Meeting Korean Brides: The Ultimate Guide to Korea Dating

Before you begin trying to make your dream of dating Korean women come true, there are some things you must understand. In this comprehensive guide, we have mentioned all the things you need to know so that meeting and dating the women doesn’t become hard for you. Korean women are known for many exciting things that make them worth dating.

However, unless you are a Korean man, meeting and dating a Korean woman is not something you might just wake up and do. This is true whether you prefer meeting them online or in person. Read on and learn where and how you can meet and date Korean women.

Reasons Why You Can Trust Us

Why Dating Korean Women - Our TOP3 Reasons

We would like to present the top3 reasons why you should date beautiful Korean mail order brides:

Interesting and Romantic

If you are looking for someone interesting and romantic, then you should try dating Korean women. Though they are not so easy to seduce, as long as you push the right buttons, you will have someone ready to do anything to ensure that your feelings and emotions are not taken for granted.

Korean brides online

Amazing Social Skills

Korean women are known to be outgoing and enjoy every minute they spend in the kitchen. Therefore, by dating one of them, you will have the chance to try their delicacies and also get to explore the country within a few months; that’s when you choose to visit their country.

Strong Sense of Fashion

Korean women also have a strong sense of fashion, but you expect them to be in miniskirts most of the time. Thus, you should be ready to give them some special gifts to show that you appreciate their deep sense of fashion. Nothing feels better than being around a woman who knows how to dress and carry herself around someone she loves.

Why do Western men want to meet Korean brides?

Western men want to meet Korean mail order brides because they want to experience something new. They understand that the world has many cultures and that to live a fulfilling life, one ought to walk out of the comfort zone and embrace the challenge.

Korean mail order brides are known to understand what men are looking for in relationships and that if you love them unconditionally, they will reciprocate the same. This is one of the key reasons western men feel they need to have Korean women around them so that they are kept happy at all times.

What is the character and mentality of Korean women?

Though some might beg to differ, Korean women have some of the best physiques in Asia. Most of them are fairly tall and slim, a perfect body for men looking for women they can show off.

While Korean women are known to be independent and assertive, many maintain a high level of femininity. Unlike other Asian women and girls who might be rude and egocentric, Korean women understand that they must be respectful and loving to make a man happy.

Korean women know that they deserve to be loved, and that has a man, you have to lead while they follow. Therefore, if you want the best from them, you must be ready to give, and not only receive. Thus, even as you attempt to find Korean women to fall in love with, they also want the best from you.

What is a typical look of Korean women?

The Korean Beauty Standards have become a famous feature in the Korean culture. A survey conducted in 2015 indicated that South Korea was among the top ten countries globally in terms of high rate of cosmetic surgeries.

Korean women dating

Korean beauty standards involve a slim figure, v-shaped jaw, a small face, straight eyebrows, pale skin, flawless skin, and larger eyes. If these are the things your ideal women should have, then dating a Korean woman would be the best thing to do.

Though there are other unique features that each Korean woman might have, these are what the beauty standards prioritize in Korea, so you should expect most women to have them.

Our recommendation: TOP3 dating sites to meet Korean brides

You don’t have to visit North or South Korea to meet the women and have romantic dates with them. As long as you know what you are looking for, your duty is to get the ideal dating site to meet the right woman.

Today, many sites have been developed to help those looking to date Korean women. They have different features and terms of use. Therefore, before using a site, you must ensure that it is the best.

In this guide, we have listed some of the best dating sites. You can sign up on any of the sites below, and you will be able to find the woman of your dream. (A Foreign Affair)

This dating site has been in existence for more than twenty years and provides services to clients across the globe. Therefore, it does not only focus on Korean women. is a great site for those looking to meet and date women and men across the globe. To find Korean women, you have to indicate that as your priority so that you are directed to the right users.

Some users have reported fake profiles that might be looking to extort money from unsuspecting users. Therefore, be careful before sharing sensitive details with someone you met on the site. If you suspect something unusual on the dating site, be sure to engage the customer support team.

Read more:

If your heart feels that an exotic woman is the right person to date, it is worth giving a try. Some international dating sites are better than others, and you might also find some that are a scam. provides dating services for those looking to meet and date Korean women. Here are some pros and cons of; Korean Cupid is one of the most popular dating sites in South Korea.

 You will meet and interact with hundreds of women looking to get into romantic relationships with you. If you are reluctant to get that flight ticket to Korea, then Korean Cupid might interest you.

AsianDating has amazing features to ensure that you enjoy every second spent on the site. Be sure to indicate the sort of person you are looking for when setting up your user profile. The site only has Asian women, so you won’t need to waste time looking around.

Though there is a free membership, those looking to use the site to find the ideal partner must pay for the services. You can choose between monthly and yearly membership, and you won’t be charged a lot of money for whichever plan you decide to go by.

If you notice a sneaky behaviour on the website, be sure to engage the customer care team. Insist on a video call so that you can see the person you have been chatting with.
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Why are women from the Republic of Korea looking for a Western husband?

Women from the Republic of Korea are adventurous in every sense of the word. Therefore, they are looking for men willing to help them explore the world and try different cultures. They are looking for western men who know what it takes to keep a woman.

Putting it together: Meeting Korean women online

From this guide, you can see that meeting and dating Korean women is an exciting thing. However, if you are less willing to book an air ticket to the Republic of Korea, you can still try online dating. There are plenty of Korean women looking to know who you are and finally fall in love with you. They are respectfully and willing to mingle.

The dating sites listed above have what it takes to ensure that you find the right soulmate. However, you want to take your time and choose carefully. While sites are mostly genuine, there might be some fake profiles here and there, so you must be careful when speaking to someone on the sites. 

Last Updated: June 7, 2023

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