Interview with UADreams – Dispelling Myths about International Dating

Finding a match abroad is not an easy task at all. From my experience as a blogger and coach, I would like to say that choosing the right foreign dating platform is one of the most difficult tasks and many of my readers feel stuck in the selection of dating sites and apps.

Today we talked to, one of the most popular dating sites in the International dating industry, about how UADreams works exactly, what typical mistakes Western men make on the site, and how the future of the International dating industry looks like.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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krystyna trushyna
Hello. Many thanks for taking time today to answer some of my questions. First of all, please introduce UADreams to our readers. Who is behind the scenes? And do you focus on Ukrainian dating?

UADreams: We’ve worked hard and now we’re the biggest dating and matchmaking company in Ukraine! Our gallery has over 1000+ single Ukrainian women from 16 different cities. We’ve been around for more than 10 years and have a great reputation as a trustworthy and high-quality dating agency.

Unlike other agencies, we have our own branches all over Ukraine, which gives us more control and allows us to protect our customers better.

With us, men can trust that we’re in charge and focused on their safety. 

krystyna trushyna
On dating forums, Reddit, Quora and in social networks, there are so many complaints regarding fake profiles and scams on International dating sites. Many men loudly say that there are virtually no real female profiles anymore. Also the question if my girl is a scammer or not belongs to the most frequently asked on my blogs.  How can you explain this extent of fraud in this industry? And what is your anti-scam policy to protect your customers?

UADreams: Fraud in the dating industry is a significant issue. Scammers create fake profiles and deceive people for financial gain. It’s important to be cautious, research reputable platforms, and avoid sending money to unknown individuals. 

UaDreams protects its members from scammers by:

uadreams anti-scam
  • Not allowing agency profiles or payments for correspondence.
  • Ensuring real photos and people on their website.
  • Conducting background checks on female members.
  • Verifying passports and personal information.
  • Safeguarding personal information and not selling it.
  • Prohibiting money requests from women.

These measures create a safe and secure environment for members.

krystyna trushyna

Have you got any measures to protect your female customers from male scammers? E.g. sex tourists.

UADreams:  To protect female customers from male scammers we

  1. Moderate profiles to remove scammers.
  2. Educate female customers about scams and red flags.
  3. Provide a reporting system for suspicious behavior.
  4. Monitor member activities on the site
  5. Offer responsive customer support.

These actions help safeguard female customers from male scammers.

In addition, we have created such conditions under which it simply does not make sense for sex tourists and scammers to be on our site, since according to our anti-scam policy, girls and men can exchange contact information only after the first meeting in real life in order to keep both sides protected from the scam.

The first meeting takes place in the presence of a representative of the agency, so it is not very convenient for sex tourists to put so much effort into correspondence, video chats, payment for interpreter services, travel from another country just for sex.

krystyna trushyna

How do you see a typical UADreams user in 2023?

UADreams: In 2023, the average UADreams member is an individual in search of sincere connections and long-term commitments. They highly value the agency’s emphasis on safety, authenticity, and the chance to engage in international dating.

These users are open-minded, technologically adept, and appreciate the convenience provided by online platforms.

krystyna trushyna

What are the main mistakes men make when filling out a profile at UADreams? Do you offer some support and coaching to improve the man’s chances to find a match on your site?

UADreams: Men at UADreams can make common mistakes when filling out their profile, such as lack of effort, incomplete information, poor-quality photos, and unrealistic expectations. UADreams offers support and coaching to improve their chances of finding a match by providing profile guidance, photo advice, communication tips, and personalized matchmaking assistance.

krystyna trushyna

Please tell us about the most popular and useful features on your site.


Our website offers several popular and useful features on its site to enhance the dating experience for its users. Some of these features include:

  1. Profile browsing: Users can explore a wide range of profiles of single Ukrainian women, allowing them to find potential matches based on their preferences and criteria.
  2. Live video chat: This feature enables users to have real-time video conversations with the women they are interested in. It provides a more personal and interactive way of getting to know each other.
uadreams live chat
  1. Correspondence: Users can exchange messages with the women they are interested in, fostering communication and building connections at their own pace.
  1. Gift delivery: UaDreams allows users to send gifts to their potential matches, adding a thoughtful and romantic touch to their interactions.
  1. Personal meetings: Once a connection is established, UaDreams assists users in organizing and facilitating in-person meetings with their matches in Ukraine, providing a chance for a deeper connection and relationship development.
  1. Matchmaking services: UaDreams offers personalized matchmaking services, where experienced professionals help identify compatible matches based on the user’s preferences and criteria, saving time and increasing the chances of finding a suitable partner.
  1. Safety and support: UaDreams prioritizes the safety and well-being of its users, providing a secure environment, customer support, and anti-scam measures to protect against fraudulent activities.

These features combine to create an engaging and effective platform for users to connect with single Ukrainian women, fostering meaningful relationships and increasing the chances of finding love.

krystyna trushyna

How many couples have found a partner through UADreams?

UADreams: Most individuals who travel to Ukraine in search of companionship discover their wonderful Ukrainian life partners.

We are proud to state that 85% of our members express contentment with the quality of our services.

Instead of solely relying on our assertions, we encourage you to explore the testimonials and narratives of the married couples who found love through our platform.

uadreams reviews

Their experiences serve as compelling evidence!

krystyna trushyna

How do you see the future of the Ukrainian / international dating industry?

UADreams: The future of the Ukrainian/international dating scene looks promising.

We can expect smarter technology to reduce scams, a rise in cross-cultural relationships, more virtual dates, a focus on authenticity, and an emphasis on sustainability and social causes.

Exciting times ahead for finding love beyond borders!

You want to learn how to find a great foreign woman and experience exciting International dating adventure, but you have no clue of where to start. Not to worry, we are here to help! ☝️ Ask Krystyna
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About the editor: Krystyna is the author of three dating ebooks, including  ‘International Dating Digest For Men: Finding Love Overseas’.
As the leading dating blogger Krystyna is a consultant for many dating services and is involved in a wide variety of different areas, such as personal dating coaching and romance scam.
With decades of experience, Krystyna is the authority on the international dating scene, and it’s her passion to help people sustain relationships that bridge cultures and countries.

1 thought on “Interview with UADreams – Dispelling Myths about International Dating”

  1. uadreams is a scam site

    Uadreams fooled this good lady Krystyna, creator of this great blog, guys!
    We paid 50 dollars to communicate with a translator working at uadreams on August 2022.

    Here the Q&A we got.

    Through a PI which provides consultation services for American men from not being victims of romance scam.
    They told me that such PI agencies in Ukraine hire translators from several dating website in order to learn new scam techniques.

    Q.1 How ladies join uadreams ?

    A.Same procedure as with many dating agencies. Uadreams manager, not translator, has to have a meeting with lady either in the office or online before joining to explain how everything works.
    They also sign agreement, but agreement stays with the agency, there is no second copy for the girl. In that agreement it is stated that girl should not disclose any information about her relationships between agency and her.
    They join agencies by word of mouth, by recommendation. Ads are not needed and sometimes such ads are not very legal in Ukraine.

    Q.2 Ladies are found on other websites. Is a translator that create these profiles on site such as Russiancupid, My Parterforever, CuteOnly ..? Is a lady aware of these profiles ?

    A.No, technical department of agency is responsible for that.

    Q.3 How much money a lady makes from letters, video chat, gifts, meetings and photosessions ?

    A.It depends on popularity of a girl’s profile. New profiles earn 25% of what man spends for video chatting. Photosessions are free for girls and agency does not pay anything for photosessions.

    If profile is popular, girl is paid up to 45% from what man spends on videochats.
    Difficult to say how much lady earns in a week as everything depends on popularity of account. Translator with whom we work does not want to say how much she earns from uadreams , but says most girls earn 1,000 USD to 1,500 USD per month whose profile is somewhere close to middle popularity on average and who spend online about 20 nights per month. However some accounts earn more than 3,000 USD per month.

    Q.4 Are girls paid in cash or by bank account ?

    A.Depends on where lady lives. If there is a representative office in the city where girl lives – payment can be made in cash once per month,if there is no office – lady will be paid as a transaction on her bank card 2 times per month if lady’s profile is popular or once each month if profile is not popular.

    Q.5 During a meeting ladies did not know anything about any topic discussed in the letters. Can a translator manipulate video chat and letters ?

    A.That’s because letters are almost never answered by ladies. Operators who are on outsource answer those letters.
    Girls are not aware of those answers. That is why they are unaware of topics discussed between clients and operators who are in Pakistan or in India.

    Q.6 What are the consequences for a lady if admits she gets paid ?

    A.Ladies sign an agreement where it says it is prohibited to disclose any info between her work with agency. They have some strict rules such as they will bring that lady to court or something.

    Q.7 OK there is an agreement. Do you have a copy of it ?

    A.No, such contract is signed in one copy which stays with the agency. Ladies do not have a copy of it.
    Agency does not give out a copy of agreement to girls nor to translators. It is signed in 1 copy which is left for the agency. No way to get it easily.

    Q.8 Do lady have to play a script during a meeting ? Are they pressed to use video chat even if they are not interested to a man ?

    A.They do not have to do that, no script is necessary either. But everybody chats usually because they are getting paid for each video chat from 25% to 45% what man pays to an agency.

    Q.9 Could you list rules and obligations that a lady is asked to follow ?

    A.There are no rules nor obligations except to be kind to everyone and keep clients chatting and engaging with agency as often as possible.

    Q.10 Is a translator or ladies that launch video chat? Do you use a bot software?

    A.Lady or translator can launch videochat. They both have possibility to do it from their accounts. Not aware of bot software.

    Q.11 Ladies chat with multiple men. Can ladies block a man from not seeing them online video chat ?

    A.Yes, it is possible to block and unblock men’s profiles by ladies from their accounts.

    Q.12 Is possibile to quantify number of men that are invited just by reading a range time video chat ?
    I.e. If a lady is gonna be online from 8.00am to 9.00am is for one man? Gonna be online from 8.00am to 10.00am is for two men?

    A.Not possible to estimate as sometimes there may be 10 or more men invited especially during weekends.

    Q.13 The wording ‘online in 1 hour’ is when lady has invited a guy or if she has just scheduled to be online without inviting anyone ?

    A.Many men are invited automatically by special software from Web site. Sometimes it invites randomly men from all over the world.
    Usually ladies just log online and wait for men to start chatting. Many girls including translator,
    who has a profile on uadreams just log on and stay there most of the night logged in (Ukrainian time).

    Q.14 Is a translator that set ‘free chat’ mode or ‘paid one’ for a lady’s account ?

    A.No, managers of agency do that and lady may do it herself from her account.

    Q.15 What is the difference between an operator and a translator ?

    A.Operators are based outside of Ukraine and usually answer letters. She is not sure if they are in India, Pakistan or elsewhere.
    Translators discusses with girls when they want to chat and coordinate time of chat with translator.
    Translators do not answer letters usually, only to confirm to client desired date and time of videochat.

    Q.16 What is the website that ladies use to login ?

    A.Translator told us that ladies log on through the same Web site – .
    They just have their own interface to chat with men, but logging in is through main Web site – .

    There has been much speculations and doubts about the legitimacy of this agency over years.
    uadreams is a scam agency.

    Feel free to share this post to all platforms over the Internet.

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