Meeting Indonesian Brides: The Ultimate Guide to Indonesian Dating

I strongly believe that dating is like a game that two individuals play. In this game, the two people try to find out as much as possible about each other with the intention of entering into a relationship. The people in it determine the terms of the relationship.

This article will focus on Western men dating women specifically from Indonesia, the reasons for their preferences, the dynamics that come into play, and how the dating game is played. You will also get to know where to go to date these women, and what it is about them that makes them stand out.

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Why Dating an Indonesian Woman

Indonesian women may easily be the most beautiful women in all of Asia and are likely, the sexiest. They blend Arabic, Chinese, and Latina features and showcase voluptuous bodies exuding sexuality you would only find in Latin America. This quality makes them stand out from the rest of their Asian counterparts.

The Indonesian woman’s looks are also complemented by a sense of mystery about her which makes one curiously engaged when interacting with her. The submissive nature that they emanate is mainly derived from their religious background. Growing up, they are surrounded by a conservative culture which they emulate.

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However, her conservative nature and shying away from public displays of affection do not mean that the Indonesian Woman are not affectionate and attentive to their man behind closed doors.

These features are what make the Indonesian woman superiorly attractive and irresistible to most Western men. This is by far a great shift from what they are used to from their Western women.

Why do Western Men Prefer Indonesian Brides

The biggest reason why Western men would choose an Indonesian woman for their wives would be that these women are naturally submissive. Indonesian women are brought up to accept the man’s role in a relationship as that of the provider and head of the home, whereas the Woman’s position to be that of the home-maker.

Due to their religious upbringing and conservative cultural background, Indonesian women value marriage and family and respect their husbands. It would, therefore, be highly unlikely for divorce to be an option in the face of marital challenges. This nature is an advantage over the Western raised women who have embraced “feminist ideals” and would view submission to their husbands as male chauvinism.

Western men also take to Indonesian women because they take their traditional roles of cooking, tending the house, and taking care of the family seriously. On the other hand, many Western women don’t know how and prefer not to embrace these roles.

The preference of Indonesian women to Western men also makes it easier for them to find their wives.

Indonesian women very rarely date for fun but rather for marriage.

The marriage would have to be reported and registered with the local Civil Registry, and the couple would require the presence of two witnesses at the ceremony. The foreigner can then proceed with the paperwork required for his bride to travel back with him to his country of origin should he prefer not to settle in Indonesia.

Character and Mentality of Indonesian Women

Indonesian women are amiable and value their social life highly. This characteristic, however, does not mean that they are “loose,” quite the opposite. If you say hi to them, they will respond with a smile, which is a big difference from their western counterparts. The Indonesian Woman’s smile can be a veil that hides various emotions such as pain, rejection, or shame. She smiles a lot.

Although not in public, they enjoy getting affection from their men as they would be frowned upon if they did. They are very proud of their partners and will post their pictures on social media.

Indonesian women are also known to be very loyal and committed to their families and partners. Their commitment to their partners means that divorce chances are not as high as in the western countries, and this commitment makes them love their man’s family as they would their own.

Indonesian women are not only beautiful; they are also naturally compassionate, caring, and loving. They are very polite, honest, and courteous and expect their partner to be the same.

What is The Typical Look of an Indonesian Woman

Although there are over 300 ethnicities in Indonesia, the typical Indonesian Woman is small yet thickset. Those western men who like Latina women will be attracted to Indonesian women because of this feature.

indonesian brides online

The Indonesian Woman’s features blend Chinese, Arab, and Latina features, combined with long black hair and brown eyes. They have a naturally tanned skin color, and their skin is beautiful even with the absence of make-up. These women are as exotic as they come.

Indonesian women though small in stature, have voluptuous bodies making them the sexiest women out of all the Asia women.

Random Facts That You Won't Believe Are True:

Indonesia consists of over 17,000 islands and has over 267 million people. These people are made up of over 300 ethnic groups and speak over 700 languages.

The Top 3 Dating Sites in Indonesia To Meet Indonesian Brides

With everything going online nowadays, it increases the chances of rogue sites. This therefore means that you need to carry out your due diligence before joining and engaging on some of these sites. To avoid getting caught up in sites where your information is stolen or you get hacked, here, we recommend the top three dating sites where you can meet Indonesian ladies as your potential bride.

This site boasts of being the largest, most-respected international introduction and singles tour company in the online dating industry. It also goes by the name A Foreign Affair. 

This platform has linked up thousands of couples on a global basis. As its name suggests, it specializes in foreign introductions.

Other than facilitating the introductions, AFA goes a step further by providing services that enhance the couples’ dating experience. These services include:

All you need to do is go to the link and register by providing your details together with a good quality picture of yourself, and you’re good to go.

Read more:

Indonesian Cupid

Joining is free and easy; you go to the link and fill in your details in the fields provided. ( read also IndonesianCupid Review 2023: Is it worth joining IndonesianCupid?)

This site is the leading online dating site in Indonesia and is fun, safe, and provides a unique Indonesian dating experience. It hosts more of women members’ top-quality presence than its original Cupid Platform. This platform provides an opportunity for millions of singles to meet up and chat from anywhere in Indonesia and around the world.

Thousands of men and women have met their partners on this platform and are very happy together.

Once that is done, you will be able to log into the platform. Make sure that you post a picture that flatters you, as this will give you more “viewers.”

This dating platform is one of the first sites to take advantage of the niche in the dating industry and service the Asian market. It operates under the Cupid Media Network together with 30 other similar sites and has connected thousands of Asian single women to foreign men worldwide.

It boasts of a membership of over 4.5 million singles from the USA, Europe, Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, China and other Asian countries.

Joining the site is free, and just like for the other sites, all you need to do is go to the link, provide your details as requested to register. Make sure to post your most flattering photo of yourself so that you attract more traffic to your profile page, and you’re ready to meet up with other singles. is a fun and safe way to date other singles, and it provides you with a uniquely Asian experience.

Why Are Women from Indonesia Looking for Western Husbands?

Many Indonesian women come from economically challenged backgrounds, and a man from the west is perceived to provide financial security. Lack of financial stability would be a deal-breaker for her because they are raised to expect the man to provide for her and her children.

Getting married to a Western foreigner would also provide the Indonesian Woman with status and a better lifestyle. The foreigner’s average lifestyle is luxurious to the average Indonesian Woman.

The prospect of a better life is by far the greatest reason Indonesian women look for Western husbands. However, they still expect to be given their due respect and not treated as objects merely because they require the financial support. They pride themselves in their quality of being good home-makers, an equivalent to your financial provision, in their opinion.

Take the lead as Indonesian women like men who are dominant. But remain respectful nonetheless. These women honor respect and give it in equal measure as they expect it.
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Conclusion: Meeting Indonesian Women Online

In your interactions, whether online or on phone, it is advisable to avoid exhibiting arrogance, aggression, or bad behavior. Because Indonesian women are courteous, honest, and polite by nature, they expect you to treat them the same as a bare minimum requirement. Anything contrary to this will ensure that your relationship has no life.

After exchanging a few chats and details on the online dating platform, assess her responses, then you may request her to take it to text or line for more privacy. Don’t be too pushy in your interactions and don’t make requests that may be considered out of line as they find it offensive.

Last Updated: June 7, 2023

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