TOP 10 Profiles of Brides With Red Hair

Have you ever looked at a couple and wondered how did that man land such a beautiful woman? You may be surprised to discover that many modern couples meet online. Nowadays, online dating is not just about fun but about creating serious relationships that may turn into a marriage. 

Online dating platforms offer mail-order bride services that promote international marriages.

Here are some of the most impressive Slavic brides’ profiles with red hair on prominent online dating platforms.

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Julia from Wroclaw

Julia is a 27-year-old red-haired mother of one 6-year-old son. The brown-eyed single woman owns a sports apparel brand. The 5’7’ 132 Lbs Polish beauty enjoys sports like gymnastics, swimming, cycling, and jogging.

She also loves fashion, dancing, cooking, art, and music. The Ukrainian native who speaks perfect Russian is looking for a strong, loving, courageous, and passionate man.

Kamila from Kiev

Kamila is a 35-year-old Gemini with red hair and brown eyes. She is an intelligent lady with university-level education working as a psychotherapist at a private company in Kiev. 

The Russian native enjoys dancing, sports, singing, and playing guitar. Kamila is intelligent, understanding, supportive, and communicative. She is looking for a serious and family-oriented man, caring, smart, and authentic.

Tatiana from Kiev

Tatiana is a 31-year-old make-up artist in Ukraine. The brown-eyed and red-haired Ukrainian beauty enjoys painting, singing, and cooking. She is also a sports enthusiast, and her 5’7’ 110 Lbs appearance proves it. Tatiana speaks excellent Romanian and fair English.

She is caring, gentle, and feminine, loves traveling, and boasts deep family values. Tatiana wants a man ready to build and develop a long-lasting relationship, one who likes kids and is caring and gentle.

Julia from Lugansk

Julia is a 29-year-old Ukrainian beauty with green eyes and red hair. She is an accountant at a private company in Lugansk, Ukraine, and speaks excellent Russian and Ukrainian and fair English. 

Julia enjoys movies, cooking, reading, and music. She is looking for a man who is interested in a serious relationship, motivating, healthy, passionate, and courageous.

Ekaterina from Zaporozhye

Ekaterina is a 23-year-old, 5’9’, 117 Lbs Ukrainian native. The red-haired and brown-eyed beauty works in show business. Ekaterina loves dancing, cooking, art, and music. 

She is an optimistic, disciplined, tender, curious, and open woman looking for an honest and strong-willed gentleman that loves animals and family.

Svetlana from Zaporozhye

Svetlana is a 40-year-old Ukrainian divorce with two kids. The 130 Lbs, 5’7’ red-haired and green-colored beauty works in the medical center. 

Svetlana enjoys new experiences, physical activity, and reading fantasy and romance novels. She is looking for a man interested in a serious, strong, and family-oriented relationship.

Galina from Sochi

Galina is a 35-year-old Russian divorcee with one five-year-old son. She enjoys reading, photography, and spending time by the sea. 

The gentle, sweet, fair, positive, and creative green-eyed lady is looking for a man who loves children. Galina also appreciates an honest, fair, gentle, sweet, and determined lover.

Anna from Tyumen

Anna is a 27-year-old blue-eyed Russian beauty with no children. She is a Psychology student working as a part-time artist. The 5’4’, 120 Lbs artist is looking for a 30-50-year-old man who wants to start a family.

Anna is attracted to conscious, romantic, respectful, and passionate men. The Russian beauty enjoys watching TV series, eating junk food, art, and spending time with loved ones.

Tatiana from St.Petersburg

Tatiana is a 30-year-old single woman with a Bachelor’s degree in management. She works as a private company manager and has experience in marketing. Tatiana is interested in learning foreign languages, traveling, and painting. 

She engages in Latin dancing to maintain her 100 Lbs 5’5’ appearance. Tatiana is looking for a man who will sweep her off her feet, cherish her, and have a good time with her.

Yanina from Kharkov

Yanina is a 33-year-old Ukrainian resident weighing 128 Lbs at a 5’8’ height. The brown-eyed beauty works as a manager at a construction company. 

The Russian native enjoys running and hiking. She is kind, gentle, friendly, and funny. Yanina is looking for a kind, honest, loyal, responsible, serious, and courageous man. She also needs a man looking for a serious relationship.

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