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Hello Krystyna,

I have been in contact with a girl named Irina (8120) at UaDreams for over a year now. I have fallen in love with her and want to go to the Ukraine and meet her, but a few things bother me and I’m worried I may be getting scammed. After doing many searches on the internet, I learned her last name, phone number and found her web page. I joined and asked to be her friend. She didn’t reply, but she let me follow her for a while.

After I sent a few messages to her telling her who I was with some pictures, she blocked me. I also found her facebook page and have tried to friend he there, but I don’t think she uses the site any more. I sent her text messages to her phone and I know she gets them or at least one that I sent during a chat session at UaDreams. I saw her reading a text shortly after I sent it and then she waved her finger at me saying no, no! She told me in one letter that she’s not allowed to have any contact with me other than UaDreams until we me and that she had to sign a contract.

She’s a model and funk-jazz teacher and I have found the website of the school she teaches at and a modeling website she has a portfolio on. So I know she a real person and what she’s told me about herself is true. Do you think she would block me from her page because of the contract with UaDreams? Do you think she’s working for them and get’s paid to have chats with me etc…

I’ve been thinking about hiring a private investigator to help me find out if this is all a scam.

Is there anything you can do or recommend I do. I am really afraid my heart’s in for a huge let down. When I read her comments on, she seems like a good person and I can’t believe she’d be scamming people on UaDreams.

Thanks You,


Krystyna comments:



Hello Ron,

First I would like to say you thank you for sharing your experience. I have to mention that your story is not a lonely case. I read a few reviews in which men looking for Russian and Ukrainian women through diverse dating sites have described excellent communication on the dating site, however they have got no feedback from the women who are so “communicative”.

The first mistake you made is the choice of the dating site.

You did not choose the services carefully.
UADreams has no good image in the International dating industry and there are tons of negative reviews on their services:

There are two possible options why Irina does not answer your messages on

1) UA Dreams made a fake profile using pictures of Irina. In this case, you talked to a professional translator and employee of this agency. Purpose: purchase credits for excellent communication with a beautiful lady from Ukraine. Unfortunately, it’s hard to prove. And Irina has no idea that she is looking for a Western man through a dating site.

2) Irina is a professional pro dater and earns her money during communicating with Western men on a dating site. I have heard some girls get commission from credits purchased by Western men. Thus, it is obvious that she is not interested to communicate with the men on because she gets no money for that.

Anyway, it is not a positive sign that Irina shows no interest to communicate with you outside of the dating site. It is sad but it is very possible that you got scammed by the agency. How much have you paid for the services of UA Dreams?

P.S. Ron sent me a reply that he is sure he has spent at least $2000 on Irina between communications and gifts he bought through the site as well as sent to her.




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26 Responses

  1. Shane says:

    Hi Krystna

    Well well, I.m glade I found this site! and this post! I’ve been witting to this girl Irina 8120 for a month now on uadreams. the first 2 weeks on live chat! and she said she she’s had dance camp from 10th to 29th july 2012.but I found that the camp goes from the 23rd to the 29th! I think she was meetting some poor guy thats been fooled!

    I found her on too and she don’t add me ether!
    I did have that feelin she might just be being paid to chat to me!

    If It’s to good to good to be true then it is!
    Her full name is Irina Bashuk, from Donetsk, Ukraine.

    birthday 28th january 1987. I could write more. but yeah if she really want me she would jump at the chance to add me on right!
    I find you can find other girls on from uadreams that have writen to me & tjey dont add me and wont write back but one did and keep saying uadreams! there being paid! why is the ukrainian police not shut this site down!

    I hope other guys out there don’t fall for this site! we gota get the word out!

    Thanks for your time

  2. Ron says:

    Hi Shane,

    If you read this and want to compare note on Irina Bashuk, you can email me at roffyoung at hotmail dot com. I really don’t want to believe I’m getting scammed, but after reading you comment above, I sure of it. Irina seemed like such a wonderful girl. I wish I could get here home address so I could write to her there.


  3. Saul Goldfarb says:


    I just found this doing a search on I can see that I’m not alone. After 3 failures at this agency one in which I went to Lutsk to meet a lady live. That’s a whole another story.

    But after 2 years another lady from this site named Yana member #2411 from Kharkov wrote me. I was skeptical at first and probably should have heeded my intuition. Anyway after telling Yana my concerns and what I already went through we ended up corresponding. Previously I was told that the ladies on the site were not allowed to be on any social networking sites so that they could keep there anonymity. So to my horror just like Ron did above, I also found Yana on vkontakte.

    And like Ron I also followed her and wrote to her and like Irina, Yana didn’t respond back to me either. Also on UADreams her letters to me immediately stopped after I wrote her on Vkontakte. I then tried to find a place so I could delete my profile there and could find no way to do so.

    I wrote to there support people and asked them to do it. I sure hope they comply.

    If they don’t, what recourse do I have?

    • Antonio says:

      Hello Saul,

      can you tell me where did you find Yana #2411 on vKontakte???
      I’m just in deep relation with her on UADreams!! Oh my God!
      Thank you!

      • Dai says:

        Hi Antonio,

        interesting to hear you are in a deep relationship with Yana 2411. If I may ask when did it start? I have been in a so called deep relationship with her for a year! Have you been to Ukraine to see her? I have been to Kharkov once and I am going again to see her this weekend!

    • Dai says:

      Hi Saul,

      did you actually meet Yana?

      How far did your relationship go?

  4. juan says:

    Visa returned the money that I paid but it did not compensate the emotional damage of writing to a lady from the Donetsk Office 80 letters over 18 months.

    I think that the lady concerned has realized that it was a scam herself and her profile has been romoved thank goodness

  5. Brian says:

    Hi Krystyna-

    I can’t believe how wide spread this is. I spoke to a girl named Irina ZherZherunova born May 27, 1989 from Donetsk, Ukraine on I can not re-iterate this enough.

    Read Krystyna’s books and blogs – eduction is really your only weapon. These websites especially are the biggest scams on the planet and they will ruin you emotionally and financially.
    VK is not much better and your search for a girl should be cautious and careful. Follow this blog, Krystyna’s advice has been invaluable and I am now “in the know” about what really goes on out there and the proper way to finding love with a foreign woman. Do not be too persistent.

    I did the same thing- I found her profile on VK and she ignored me but wanted me to come to see her in the spring. She lied, lied, lied and lied. She lied about lies. There was nothing that would stop her from being deceptive if it got her what she wanted. If they don’t respond to you on VK all I can say is run- they don’t want anything to do with you.

    You are nothing more then a means of money for them which is why you get the sudden personality change when you talk to her while she is getting paid.

    Also- they all have profiles on VK- do not believe for one second when she says she doesn’t. Guys spread the word- it’s a jungle out there and you have to arm yourself with knowledge. The ignorant nice guy will be eaten alive.

    Be careful and the best of luck to you all-


    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hi Brian,

      First, I want to thank you for those kind and warm words about my blog and dating guides. Very nice! ūüôā I hope that I can continue to help Western men hoping to find their destiny in Ukraine with my Ukrainian dating advice and tips.

      Brian, you did the right thing, namely: you registered on and tried to make contact with the woman through this social network. I am sure that if the woman takes the initiative to communicate with you only through online dating sites (e.g. via paid messages or chat), it should be in any way considered as a red flag. From my dating experience, I can mention that Ukrainian and Russian women who have really serious intentions to find their love abroad wish to have more PERSONAL contact and are ready to communicate via Skype or ISQ or SMS.

      If the woman tells you that she has no money to send you a sms or to write mails to you, so my advice is run away. Just think about it: how many persons are dating in Ukraine? Millions! Just believe me: Ukrainian women in love call or write sms to their Ukrainian and Russian lovers each day. And then your Ukraine lady says that she has no money to send you one or two per day? Nonsense! Yes, Ukraine is a poor country, but not so poor!

      Use your common sense – so you can increase your chances to recognize scammers and send them to hell! ūüôā

      Good luck!


  6. Alex says:

    Hi Krystyna,

    I decided to start using the UAdreams site in January 2013. Since then I have been using video chat and writing letters almost daily with Zhenya#1633 from Zaporozhye. She seems very sweet and genuine but I have many suspicions about her and the site in general.

    I also found her on when I found her full name. I sent her a friend request and messages in Russian using google translator. She completely ignored my friend request and private messages. Zhenya has asked me to come visit and meet her in Zaporozhye. I am wondering if anyone else out there reading this has had any communication or similar experiences with Zhenya1633?

    I really suspect that she can not even see me during chat but just the translator. I have experienced scam attempts and deception in the past from a few different Russian women but nothing this organized and elaborate.

    If I am being scammed by UAdreams then I am going to do everything in my power to bring them down.

    Looking forward to getting some feedback on this issue.

  7. Eduardo López Guevara says:

    Hola krystyna, yo soy de México y te mando un saludo por todo mi país.

    No quer√≠a yo comentar algo de mi vida, y de lo que viv√≠ durante cuatro a√Īos, me sent√≠ completamente un tonto y me re√≠ de mi mismo, al leer el articulo de Ron, sobre Irina Bashuk (8120), y que √©l estaba enamorado de ella.
    En Agosto del a√Īo pasado hab√≠a cumplido cuatro a√Īos de comunicarme con Irina Bashuk , anteriormente hab√≠a tenido dos discusiones con Irina, sobre sus actitudes y como ella me trataba, no me sent√≠a correspondido por ella y en Octubre del 2011, desidia terminar con la relaci√≥n. pero en enero del 2012 ella me busco, por le que le dije, que si me buscaba era por que yo solo le importaba.

    Empezamos bien la relación, pero yo intuía que las cosas no iban bien, en varios ocasiones yo le pedía tener una vídeo conferencia, pero ella se negaba, solo teníamos vídeo chat, te diré que aveces sentía que también se comunicaba con otra persona al mismo tiempo, ya que sus movimientos no correspondían a nuestra comunicación.
    En agosto del 2012, deje de escribirle, estaba perdiendo el interés por ella y me sentía mal, estaba decidido a ir a verla, con mucho sacrificio junte dinero, junto con mi amigo Jorge, pero otras circunstancias ajenas a los planes ya hechos no pudimos ir, y también la temporada de frió se llegaba, y en octubre del 2012, pedí a la agencia darme de baja definitiva.

    La agencia solo se preocupo por hacerme un descuento o si uno de sus servicios estaba mal, nunca me preguntaron, como me sentía emocionalmente o como iba el trato con Irina, eso mas me molesto, al ver que solo era negocio.

    Me di cuenta que, di todo mi tiempo dinero y esfuerzo y los mas importante di mi corazón por ella, he ir a verla, pero me di cuenta que ella no dio nada o un motivo, para que yo fuera a verla, solo quería recibir sin dar nada a cambio.

    Y que a Ron le dio comunicación por otros medios, me sentí, defraudado, por ella, le escribí muchas cartas, la verdad no se, si le dijeron todo a ella o solo lo necesario.

    Pero creo que cuando alguien te interesa se demuestra desde el comienzo, afortunadamente, he aprendido de las experiencias de mi vida, y soy responsable de lo que yo hice, se que esto es así, pero como le dije a Irina, así como te trate con el corazón, lo voy hacer con la mujer que en verdad quiera estar conmigo, a nadie se tiene a la fuerza.

    Hoy en día estoy tranquilo, debes en cuando, se me sale de mi boca el nombre de ella, y digo, se estará acordando de mi, se que fui un tonto el enamorarme de una mujer, que nunca tuve frente de mi, que no la conosi realmente.

    Nunca me despedí de ella, nunca le reclame lo de Ron, ya no quería discutir con ella, preferí solo dar la vuelta.

    Krystyna, esto es algo de lo que viv√≠ durante cuatro a√Īos con Irina Bashuk, como veras fueron muchas cosas que le escrib√≠ a ella, muchas cartas, yo tambi√©n reconozco mis errores, y se pedir perd√≥n y perdonar.

    gracias por tus atenciones


  8. perdurra says:

    Girls are real, but it’s impossible to have private contacts with them.
    After mails, chats and 2 meetings, I found her adress. But she NEVER answered !
    I sent a gift at home, she thanks me but always through UADREAMS site and never with a private mail, although I wrote it with the gift.


  9. perdurra says:

    Girls are real, but it’s impossible to have private contacts with them. After mails, chats and 2 meetings, I found her adress. But she NEVER answered ! I sent a gift at home, she thanks me but always through UADREAMS site and never with a private mail, although I wrote it with the gift.

    I met 5 girls in total, but they all look under the control of the agency… As if they signed a contract with it !!!


  10. john oram says:

    Hello I just want to relate my experience with Diana at UA dreams 9799.I was corresponding and chatting with her for nearly a year and really grew to like her, only to find out I had been scammed, she even uploaded a xmas video 2012 I was on my way to meet her in Poltava and then she started to try and find things wrong with me, like saying a came across as being angry with her etc on the chat and told me I couldnt come to her flat when I arrived in Poltava,all sorts of excuses so I cancelled my trip losing 100s of dollars.

    I wated close to $1000 dollars on UA, and also found Diana on VK, wouldnt make friends, could only follow and eventually blocked me completely.I would like to upload a pic of her so other guys can stay away from her lies.


    • Dale L. says:

      Hi John,
      I too chatted with Diana # 9799 at UA dreams for over a year. I had planned to go to Ukraine to meet her but she deleted her profile from UA Dreams. I was beginning to have suspicions about her. I am sorry about to hear you wasted money too. I always wandered what happened to her. Just out of curiosity, do remember her VK profile #

  11. David says:

    Hi, David

    I’m with uadreams 3 years, I have to say that I vk recording a total of 70 profiles found in women who are with the agency, some women know English and some are employed by the agency. there is a girls call VIKA #2460 and I found that the letter the she send me are all “copy-paste” and I have proof and actually make a website so that they can observe any real information it you can find the information of VIKA and other girls

  12. mikael says:

    hello I am a french man in contact with a woman in uadreams agency and I wanted to know if some people here have information on Natalia 2629 ? and if it’s as serious agency ? But I read some reviews and it’s scary to trust him ? I have not spent a lot of money at the moment only some letters because I am suspicious and I know Ukraine ūüôā It’s amazing all these agency !!!! Mikael

  13. Emile says:

    I also had a run in with these scumbags. I gave my e-mail address to go a girl I talked to on another site (International Cupid). After exchanging a few messages she seemed legit. So I gave her my e-mail so that we could write directly (as my paid account was about to expire). but I then got all kinds of e-mail from about being signed up for an account. I have repeatedly asked them to delete my personal details. I just got responses back with more sales talk. I did a whois search and found their registrar. I have just e-mailed their registrar (GoDaddy) complaining about this site and I have asked them to force to delete all the personal details about me they may have on file. This kind of crap is why I generally avoid profiles from Slavic girls on international dating sites. They are almost always fake. I thought this one seemed legit, but that will teach me. ūüėõ

  14. Edwin S. says:

    Hola Krystyna y hola a todos. Mi nombre es Edwin, soy de Panam√°, he estado como miembro de la p√°gina Uadreams, muchas mujeres me han chateado, escrito cientos de mensajes, pero solamente Dos muy hermosas han sido muy insistentes conmigo, una de 26 a√Īos, rubia, alta, delgada, y otra de 32 a√Īos, rubia, alta, y solamente tengo a esas dos como “FAVORITAS”. Pero he decidido DARME DE BAJA de esa p√°gina, por razones personales. He decidido tratar de recuperar a un “Amor Imposible” o dif√≠cil en mi pa√≠s Panam√°. que creo que es mucho mas complicado que hallar a una pareja en Uadreams, pero he decidido poner Todo en manos de Dios.
    ¬ŅC√≥mo hago para DARME DE BAJA en esa p√°gina Uadreams?, porque lo he intentado y no me ha sido nada f√°cil salirme de esa p√°gina. Necesito que POR FAVOR alguien me oriente y me digan C√≥mo hago para ya NO ser o NO aparecer como miembro de esa p√°gina.
    Muy atentamente a Krystyna y a Todos,

  15. Sean says:

    We all expect so much for money..
    it is money.. that is the fault..
    it effects us all..
    you can not buy love..
    it is not natural..
    money is distorting family love..
    and desire..
    yup ūüôā
    forget about money?
    it has no worth towards true love and care!

    If you truly want something..
    it is not money..
    it is desire and affection..


    • Gr says:

      Sean people used Uadreams or any other dating site does not do it to try buy love or girls for money….
      But to find honest girl for marriage because they tired on Western feminism.
      Good honest girls from Ukraine and Russia and Crimea is usually more family minded and serious about marriage of the few honest girls and people over there.

      The problem is that Uadreams is a mafia translate fee scam agency and all their prodate scam girls in there is only after earning money by correspondence on all expensive UAdreams scam translate fee services exist several others aswell almost all pay per letter dating sites is scams.
      Tell this to the scam translate fee agencies with their prodate scam all their girls that life is not all about money as its them and the russian mafia behind it that does the scamming on their scam date sites.
      We western guys knows love is not all about money and none of us tried to buy love on Uadsreams or any other scam date site or date sites….
      Incorrect we all do not expect all things for money…
      We western guys is the innocent ones here Russia and Ukraine and Crimea and those scam agencies and their scam prodate girls and scam translators by their mafia russian evils is the guilty ones here of scams and fraud and hiding money on cyprus period.

      Exist honest people girls and guys outside the date scams and scams in Russia and Crimea and Ukraine too.

      Love of money is root of all evil true but none forced the scammers in Ukraine and Russia in date scams and scams to do this they are entierly guilty and unless they repent they deserv to go to the very dark place.

      Sean understand this none of the Western men tried to buy love for money if you wanna give someone a lesson tell the scammers that all is not about money instead of bashing innocent victims of the scams and date scams…

  16. Joe says:

    Hola lectores como est√°n todos yo soy eceptico acerca de estos sitios conoc√≠ a una chica en una p√°gina hablamos a los d√≠as me dijo que le hab√≠an recomendado este sitio uadream y que mejor aclaramos por all√° y le Di vuelta ala p√°gina y la sigo no sab√≠a que ten√≠a que pagar 7d√≥lares por correo y pagar 20 d√≥lares por v√≠deo d√≠a y de 10 minutos todos los d√≠as escrib√≠a y aveces ten√≠amos v√≠deo chat deje de escribirle y ya pasaron dos meses y no eh resivido ni un correo de ella pienso que nunca le interese por que nunca me envi√≥ un correo para preguntarme si estaba bien eh residido muchos correos electr√≥nicos de chicas de 19 a de a√Īos todas muy lindas y me escriben hasta dos cartas cada una ya ni las leo por que pienso que es una mentira los mismos traductores que trabajan ah√≠ supongo contestan las cartas,por que yo enviaba una carta y en 2 horas ya ten√≠a la repuesta ahora s√≥lo quiero eliminar mi perfil y no se co.o hacerlo y tambi√©n lo que no me gusto es que le cambian las letras ala carta y yo me queje servicio al cliente los mand√© a comer mier da ..

  17. David Piccolo says:

    Oh My God-
    The girl Irina’s Name is Irina ZherZherunova. She is from Donetsk, Ukraine and is one of the most evil people I’ve been in contact with. She lies about everything, she told me she was a lawyer- LOL. She tried to continue things for years (2012-2015). She will try and Con you out of every sent you own. Get her name out there, she is a professional. She also told me she was in a sanatorium because she lost a baby. The truth is she’s married and I have everything you could possibly need to prove it- stay AWAY from her. Stop saying they’re sweet- they just have one thing in mind- getting your money. Krystyna told me a long time ago if they don’t get in touch on VK or block you- they are scammers. Don’t go into Eastern Europe naive, it’s a very scary place. If you are that interested start a VK page and meet normal Ukrainian girls who actually want to talk to you. I have no idea how Irina keeps up with all these guys. Another thing to look for is her Russian translation of her name: –ė—Ä–ł–Ĺ–į ZherZherunova. Thanks for all your help Krystyna. By the way people from these agencies have posted articleson VK asking women to join these agencies for great cash, regardless if they’re married, to scam everyone. Do not go near these sites. Krystyna if you want me to send you any of this I have it all.

  18. M S says:

    Hi everyone,
    I actually met my wife through this site, and the only reason probably why we are together is that a month after we met each other in the chat I went to meet her. She later on admitted that all of the girls in fact work for the company as Krystyna also said above. The letters are written mostly by translators and the girls in the agency do not receive any money from them. But the video chats are the ones from which the girls receive a commission from every minute/credit spent. Many of the girls do not speak english but they are in the agency just to work, and the company actually searches for these working girls through vk and, and girls them selves do not search for marriage agencies. You might find a girl, as I did, by chatting with the girls and most importantly by going to meet them. If you are a nice guy, the lady might very well be interested in you once meeting face to face. Take into account that I am 26 years old, well educated and own my own business, it might be difficult for much older guys to find someone on the site. My advice is, do not correspond with these girls with letters as you will never be corresponding with the girl you think you are, but with a translator, who gets a commission on every letter sent by you. In this way, uadreams is a scam. The ladies are real, but the corresponding sure is not. And just a cautious warning, I got lucky that my wife was single at the time I went to see her, but many of the girls do have boyfriends/husbands. So if you do meet a nice girl on the chat, and you want to go meet her, at least find her profile on Vkontante and check whether she is a available, otherwise you are just wasting your time and money. Hope this gives some light to you guys about UaDreams.

    • T says:

      Those are very big claims. Can you actually prove them? Do you have any evidence supporting your claims? For example, screenshots of your wife’s profile from UADreams? Would you be intrested having a video chat (skype)?

      I’ve been investigating a possibility for UADreams scamming for a while. There is many claims (and suspicions) that UADreams scams, but when I ask if accuser can proof his claims or give me any kind of evidence supporting those claims or even evidence that accuser did use the services of UADreams, I get nothing. I also find it somewhat surprising, that a man who has found his partner is still looking for the reviews of the site, or surfing in a blog which reviews dating businesses. As with every bad review, there is always a possibility that those are from competiting business just trying to bash the reputation of their competitor…

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