Meeting Belarusian Brides: The Ultimate Guide to Belarusian Dating

So you would like to meet, date and possibly marry a Belarusian woman? Great choice! Belarus women make great girlfriends and even better wives. Unlike Russian women that are wild, Belarus women are more conservative, modest and natural.

But meeting a woman from Belarus is not easy. The country is closed off and isolated. Plus, Visa restrictions do not make it easy for foreigners to enter the country. That is why most Belarus women opt to meet and date their spouses online.

Before we get into that, first, let us look into the top three reasons why you should date a Belarusian woman:

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Top Three Reasons why you should date Belarusian Women

Here are three reasons why a Belarusian woman will be perfect for you:

They are Naturally Beautiful

It is no secret that women from Belarus are beautiful. But what is even more intriguing is that their beauty is completely natural. Having inherited their facial features from the attractive Slavic People, Belarusian women rarely need makeup to appear beautiful.

What is even more, these women are keen on health and fitness, so apart from their beautiful faces, they also have stunning body figures.

Belarusian brides online

They are Modest and Conservative

If you prefer a modest, conservative and down-to-earth woman for a spouse, then a Belarusian woman is perfect for you. Belarus women are known to be quiet and shy, unlike their Ukrainian neighbors who are known to be wild and flirty.

But do not mistake their shyness for naivety. Once you get to know them, and they get to know you, Belarus women can be fun and amazing to be with.

They are Loyal and Devoted

Because of their strict traditions that teach women to put their families first, Belarus women make devoted mothers to their children and loyal wives to their husbands. Moreover, these women have excellent homemaking skills that can turn any house into a home.

Why Western men want to meet Belarusian brides

From my experience and research, I have discovered that most Western men find Belarusian women to be the total package. They are mysterious, elegant and possess a natural kind of beauty that makes them completely irresistible. What’s more, their strict and traditional upbringing makes them suitable brides for any man looking to settle.

However, because the Republic of Belarus is isolated, it is hard to access these women. But thanks to technology, and the advent of mail order brides, Western men can meet and date Belarusian women online.

Here are five interesting reasons why Western men want to meet Belarusian mail order brides:

The Character and Mentality of Belarusian Women

We have talked about what makes Belarusian women attractive and perfect as wives and girlfriends. But we have not talked about their character and what makes them unique from the other women. To understand the uniqueness of Belarusian women, first, we have to understand how their country, Belarus, is unique.

Belarus is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe, bordered by Russia, Ukraine and Latvia. Because it is surrounded by powerful countries, Belarus often struggles to form an identity for itself. To do this, the country upholds its traditional beliefs and conservative norms.

This means that girls are raised to be family-oriented, reserved, loyal and dedicated. When these girls grow up to be women, they become sweet, shy, friendly and conservative women that make them good spouses. Also, because they are taught to embody marriage and family values, Belarus women make great wives to their husbands.

The Typical Look of a Belarusian Woman

Much has been said about Belarusian women and their natural, heart-stopping beauty. But what defines this beauty? What are the distinctive facial features of a typical Belarus woman that makes her stunning and irresistible?

Belarusian women dating

To answer those questions, first, we must explore the two different types of Belarus women – The White Sea and the Baltic type and the Eastern Europe type.

Belarus women from the White Sea and Baltic type have fair, white skin and blond hair. They have medium facial features with a less prominent nose, bulging eyelids and light blue eyes.

On the other hand, Belarus women from the Eastern Europe type have darker hair and darker eyes. They have large facial features, prominent noses and plump lips. Both types of Belarus women are as tall and often keep a straight posture.

Top 3 dating sites to meet Belarusian brides

As much as physically meeting a Belarusian woman is not easy, meeting her online is even harder. Many sites on the internet mislead men who are genuinely interested in meeting a Belarus bride and building a relationship with her.

That is why we recommend these three dating sites for you to meet the Belarusian bride of your dreams. These sites, which we handpicked for you, are legit and will ensure you get the perfect Belarus woman for you. Also, some services are pretty affordable for an average Western man. is one of the largest and most respected online dating sites. Launched in 1995, has successfully connected thousands of international brides and grooms who are now in happy marriages.

With, you can either talk to single women online, or you can take a Foreign Affair Tour where you can meet single attractive women.

Below are services, costs and the advantages of using

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Why Belarus Women are looking for Western Husbands

When it comes to marriage, we all want the same thing- to find the person we love and who loves us, and settle down happily. Sure there might be some bumps along the way, but as long as there is love, any marriage can work. So we spend hours searching for the right woman or man, and when we find them, we count ourselves lucky.

Just like us, Belarus women are looking for the same thing – love. And because they are raised on strict traditional and conventional values, all a Belarus woman wants is a man with who she can build a family with and who she can take care of.

That is why they prefer Western men with whom they can build a life with. Also, Western men tend to be attentive and romantic, and Belarus women like that. If you find a Belarus woman who is perfect for you, do not hesitate to marry her. She will make you the happiest man on earth.

Random Facts that you won’t believe are true about Belarusian women

Conclusion: Meeting Belarus women online

If you were on the fence about meeting a Belarus woman online, I hope I have convinced you otherwise. A Belarus woman will be the perfect match for you, especially if you are looking for a nice girl to settle down with. They will make your life more enjoyable, more fun, and even more organized.

So what are you waiting for? Register to any of the above three dating sites mentioned above and find the perfect Belarusian woman for you today!

Last Updated: June 08, 2023

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