24 to 48 hours.

Paying for membership and chatting up prospective partners is the rest of the process.

Random Facts That You Won't Believe Are True:

It is falsely said that violence against women is very high in Colombia, with every woman claimed to have been raped at least twice in her lifetime. While violence may be prevalent, the majority haven't experienced this atrocity.

How Does ColombianCupid Work?

Upon registration, you can then browse through different profiles. Advanced search options let you narrow down your search by using keywords or those who meet your criteria. You can also show interest and see those who have shown interest to you. It is then up to you to determine if you want to pursue the interest expressed by liking back or direct messaging.

This dating site is set up in a way that you can easily access a list of those interested in you via the activity menu that you’ll find on your home page. This will help narrow down your search.

Suppose some members have been offensive, and you would like to block them. In that case, ColombianCupid lets you prevent individual members from contacting you once you block them. You can do this either through the instant messenger portal or through their profile, ensuring that you continue having an unhindered experience on this dating site.

How Do I Contact ColombianCupid Customer Service?

For any dispute resolution, general queries, or reporting suspicious profiles, you can contact customer service via the hotline numbers available on the ColombianCupid website. There is a dedicated number for United Kingdom customers as well as Australian customers. All other international customers have a dedicated number via which they can access customer service.

Alternatively, there is also an email and fax contact information. Australia’s physical address is also indicated, so if you’re big on face-to-face conversations, you can visit their offices.

Another way to seek customer service assistance is through the dating portal. There is a ‘report abuse’ button in each profile that you can click on while in an individual’s messaging platform. You can also access this function through the instant messaging platform. You are encouraged to provide as much information as possible and evidence to help verify your claims for the appropriate action to be taken. Usability in Our Check

Usability on ColombianCupid is relatively straightforward. A list shows you all those who have expressed interest in you on your home page. This makes it easier for you to shift the chaff from the grain and give you a place to start in opening communication channels.

The search system on ColombianCupid is compelling and aids you to narrow it down to specific members. You can also use keywords to make your searching experience more straightforward, seeing who is online and those who meet your match criteria.

When a member expresses interest in you, you can like back and direct message them too. You can also change the order of your photos to make your profile stand out.

How Serious and Secure is ColombianCupid?

ColombianCupid ensures that they safeguard your confidential information and do not share it with any other websites for promotional purposes or otherwise. However, security is a combined responsibility, and you should also play your part.

It is best if you took numerous precautions to protect your privacy when hunting for a perfect fit. For instance, ColombianCupid suggests using a separate online dating email address by creating a new email from the various email service providers like Hotmail, Google, or Yahoo.

ColombianCupid recommends that you combine letters, numbers, and symbols when creating your password and ensure it is at least six characters in length. Don’t give anyone your password for whatever reason. Please report immediately if another participant demands your password.

Because of Colombian women's general flakiness, I advise that if you are travelling to Colombia to meet a lady, have several meetings lined up as they tend not to show up. Having several meetings scheduled increases your chances of having a successful one instead of only planning one and getting disappointed. I also advise you to learn some Spanish before travelling to Colombia to avoid communication challenges.
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Putting It Together: Is It Worth Joining

Despite the general outlook of Colombian women being in pursuit of money due to their weak economy, genuine ladies are looking for serious relationships and are willing to settle and focus on marriage. It only calls for you to be diligent in your search. will provide you with the platform to meet many of these women. However, it is entirely up to you to determine the authenticity of the person you meet and want to pursue a dating relationship with.

The signing up process is relatively simple. Looking at the reviews of real-life experiences on, it is worth joining this dating site with the hope of a happily-ever-after ending. So yes, go on and join and enjoy the excitement and fun of dating a Hispanic woman.

Last Updated on June 09, 2023

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