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Hi guys! Many thanks for stopping by!

I am Krystyna, a founder of 4 International dating blogs. So I am a blogger, author, speaker and coach… Wow, many things 🙂 I am passionate about helping people succeed in International dating!

Many readers ask me: Why did you start your dating blogs? What was happening in your life when you started it?

Find my story below!

My background

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, but raised in the Crimea on the northern coast of the Black Sea, in 2002, I moved to Frankfurt, Germany. In 2010, I earned my Master’s degree in Turkish, English and Italian Studies at the Goethe Univerisity of Frankfurt on the Main.

Also in 2010 I started dating a German guy who became my husband 2 years later. I was confused by intercultural differences so I decided to start put my thoughts and ideas about International dating and relationship together.

As it was very cool to have a personal blog 10 years ago (Instagram did not exist that time!), I found two blogs: Ukrainian dating blog and Ukrainian dating stories.

From 2014 until 2018 I and my family resided in London, UK. In 2018 we moved to a beautiful sunny island Malta. We love our life in the South enjoying sun, sea, delicious food and vine. 

A few years ago I started Doves-of-Love.com, initially in English. In 2020, I redesigned the site in German so that I can share my experiences in German as well. Now It is an International dating guide in 4 languages: English, German, Swedish and Norwegian.

I ultimately found my calling in helping Western men meet outstanding foreign / Ukrainian women.

Having a wide range of interests including Sociolinguistics, Gender Studies, intercultural relationships and online dating makes me, gentlemen, the very best personal International / Ukrainian dating blogger. 🙂

International dating blogging is my calling

Putting this knowledge together, I have the ability to understand the challenges of intercultural dating.

Many of my tips and advice is based a lot of my personal experience as I have been in a relationship with a wonderful Western man for over 10 years and have two amazing boys together.

It has not always been easy – our dating, relationship and marriage. But we are working hard to make our family happy and stable. And we still learn how to deal with intercultural differences!

Being a Ukrainian woman, I have a unique ability to understand the cultural differences between Western men and Ukrainian women.

Having lived in Germany, the UK and Malta has given me an eye into the Western mind, allowing to be a great relationship blogger for the Western men who read my blogs.

To keep our relationship and marriage happy and stable we have to work really hard. So I have listened to many relationship podcasts, read a lot of books and articles and talked to many experts. I am very proud that we are together for more than 10 years. 

Foreign / Ukrainian women have a reputation for both beauty and brains. This combination can be intimidating for men. That is why it is so wonderful to have the opportunity to get advice for dating Ukrainian women from a Ukrainian woman.
Blogger at Ukrainian Dating Stories

If you are looking to date a beautiful and intelligent Ukrainian woman, then it is a great idea to read through all of Krystyna’s blogs Ukrainian Dating Blog and Ukrainian Dating Stories.

The chances are that someone else has been in the exact same situation that you are, and reading Krystyna’s advice is a great way to navigate through the challenges of Ukrainian dating.

Blogger with a lot experience and passion

So, if you want to meet a foreign woman, just read my articles and find out what are the best ways and methods to find the right partner online and build a happy relationship with her.

I have been a dating coach and blogger for over 10 years.

My passion is to help Western men start an international dating adventure, not get scammed by romance scammers, find a wonderful woman for life and deal with cross-cultural differences in a cross-cultural relationship.

I am happy to share my knowledge about mail order brides from the Ukraine and other countries as this is one of the most common way that foreign women come to the Western world.

There are also online dating and matchmaking services which set up tours and dates for interested men. Most importantly of all, I would like to to give men the best chances to have success finding their dream women.

Krystyna’s blogging in a brief summary:

Speaker at iDate in 2016

In July 2016, I was invited to be a speaker on the iDate, the biggest internet dating industry conference in the world.

I spoke about online dating agency ratings and their impact on revenues. In this challenging session, I discussed the Russian and Ukrainian dating and matchmaking agency market and especially how I rated their services.

The Internet Dating and Dating Industry Conference provides insight into the matchmaking, internet dating and social networking industry. It serves as the industry’s largest event

URL: https://idateconference.com/

MY PROFILE: Readers ask Krystyna

Here I am happy to answer some questions.

What do you do for living? – I have gained my professional experience in marketing, media planning and e-commerce. Since 2019 I am self-employed and blog full-time.

In which countries have you lived? – Quite a few 🙂 I was born in Ukraine. Then I used to lived in Germany, Great Britain, Malta and a few months in Italy.

Your hobbies? – I love:

  • Delicious food, wine and prosecco (so I like to cook and then eat my home-cooked food with a glass of wine or prosecco),
  • Yoga,
  • Travelling and hiking.

What languages do you speak? – Russian (as mother tongue), German, English, Ukrainian and some Italian. At the moment I am studying Portuguese diligently.

Any pets at home? – A dog and 3 water turtles. Actually two dogs as I am fostering my sister’s dog Patrick the pug.

What does your day look like? – I get up at 6.30 every day, even on weekends.

I go for a walk with our dogs Lina and Patrick, and at the weekends I take them to the sea. Then we take the children to school and kindergarten.

I work in my home office. The fist (and most important) thing is to make coffee, lots of coffee. Then I check my emails and make a to-do list for the working day.

I mainly analyse dating websites, write reviews and articles related to dating and relationships in German and English.

I’m active on social media a few times a week – but I have to admit that it’s not my favourite thing to do. 🙂

Describe your daily routine in three words –

  1. Organisation
  2. Writing
  3. Structure

Your life motto – Never give up! 🙂

Do you have the perfect marriage? – There are no perfect marriages. In general, the term “perfect” is very subjective. The main thing is that a marriage brings satisfaction, security and harmony to both partners. And I have them in my marriage.


For questions, advice & tips please do not hesitate to contact me

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42 thoughts on “About Krystyna”

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  39. Hey Krystyna !
    You like to write things about dating and I have somekind of story about UA -Dreams
    You may want to read this:

    I have had experiences with UA-Dreams, meetings, money has gone quite a bit to chat and also everything else very much, the girls are beautiful and real.
    That’s great.

    I have half – accidentally met a few guys who are also customers of UA – Dreams and we have kept in touch and talked about the girls.

    Some time ago it was revealed to us and now also to you that girls have different settings that they can use to monitor a man’s behavior on the UA -Dreams page, so you think my girl is not on the page, but she has muted you with the settings and is a friend all the time / friends chat Online, but while we are Online, he does not appear on my page is active.

    It has also been the opposite with friends of girls.

    That is, when you say good night to your girl, go to bed yourself and don’t go on an adventure to the UA-Dreams website, probably your activity and logins will also be tracked.
    For girls this is a good service / thing, but not for men.

    This is not great ;-(

    But that’s the way life is sometimes 😉

    I’m not here by my own name, but I’ve used the services of those UA- pages a lot and this was recently revealed to me by chance.
    Of course, it’s good that a girl can spy on a man and maybe get a more loyal husband.


  40. hi Krystyna

    Experienced guy here from England. It should be obvious to any guy with half a brain that all these sites except Elenas Models are scams. Why do we not apply the usual rule that says “if something seems to good to be true it probably is”? Men have only ourselves to blame most of the time. Anyway, briefly, I saw first hand in Ukraine how a site such as UALadys works. I saw the letter factories, the fakery, all for myself. I went there posing as a ‘client’ and they let their guard down and showed me more than they intended to. Doesn’t it ever occur to these guys that if she is really a doctor or lawyer or whatever she wouldn’t have time to instantly reply to all your messages? Jeez…

    Long story short, I did have a couple of real relationships with real ladies on Elenas. And I subsequently met my lovely partner completely randomly on a social networking site, I wasn’t even looking at the time! We met in person after a few months, and 4 years later she is still the only girl for me!

    I think you should advise guys to

    (1) do your research, take an interest in the culture, read “Master & Margarita”, don’t show up with 10 or 12 flowers etc LOL

    (2) don’t use any site other than Elenas

    (3) some of the genuine women, who definitely exist, will actually be on dating sites in your own country, and it also shows you that they speak English

    (4) choose countries and cities where you can get around easily, again do your research – for example, Ukraine is great because for UK citizens it’s visa free BUT getting around is a big pain, so I would only date a UA girl if she lived in Kiev or can travel there, harsh but realistic, if I only have a week in UA why spend 4 days of it on trains to see one girl in Mikolaev? Doesn’t make sense.

    I know that there are many genuine lovely ladies in eastern countries who deserve to be happy with the right partner, but sadly their reputation is now at an all time low because of the scammers. I believe that the UA government recently tried to address this because they understand the harm being caused to their countries’ reputation, but I don’t know if they succeeded.

    If you tell your clients to approach this as if they were investing big money in a new car, they might get it!

    All the best



  41. Thank you for your blog. I used the Dream-singels portal. and Vip-Brides. The fact that the fees are exorbitant.And there are tons of fake profiles! even lists are duplicated. on one portal, same text, with all punctuation marks,writes a 34-year-old woman, and on the second portal, another 25-old girl uses the same text.
    I was serious about finding a candidate for my dear half. but I realized that all these portals are one and the same hoax.and is only there to extract money from naive men like me.
    I made my own private dating site list. I registered on each of them, it is quite large. I am over 40.and on each of them, I found the same girls!.
    I made my own fun! On one site, I choose a girl’s profile, I set the stopwatch. and I’m looking for the same profile on a different dating site. Sometimes the age or even the name is changed, but the same pictures are used. It’s 100% sure it’s a fictional character.
    I’ve playing this way for several months, I will tell honestly, I have improved my perceptiveness a lot, and paying attention to details.
    I think if you would add to your blog, tab with fake characters on dating sites. Your blog would become more popular. I am also wondering about it
    Thank you for what can read on your blog and for the information you have given
    Regards Roman

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