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Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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44 Responses

  1. Bryan says:

    Little update on my last review…
    Real from Fake and the search continues. Having hope I continued.. maybe I like the challenge or I just like thrill of it all. I left out one girl from the original review, because she would just write one time a week. Just simple a letter, how her day was, stories about her pet kitty, her work and so on.

    I did look her up like the others, checked and check and everything she said was true. Where she worked everything checked out true to what she was saying. So, I continued to send her letters, just one a week like she was doing with me.

    She would always ask me to look at her on video, so I finally did. Well, it was her and no one around but her pet kitty. She opened up about her life and I mean everything, mother, sister, father, step father, grandparents and it goes on. I know every part of her life, ex-boyfriends, why she looking for someone outside of the Ukraine, everything.

    I know more about this girl in a few months, than I knew about my ex-wife in 10 years. She opens video anytime I ask, I see her and her kitty and she has even shown me her apartment. Nothing lud, no dirty talk just normal conversations.

    Thing that got me really was when her mother and step father came to visit her.. she turned on the video to introduce me to her mother. Her mother asked me questions and I answered.. before anyone says that was not her mother.. yes it was her. I know what her family members look like, so I know it was really her mother. Was an interesting conversation.. wow the questions she asked me haha.

    This past weekend, she went to visit her mother in Kherson. She told me when her bus was leaving Kiev, I checked leave time and arrival time. She spoke with me from her phone during the trip and when she arrived. She sent me a picture, date stamped with her, the mother and grandmother together, pictures of the meals and what they were eating, how she missed her cat, left with a friend to watch while she was gone. She even gave me the time she was leaving Kherson headed back to Kiev.

    Things went the same way back to Kiev, she told me when she would be home and what time she wanted to chat.. 6am her time, she even turned on video for me to see her.

    She understands the site and has told me all about how it works. She has not one time asked me to call her, send or give her anything, the conversations are day to day events in her life and she asked about mine as well. She does not flood pictures at me, letters, she does not talk in circles she has given nothing but facts and trust me, I have looked. Am I shocked after what I have seen from the site, yes completely, she seem very normal and down to earth.

    I told her about wanting to come there to visit. Told her my plan, I have let her plan the trip for me. I will take the chance just to meet her. She has chosen the dates, she has even told me not to use the agency to book my hotel, or to let them book my travel from the airport. I looked up hotels and gave her the list, she picked one close to her. Checked out the hotel myself, after she told me to look it up online. She has picked out the places to go, how we will get around. She has kept everything within walking distances.

    To conclude this update. So scam or fake, this is the real questions?? Are there scammers here, yes. Are there some real women wanting something better, different hiding among these scammer, yes. Most men, do not have the abilities to do the background checking I did.. be careful, watch the signs, the language in letters and chat and yourself.

    Good luck to anyone looking for one of these beautiful women. They are amazing women, so look for normal looking not the barbie dolls.

    • Jan says:

      Hello Bryan,
      I gave a lady my skype adress, but she says it’s ***** in my letter.
      Is there a way to give her my skype name or mail address? Or is she fooling me? She sounds serious.

      • Carlos-Eduardo says:

        Try YouTube and ask for her to write a comment with her datas! I believe this could have a positive result!

      • djpuadi says:

        Hi same to me i sent to my lady my mail and she sent to me ,its ,,,,,,,,,, the agency charme date will control all ,i think they organise a day with ure lady after change t’en lettres and must keep in contact for 90 days least for more confience

  2. Antony says:

    Hey Bud, how could I takes steps to check out a few women I talk to on the charm date site? Do you or someone you know provide these services? Thanks!

  3. Bryan says:

    Antony, from the tools of my work and years of this, most of these things are second hand to me now. Explaining here, might get me into trouble or tip off the Chinese. Feel free to reach out to me

  4. Bryan i am very interested in a couple ladies on the charm date i was wondering how i can find out if they are real women looking for love or fake.

  5. Robert says:

    I met a woman online and she won’t give me her last name. And will not go on Facebook so I don’t have to pay. She has sent pict from site and normal pictures. Should I cut it off?

  6. Bob says:

    This site is a total scam. I went to the Ukraine, at the cost of $20000 to see four ladies I was interested in. When I arrived they were conveniently not available althought they knew for more than three months that I was coming . Lastly, while in Ukraine I requested their local office address, they had none, and ignored my request. I think this is a computer generated site, and none of the ladies ever care about meeting. All they care about is their commission. One lady I wanted to meet told me that she was a doctor in a local hospital. I spoke to administrators in each hospital …with her picture…and all three hospitals did not know her. Do NOT waste your time or money going there, you will be disappointed.

  7. matej says:

    hoču poznakomitsja

  8. PATRICK says:


  9. Kristian says:

    Many scammers on charmdate, this lady is fake. Anyuta from Kherson with this profile.. , she also sit here but from different country with the name Anna , she used to be on find-bride and anastasiadate but they deleted her fake profiles.. charmdate offer to delete my profile and yet i can give them her real address, email and phone number and many social media pages saying she live in Alushta Crimea Russia. I have written this girl in email, the real girl and she say charmdate use her info to scam men of Money, but not even show charmdate that email was enough and i got a mail back asking me to sign a paper so they could delete my profile 🙂
    use find-bride if you wish to find a nice girl, and do not complaine about fake girls if you never traveled to meet them, most are real and very nice.

  10. Wayne says:

    I agree, I have been talking to one lady for over 15 months and as I have children I wanted to be very clear and fair. I asked her to marry me and come live in New Zealand . I asked for permission to ask her father for her hand in marriage but the conversation is going round and round in circles and when I asked for the next step….. Nothing. Has anybody had luck with this site? I’m a simple man with children and a mid range lifestyle.

  11. Tony says:

    Yes most of these women are on multiple sites and when you do go to date them the will rape your wallet for as much as she can I don’t mind buying a lady dinner or paying for the date but some want you to buy them gift expensive stuff to aand their groceries pay their doctors bill any thing they can they will

  12. Carlos-Eduardo says:

    I do not know why I keep insisting! I think is why I want to believe that there is at least one woman and that would not be an emotional prostitute! I know that there are few real profiles there, but these few real ladies that rely us, They are paid to make us to spend our money on that website!
    Do you want an example of this king of ladies? Ask for Olya profile C983055 and She will still asks for gifts, food and money!

  13. I totally agree with the review and comments. Since I started looking at various dating sites last October 2015 I have seen mostly scams of different schemes. However, there are many tools available to remove any doubt as to whether or not a prospective virtual mate is legit.
    Many encounters with various online dates have fraudulent and some want to chat and email and use messenger apps ( Skype, hangouts, Yahoo, Whatsap, etc.) Any one of these can be traced to their origin. Google trace that IP address from an app call or from the head of the original email and then copy the remote IP address from the cmd window or the results of the email head scan into the location of IP in the free online page ‘’
    which will render the text description and a Google map of that person’s REAL location.
    It takes a little effort, but it’s all out there if you are inclined to spend a little time to save a lot of money.

  14. I forgot to mention that I have saved every correspondence a image of every encounter on every site, email, message, and Skype conversation. And most of the blogs like this one.
    I have so much material and stories that I have decided to write a digital book titled: “Love Letters to a Virtual Bride” a romantic comedy.

  15. justin says:

    i am looking for a women to date

  16. Daniel Pearson says:

    All dating sites are scam. If in the U.S, stay within 5 years young to say 15 years older. this includes all dating sites for world wide and here also. It better to to bar and find a female there. No I am not looking a woman as I do trust any of them at all.

  17. patrick murray says:

    my intention was to contact bryan and ask for some of his expertise in trying to ascertain the legitimacy of a girl on charm date. i have been in contact with her for a couple of months. she often side stepped questions, or probably just ignored them. talking very lovey and appeared quite interested. i was scrolling down these responses, looking for bryans email, and much to my surprise, i started reading a response from carlos-eduardo. his example, as he puts it, the king of these ladies olya (C804515) happens to be the girl in question. i couldn’t believe it. so far it has cost me several hundred dollars. no questions asking for gifts, food or money yet.. carlos can you help me better understand this girl. more information the better! bryan if you see this can you run a little check on this girl. before i spend any more money. it would be greatly appreciated. patrick

  18. Jeff says:

    Hi i am a very stupid person called Jeff, i have just been scammed by a lady on Charmdate called Svetlana c437447, she was truly convincing , it started 6 months ago we started to send each other letter, after 3 months i paid for her contact detail to get away from the dating site and save some costs, i would call her several times a week because she spoke quite good English, we made plans for her to travel.
    She never asked for money and said she would pay for her travel, until she realised how much it cost and because of low earnings there it would take half a year to save up, not wishing to wait this time i offered her some money which she declined, she would only accept a loan to be paid back.
    She should have arrived a few weeks ago, after i sent the money she was very slow with communication, because we emailed each other i no longer needed the dating site, but decided to look one night, there she was new pictures and online.
    How many men she was talking to i shall never know, i asked her questions while she was online but i did not get any answers, i guess she had been found out. There was no longer any communication, so i guess she won, not only stole my heart but also my money.
    Strange what we do for love, so i suggest you stay away from this “lady?”

    • ricky says:

      you aren’t supposed to send money to these people that was your own fault don’t send money to people you never met

  19. Paul Robin says:

    I will stay away from the whole site!

  20. Ron Andrade says:

    I tried this site out and what I found out that it cost me $6.50 to open each letter this gal sends me on EMF on charmdate. Cost $2.00 to open any video she sends and it is only good for three days and then one has to pay another $2.00 after three days to watch it again. Hard for me to believe that there is that many beautiful women on a dating site that can’t find the men they want or need in there own country. In total it cost me $52.00 for 16 credits to open these letters from her. I am done with this site. Thank you

  21. as we get older, the more stupid we become; even intelligent, professional guys can believe anything.

  22. Mugdous says:

    It is a real rip-off dating Website .
    I paid $100 which was enough to subscribe for a year , but it didn’t last me more than 6 minutes .
    After the 6 minutes , it cut me off and was unable to send or read a message .
    It should be called the Rip-off dating Website .

  23. Jim says:

    I must agree with Bryan that there is a great deal of scam and fraud involved with CharmDate. I have been on for several years and note how the girls and the agency will lie and scam. Keep in mind that CharmDate is owned and operated by the CHINESE!!!! That, by itself, should tell you to be VERY wary. These Chinese are, by birth and definition, scam artists, hackers, liars and thieves. One of the biggest scams they pull is when you buy credits and then use those credits to chat. One credit is supposed to buy you 10 minutes of chat. Frequently, the system will cut you off well before you have chatted for 10 minutes. You write a letter to the Chinese bastards and they give you canned replies. The best is when they write back and say, “you must be confused about how our system operate” or how credits are charged!!! Most of everything they say to you is part of the list of “canned” responses. The other thing to notice is how many fakes and whores are on this site. Of course the agency says these girls are well screened…WHAT A LIE!!! They take any whore or slut so long as the girls will generate more income (again, read Bryan above). How many times that the initial chat request involves them wanting your to taste their “…”, or suck your “….”, or ask you how big you are, or whether you want to to them and their mother, etc. Many, many prostitutes. Keep in mind that the most malicious virus creators are from Russia and Ukraine. That alone should send you running to another site. Add on top the Chinese element, then you have a witches brew of the most vile nature. I would say that you have, at best, a 10% chance of establishing a long lasting, meaningful contact/relationship with any woman (aka lesbian, whore, slut) on this date. Really, the name should be “HarmDate”, not CharmDate. So, beware!!!

    • Mustafa says:

      Jim, well done.
      You are spot on in terms of sassing out the owners o the site. I occasionally use the site to verify the girl’s real motives. Every tome i buy credits for half of it churn out by the site. Every time I ask the site to compensate me..

      And, every time they send me the same ‘promotional’ letter. As they are too thick skinned bastards, I tell them save your breath… and I add nothing less than 4 credit refund will satisfy me.

      And Eventually I get the refund.

      This is site is a total an utterly scam place.

      with kind regards,

      ps: we can be joint forces ‘in ambushing’ the girls in order to learn their true motives. my email address:

  24. Fernando says:

    If you were scam by this guys you can make at complain at the FBI in the internet crime complaint, if they receive many complains about this site, they would shut it down this page and put in jail this guys from Hong Kong.
    Here is the link to make a complain in the FBI, internet crime complaint.

  25. Victor says:

    yep. Count me in as Mr. Stupid. What a crock. I don’t even want to tell anyone how much money I have spent on this site. The problem is that my best friend met and married his wife from one of these sites and she is from Ukraine and she is awesome! So I thought if he could do it so could I. However, I have encountered EXACTLY the same as you all have. Women writing very short letters, constant chat invites, and women claiming that they love you and want to be with you but never commit. So I kept trying because my best friend found his awesome wife through one of these sites. I even located a couple of women through social networks like Facebook and I sent my contact information to those sites. When I inquired the women if they got my information I was told that they were not their real Facebook/VK pages, that they were fake. I was only asked for money one time. I reported that to the site and she was expelled. However I have written hundreds of letters to women that all wanted to be with me but none would commit. It is still difficult for me to believe the people would do this to someone’s heart. This site is stupid expensive. Don’t fall for any of their lies.

  26. haque says:

    I am from india .i want to join and send msg but .i am unable to pay i have use 3 debit card but i dont knw haow to pay for credit tell me something

    • Mustafa says:

      stop, stop, stop, You cannot use a credit card and try to chat these scam women. Dont do it. If you cannot send message it means you have not paid for the chats. But DON’T PAY. You are deceived. They will not talk to you in an honest manner.

  27. Scott D. says:

    How do you get to get their email address or give them your phone number or email address? They seem to block it from getting to the woman. So how are you suppose to meet up with them if you don’t have their true email address or phone number??? Please tell me how I can talk to her about coming over to the Ukraine and living with her??? Please explain how I get her phone number and email address.

  28. Tony says:

    I haven’t fallen for any cost but I corresponded with a beautiful woman on victoriabride with some free chats and voila there she was on charmdate too. She never asked anything personal from me but answered most questions from me. What a pity, I really liked what I saw. Her name is Nataliya aged 55 from Kharkiv Ukraine

  29. Marc says:

    Do you want to know the whole truth from the inside? How does this really work? Do you want to save your thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars? To save yourself from total disappointment and time spent?
    Write to:
    The choice is yours!

  30. Carl says:

    I’ve had two ladies emails and on site many I wrote to up till I had 10 letters written to them
    Oh yeah three after getting there emails i wrote them but not them one always sent me poetry back and the other never once wrote me like you would someone else and the last just stopped writing all together and all was at the cha site
    Is there any sites worth going to to find a woman to marry or are they all fake
    Shit an all I had to do is go on match or e harmony

  31. Carl says:

    So are the websites at the bottom of this page real or fake like this one and if real could you send me the link for them to my email account or others that are real if you would
    Thank you

  32. Miguel Hamma says:

    Hello there,
    I am interested in your final judgement, is this a Yes legitimate dating site and ladies or is it Not? I heard that you can eventually ‘purchase’ the ladies email address, Yes, No?


  33. Joel says:

    I have received email address from ladies. They know how to do it. Yes they get paid to chat. About 6 cents a minute. No the chat invitations are canned. When you respond the lady is notified. The letters are fake. Ladies are usually real but are paid. Some pics are models and the person chatting could be a man. Yes they will lie. If you visit you will be hustled in many ways. Safer to travel with a site preplanned visit. You may not get lucky unless you pay. Women show up on many sites. At the same time!

  34. Mustafa says:

    charmdate: it is a site beyond belief. Charmdate, never mind the girls, the site itself is a crook.

    If anyone wants to pair up with me, we can quickly explore the girls intentions.

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