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Find your perfect match! No matter where you are from!

That’s what asks all potential customers on its main page.

In my opinion,we can rephrase to “If you are serious about finding your match online, should you risk joining”

Behappy2day is an online dating site that links males from western countries with ladies from Russia, Ukraine, and Asia. Founders launched the website in 2004. The May Group Solutions LP has managed the website since its inception.

This article reviews the price and cost of the Behappy2day dating site services. It will shine a light on the signup process of the dating site, the features and services that you will enjoy once you join it.

In addition to that, the Behappy2day guide summarizes the reviews that Behappy2day has already received on Trustpilot and Sitejabber.

Reasons Why You Can Trust Us

What is is an international platform that makes it possible for males from western countries to find beautiful women from the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

This dating site links men and women seeking a stable and healthy long-term relationship that leads to marriage.

Amongst the international community, many refer to it as Be Happy International. The dating site was launched in 2004 with the May Group Solutions LP as the management.

What Services Are Offered at boasts of supporting its members in their dating journey. To achieve this, Be Happy international offers several services that enable two adults interested in each other to be in contact. offers the following services: Costs & Pricing

Unlike other dating sites that charge individuals for membership, offers free membership.

Accessing services like Behappy2day news, dating advice, and viewing profiles are also free. However, you are required to pay for online services in credit form.

The following is a list of online services and their costs in credits:

You must be wondering how much you pay for the credits. Well, the credits could be as low as $0.38 US dollars to $0.75 US dollars per credit. It depends on the credits package you select from the ones on offer.

Behappy2day sells the following credit bundles at the following prices:

Registration Process at

Behappy2day has quite a simple sign-up process. You access the signup form on the site’s homepage. The process requires you to fill in the following information:

Upon providing all the above-required information, the page will require you to confirm you are an adult by ticking the above 18 years old box.

After that, the site will send you your log-in details, which you will use to sign in to your account and create a profile, by email.

How Does Work?

Once you sign up and log into your Behappy2day dating account, you ought to complete your profile and purchase some credit bundles.

After that, you can go ahead and select profiles that you find attractive using the site’s search filter.

From there, you can now interact with the individuals you have matched up with. The site provides a range of services that can help get to know women that you are interested in better.

Any Special Features Are Available On the Site?

Behappy2day stands out because it offers a few unique services and features. The site offers free membership to access profiles and their love matching services.

In addition to that, the dating site generates a confidential and unique username and password. It is to ensure the safety of members.

You receive these details only via email. The dating site also offers to organize a real-life meeting between two lovers once they know each other.

When the two individuals are from different cultures with different lingua franca, which is highly likely, Behappy2day provides an interpreter. The interpreter will help you and your lover to deal with barriers. These include cultural differences and language barriers.

Is The Site Easy To Use On Desktop and Mobile?

You can access the Behappy2day dating site through a mobile app or a desktop platform. Both of these are easy to use. The site’s developers made an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface.

You can access the signup function on the dating site’s homepage while the others like search, chat, video send a letter, and the like, are well organized on a dashboard. You can use them once you sign in.

Profile Quality In Our Behappy2day Review

Behappy2day’s member profiles are of high quality and are detailed. Just from the profile alone, you will be able to tell an individual’s height, weight, fluency in English, zodiac signs, marital, and parental status.

The profiles also consist of photos, videos, and an essay detailing an individual’s view of life, interests, and the type of relationship they are looking for.

How Do I Contact Customer Service?

Behappy2day offers several options for customers to use when they need help from the help desk. The site offers a “contact us” link on its website.

The contact us page will require you to fill in the following information before submitting your query:

The dating site also has a help button that will direct you to the FAQ section that may assist you. It also offers a contact support button to communicate with customer care. The help button also provides a telephone contact option that you can use.

How Can I Cancel My Subscription?

If you want to cancel your subscription, follow the steps outlined below. Please note that this guide is created based on factual data and written from a third-person perspective.

By following these steps, you can successfully cancel your subscription and avoid any future charges or issues.

Security Policy at, a popular international dating platform, takes its users’ security and privacy seriously. The platform’s Privacy & Data Policy ensures that your personal information is collected, stored, and utilized carefully to make your experience on the site more personalized and convenient.

When you register on, you may be asked to provide basic personal information such as your name, email address, mailing address, or phone number. However, the platform does not store or retain your full credit or debit card details, ensuring your financial data is kept safe from potential misuse.

What’s more, BeHappy2Day’s Privacy & Data Policy specifies that they do not sell your personal information or allow access to your data by third parties. The platform also enables you to opt-out of any marketing communications, giving you control over the information you receive from them.

The website takes adequate precautions to ensure that your personal and financial data are secure while using their website. With various security measures in place, the platform is a reliable option for those looking for a safe dating experience. Reviews At TrustPilot

According to the Trustpilot reviews, Behappy2day is a poor dating site. Out of the two reviews, one reviewer stated that the ladies do not intend to communicate offline. I have to mention that the difference in  Behappy2day ratings between SiteJabber and Trustpilot is jaw-dropping.

It, therefore, ends up making their male counterparts use a high amount of money in purchasing credits. The second reviewer also had a negative opinion stating that the ladies were rude. They harass male individuals interested in them. Reviews at SiteJabber

Sitejabber gives Behappy2day a 3.57-star rating. The site had 46 reviews. Most of them were positive. The positive reviews address the great customer service offered by the Behappy2day staff and the high chances of getting a genuine connection that leads to marriage. BeHappy2day ranks 3rd among Mail Order Bride sites at SiteJabber.

On the other hand, the few negative reviews pointed out that the site is quite expensive and it might be a scam.

Only one individual cited high costs as a negative opinion. The rest of the negative reviews claimed that the ladies keep finding reasons to chat online.

It will make the men waste a huge amount of money to purchase credits to send gifts and access the online communication channels the site offers.

Our Verdict: So When is Behappy2day Worth It?

According to our research, joining Behappy2day to find a better half from Russia, Ukraine or Asia is worth your time and money. The site offers free membership and confidential logins that only you will know.

In addition, the site has an anti-scam policy to ensure you and the other members are secure from scammers and con artists.

The site has a huge and inclusive membership. It increases your chances of finding love from every corner of this world.

Behappy2day offers a range of communication channels that you can use to chat with anyone. Once you get to know each other and you are from different countries, Behappy2day can help to set up a real-life date so that the two of you can officially meet.

Behappy2day will also provide an interpreter who will help the two of us navigate through challenges like language barriers and cultural differences successfully.

Last update: May 17, 2023

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  1. Stay away from this site, guys! I requested to get my profile deleted off of the behappy2day site late in 2016 and they told me they did, which I checked and thank God those fake scum did! But then they told me they would like to see me return. What for?! To take more of my hard earned cash?! Never again!! More like Be sad or angry2day! Even an idiot wouldn’t want to return to that garbage!! You’ve been warned: STAY AWAY FROM BEHAPPY2DAY!!

  2. I’m quite happy with this site. It’s easy to use and navigate. It has made a great influence on my life as I met my love after using this service

  3. Free sign-up, stunning women, great advice, lots of fun and loads of supportive tools. This is the best international dating site I have used!

  4. A year ago I signed up to the site and now I’m engaged to a beautiful woman and we’re ready to start our lives together. Take your time looking around and getting to know a woman but once you meet the right person you know.

  5. Having been around many online dating sites, it was nice to finally find one that matched my expectations. Genuine women, reliable service and safe to use. I have never had an issue with the site, would recommend it above many others out there.

  6. I must say, it is a trusted site. All the services are safe and I haven’t found any scam to the date. I would love to suggest this dating platform to everyone.

  7. I have met several lovely women on the site and made long-lasting relationships purely from being on the website. Its a legitimate dating site with Russian women of varying ages. The simple fact is that it works.

  8. A credible option I’ve found so far for searching the perfect match. The site really offers safest services. The easy user interface and no scam policy by the developers deserve praises.

  9. There are so many cool features that the site has available. I am happy I gave it a try. I actually found someone who could make me happy.

  10. I’d been reluctant to engage in dating having had a really bad break-up but the ladies on the site were so warm and easy to talk to. I think this site works hard to support all users and promotes safety.

  11. I’m not one for leaving comments on websites but I had to after signing up on behappy2day. I’ve tried a few dating sites that were disappointing but this one offers a great service with webcam and live chat features. 5 stars from me!

  12. After my experience with BeHappy2Day I felt it was necessary to leave a comment here. I am grateful to the site for this relationship that I’m currently building with an incredible, beautiful woman. I do hope for our happy future together.

  13. If you are looking to talk to charming Russian beauties then this site is right for you. I am just spoilt for choice! I don’t lose hope to be in a romantic relationship again.

  14. What I really like about this site is that it’s completely safe. You don’t have to worry about who you’re talking to, which is a relief. I’m tired of all those unreliable sites that are full of fake junk, and just glad I was able to discover one that helped me find someone genuine.

  15. This site is unbelievably reliable and safe, which is a huge relief because I’m so sick of dealing with platforms that aren’t legit. Finally, I found a woman who is everything I’ve been hoping for, and I’m just glad I didn’t waste so much of my time on all those other junk sites.

  16. Well you can have it!!!! There may be a few good honest woman here
    but Iam not wasting a dime on any online siite period! I tried 2 Ukrainian sites and both were a joke! Especially, Be Scammed today ,com! I just love it when you find a woman who seems legit bit the red flags are all over!! I might right a book on my experiences! They dont want to get married and move to the U.S. Where I live In a Mansion in California! The day will come when this empire will crumble due to greed!

  17. This site has been the best I have used so far, it is safe and reliable because the personal information is kept totally confidential and there is a policy that ensures safety of clients.

  18. Behappy2day is a sister website of and

    Since January, 2019 I have been corresponding and chatting online with a lady who is registered at, and is also registered on the 3 aforementioned sites.

    Contrary to popular belief, Dream-Singles isn’t a scam. In fact, I have raised several issues of ladies violating their policy on gifts (namely asking for them in subtle manners) and these ladies have had their profiles deleted. Dream-Singles also states in their anti-scam policy that the girls are not hires models or employees, and receive no financial compensation. Being a US based company, they’re aware of the federal penalties involved if their claims are proven not true. No one can guarantee the intentions of any one lady. But Dream-Singles does go above and beyond to protect its paying customers.

    Back to my comment on onewife, alltverladies and behappy2day, the lady with whom I’m corresponding at Dream-Singles has EMPHATICALLY asked me NOT to contact her at any of those sites. She has the same member ID on each site, which confirms these three sites are owned by the same person/entity. When I asked her to delete her profiles, she told me she couldn’t and the reasons would be explained, privately during our meeting, which is scheduled for early June. As an attorney, I immediately became suspicious, but having vetted her well enough by private means, I asked her whether her disclosing the reasons could result in her being hurt by someone or something. She immediately told me it could, hence the reason why she can only tell me privately. I suspect either the webmasters or the agency who created these profiles for her are monitoring her laptop, in case she divulges information that could potentially hurt their scam.

    Do not fall for their “anti-scam” policy. There are many ways to make a valid argument for what is and isn’t a scam and these sites do not afford that latitude. Coupled with what my lady has told me, I have to err on the side of caution and oblige to her requests. It’s also possible these ladies, the ones who are truly looking for a meaningful relationship, are being conned into engaging in conduct that could border on illegal. I have ascertained, through ways I must keep confidential, that the way my lady communicates with me on Dream-Singles and how she communicates with members of the three aforementioned sites, validates the scam. Also, ladies at those sites are usually online around the same time and for a rather equal time period every day. It’s no wonder why my lady has to abandon her post at her hospital and hide to fulfill her commitment to these sites.

    Just my $.02 worth.

    1. Hey Rick!
      I dont know if you’re still around, but can I ask you about your experience on Dream singles and whether you found someone?
      Ive used it for a while and I had mixed feelings. I did encounter some profiles I suspected to be fake and on one occasion I could prove it and it was deleted. However the whole ordeal made me question their competence or motives. And as for the ladies, you get so many messages of “I want to meet you” but when you actually drill down, 90% of those women are just lying. On top of that, the site is very expensive.

  19. I would just like to say I watched a YouTnube video about some off the very.big international dateing sites where.a woman who worked in the Agentcy..never saw or heard off one person getting in ingaged or.married she was with this company for two years Now isn’t that saying something.she.said.the ugly truth is they making ventures and that’s it she worked as I said earlier for several large sites not.once did the age 99 just rubbish she was interviewed by several journalists she said if you want a girl then get on a plane and come over as.she said the girls fighting g.for.your attention like she heaps off beautiful woman looking for a mate Now.thats the truth I.had a mate years ago who.met his wife over there he spent several months in her country he said there was no shortage of beautiful woman looking for a partner

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