Meeting Japanese Brides: Japan Dating & Marriage Guide

Are you looking to meet and date a Japanese woman? While Japan is famous for its incredible sights, cuisines, culture, and entertainment, the country also boasts interestingly charming and beautiful women. They are fun to be around, caring, loving, and respectful.

With the technology change, you can now meet your perfect spouse both online and offline. Internet dating stands out as it allows you to meet many Japanese women, talk to them and determine whether it is a vibe. You may also go offline if you are already in Japan.

Let’s explore more things you should know as you embark on dating Japanese women.

Reasons Why You Can Trust Us

Top 3 Reasons to Date Japanese Women

There are many reasons to date Japanese women. Not only are they beautiful and hardworking but they also give you the time of your life. You are assured of loving every moment you spend with her. Let’s explore the top three reasons to date them.

Japanese Women are Beautiful

Have you seen how beautiful Japanese women are? The beauty runs from their flawlessly curly hair, double eyelids, beautiful smiles, to the long legs. Most of them are also slim and petite with facial symmetry. If this doesn’t spell beauty, then I don’t know what does.

Japanese brides online

They will Teach You about the Japanese Culture

You will be exposed to the full Japanese experience from the modern cuisines to recreational centres such as the local gaijin bars while dating them.

They Love Family and Make the Best Wives

Japanese women love and know how to take care of their family and men. Aside from preparing mouth-watering dishes and preparing your clothes, she will be ready to massage you after a long day at work.

Why Do Western Men Want To Meet Japanese Brides?

Mail order brides are women who are looking for a husband without going through courtship. Mostly online, a man picks the woman they want, and the woman is sent to their exact location for marriage. This phenomenon was widespread in the 1950s but no longer is. But why do Western men want to meet Japanese mail order brides?

What Is The Character And Mentality Of Japanese Women?

While each person is different, there are several characters and mentalities that Japanese women have. They have been consistent even after Japan developed politically and socially. You will find at least three or four of them in the Japanese woman you date. Here are a few of the famous characters.

What is the Typical Look of Japanese Women?

While good looks vary from one man to another, there are various beauty standards in Japanese women. Let’s explore the distinctive look of a Japanese woman.

Japanese women dating

Top 3 Dating Sites to Meet Japanese Brides

Are you now settled on dating Japanese brides? The internet has revolutionised the way of doing things for most people. Dating online gives you a better edge at meeting more people, increasing the chance of meeting your potential mate.

You only need to sign up at a dating site, fulfil the requirements and begin chatting with the brides to determine your best fit. You are free to be yourself behind the screen. While it has its cons, it has proven to have more advantages than disadvantages. Here are the top three dating sites to meet the love of your life.

The site boasts over 20 years in the online dating field and has been connecting men and women. Additionally, the platform has a comfortable, free, and convenient registration process to allow you to view thousands of Japanese women. Once you access the website, you can click on the ‘Register’ tab, fill in the required fields and create your account.

Surprisingly, the process only takes a few minutes. While on the site, you can browse women based on Nationality, ID, or those with new photographs.

The site has different services such as the ‘Matchmaker Services’ (organises single tours for you to meet the perfect woman), ‘Executive Plan’ (a customised approach for clients that need a personalised plan to meet various Japanese women), and the ‘Gift Service’ (the service enables you to send gifts to your desired woman).

The executive plan costs $300 per day while the gifts depend on what you intend to send.

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The platform connects thousands of Japanese women to their ideal matches from all over the world. Started in 2005, the website is well established and trustable. You can visit the website and join in for free by filling in the required fields (your first name, your gender and what you are looking for, age, email and password).

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In the end, you can click on ‘Agree to the Terms and Use’ and decide whether you want to ‘Join with Facebook’ or ‘View Singles Now’. The process is easy, convenient and navigable for any visitor.

When signed up, you can browse photos of different women based on your range, preferences, and settings. Their primary service is connecting singles from all over Japan. As a visitor, you are assured of a safe and uniquely Japanese dating experience.

While the website has standard and premium memberships, you must subscribe to the Gold and Platinum memberships to enjoy all the features and advantages.

The website has been offering dating services for over ten years. Among the best dating sites, the platform gives you a base of over 4.5 million singles to choose from. You cannot miss a spouse in this large pool. Most of these come from the USA, Europe, Philippines, and other Asian and Non-Asian countries.

With a similar signup process to, you can complete it in seconds and begin browsing your desired type of women.

What’s more? The site has an Android app to enable you to browse on the move conveniently. Some of the free services on the site include the basic matching, send interests, and communicate with the paying members.

However, you must pay for the Gold and Platinum memberships for you to view all the features. It is a perfect platform to find the love of your life.

Why are Women from Japan Looking for a Western Husband?

According to research, it has been discovered that most Japanese women prefer a western husband to their Japanese counterparts. But why?

Conclusion: Meeting Japanese Brides online

Dating a Japanese woman is fun and exciting. Many western men have met the loves of their lives through the internet. While doing it, you must practice safety first and follow the specific dating sites’ guidelines. You will get a variety of women to date and can choose whoever resonates with your ideas.

With the many dating sites to find Japanese women, you are guaranteed to find the love of your life.

Last Updated: June 9, 2023

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