Reviews: Is It Legit or Scam?

Charmdate is a dating Website that helps eligible men meet ladies in Russia, Ukraine and various other Eastern European countries. The Website encourages men to join so they can meet their perfect match for a long term relationship. To encourage this, CharmDate has many tips on the customs to adhere to when dating a woman from one of these countries.

They suggest kissing a woman on her cheek when meeting since that is the kind of greeting that Russian and Ukraine women appreciate. It shows that you understand and embrace their culture.

CharmDate: Company Definition

Charmdate Review is a premium international online dating site connecting single Russian and Ukrainian brides seeking serious relationships with men from around the world.

At CharmDate, the women database is packed with a variety of verified and active profiles which are always up-to-date.

CharmDate Experience: Require paid membership

The site differs from other large corporate sites because it does not require paid membership. Other sites want a monthly payment to just view potential matches. You could go months paying for the service and never get to connect with any worthwhile singles. Charmingdate has a different method. It is free to sign up and search for a suitable match.

Charmdate reviews

Credit system

Once you find a match, there is a free service called cupid note. You can freely send cupid notes to any woman you find appealing. If she responds, then you can communicate with her on a credit system. The credits are used for further communication like messages, video chat or phone calls.

The site goes a step further than other sites and allows you to send new love gifts of flowers or candy through them. This shows interest and the woman does not have to be concerned about the security of giving out her address too early. Once you are ready to meet your match, the site helps with that as well.

Feedback from users

charming date review
charmingdate review
charming date experience


Overall, the site helps men meet women in a certain area of the country with ease. It goes beyond what other major dating sites are willing to offer and is concerned with honest communications between its members.

About the editor: Krystyna is the author of three dating ebooks, including ‘Krystyna’s lessons on successful dating Ukrainian ladies’ & ‘International Dating Digest For Men: Finding Love Overseas’. As the leading International Dating Expert and Dating Coach Krystyna is a consultant for many dating sites and is involved in a wide variety of different areas, such as personal dating coaching, online dating and matchmaking.

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5 thoughts on “ Reviews: Is It Legit or Scam?”

  1. Nikko obviously was sent here by or he owns it because he is the first person to say anything positive about this site that I’ve read online. I spent months on there and I spent much more then flashy Nikko. There is absolutely no exchange of personal information. How then would you say you are supposed to get to know the girl?

    Through being frauded, scammed and lied to. You find a match, get along great, finally after a month or two you have your hands up like ok- can I at least get an email now.(Emails there cost $8 each- Yes I mean each- if someone sends you one or you send one to someone they charge you $8 per email).

    Suddenly girls start popping up everywhere, most you don’t remember, this is the websites way of scamming you. Then when things start getting serious the girl just strings you along until you can not believe you made such an idiotic mistake. They release a lot of ads to drown out all the bad complaints online.

    Do a search- you’ll be stunned. They are the worst of the worst in the scamming world. They are trying to expand and have chatting and live chatting where you can see the girl which is even more expensive. Liars- all of them. Stay away at all costs and Nikko I hope that check is in the mail big shot. Karma will catch up though.


  2. If any man is talking to a Russian/Ukraine woman on any of the many, many, many sites, you are being scammed..
    The biggest scam site on the internet is A Foreign Affair.

    Google their address and you will see how many different sites they have.
    Also with AFA, they don’t do any background checks on any of the women listed on the AFA website.
    All the women are paid to chat, paid for profiles, sexy photos, etc.

    And PLEASE, don’t believe a word from a guy who calls himself ‘Jim’ from This guy is a fake..
    ‘Jim’ black lists agencies because of the high number of scamming good foreign men, BUT, what ‘Jim’ won’t tell you is A Foreign Affair ( gold listed ) is affiliated with the agencies on ‘jims’ black list.

    Let me give you just one example;
    1st International marriage network has many different different names and sites, all with the same ladies listed. The AFA agency in Nikolaev is an affiliate of 1st. International.The Nikolaev agency is located in Sovietskaya Street and is called

    This agency is a pure 100% scam and the CEO of AFA, John Adams knows this and protects the scammers over his male customers.
    And, ‘Jim’ from is 100% in on the scamming as well.

    1 last note;

    Nearly all Russian/Ukraine women are divorced by their 40’s, these countries have the highest divorce rates in the World.
    What does that tell you?

    Stay away from Russian/women, they are all compulsive reptiles.

  3. Well Krystyna, I am a member of charming, but I thought I would check reviews on that site and came across your site, which really got me thinking, it funny how a man’s mind works when he see’s an attractive female, he forget’s to use his head and becomes Neanderthal man instead, however I was writing to a young lady but after seeing the review’ felt, well I best find out for myself so I wrote to her with my concerns and asked her to send a new picture with weekly paper well what a response.

    On a more serious note the reason I did not come back so promptly is due to the very negative feedback regards Charming as it is being plastered all over the internet and part of the work I do is investigative work for a large company, so it makes this very difficult for me not to stray into work mode, but makes me wonder why such a stunning and intelligent person like yourself would need to be here,

    Are you real or just pictures of a model, worked by an affiliate worker, however forgive me if this may seem negative but I am sure you would want to know that I am real to, Send me a new picture of you with this weeks paper if you do not mined as I would love to proceed with this relationship and honesty is as you say the most important place to start and build strong ties with one another.

    REPLIED BACK WITHIN 10 MINS. Irina (Profile ID: C446277) Mail ID:JBJCGGD

    On the fence also written! So what? The Internet is also a lot of crap, but also a lot of useful information. If you do not want to talk – I do not insist! I do not have to prove anything to you. I thought that you somehow have to interest me, and it turns out that I should achieve you! Hahaha! Do not make me laugh! You want my picture with the newspaper? I’m really shocked! Maybe I have to remove the panties and take a picture?!
    I know that this site is not very clean, but I’m not asking you to be photographed with newspapers and something to prove to me! Continue to read negative reviews!..
    Shame on you!
    Good luck.

    Well I think I have my answer, the money spent is not an issue, so I thank for having your site available, informative and has ensured I did not have a money issue of loss of mind.
    thank you RowVorr

  4. Hello, we have read all your reviews on this site. We’d like to thank all of you with all our heart for the support and thank you for all the feedback. We will keep improve the site and better your dating experience. As to some negative reviews, we think that it is our need to make an explanation here.

    At CharmingDate, we make every effort to ensure the safe and successful dating experience of clients and CharmingDate has grown to be one of the world’s largest and most trusted online dating platforms. The success of CharmingDate is not only due to the unrivaled dedication to customer service and the unique way in which we constantly adapt to an ever-changing world, but also comes from our firm commitment to take precautionary and remedial measures against potential harmful activities. Any kinds of scam or fraud are not tolerant and those individuals and agencies who misuse our system will be ferreted out immediately.

    CharmingDate ONLY cooperates with trustworthy and reputable local matchmaking agencies, who we also call the “CharmingDate Service Provider” or “Authorized Service Provider”. These agencies have been strictly chosen by following a number of rules on and finally authorized to become our service provider.And it’s very important to remind you that all the agencies are legally and economically independent from CharmingDate.

    All profiles on CharmingDate have been verified by our local matchmaking agency and our experienced verification team that works hard to provide confirmed and updated information on each lady. The authenticity of ladies’ profiles are primarily in the control of the agencies. Ladies’ profiles go through a verification and validation process carried out by the agencies. The lady profiles were submitted AS-IS by the local agencies CharmingDate cooperates with. To post a profile, the ladies need to fill in an Application Forms, go through SMS verification process, submit their photos and their identity documents through the local agencies. Also, these data and documents need to be scanned and sent back to CharmingDate for backup. CharmingDate related department will verify these documents, if they find difference or problem, the profiles will be rejected and returned to the local agencies. Before we post them on our site, screening and verification process is also taken by our verification team. Only profiles which comply with our strict requirements are uploaded. Apart from the regulations for service providers and random checks on the ladies, CharmingDate adopts a series of standards and guidelines to prevent fraudulent and/or malicious cases potentially perpetuated by lady members.

    We strongly encourage our members to immediately contact our Customer service team if they suspect anything in their correspondence or communication. Our customer service staff will investigate your ticket carefully and assure you safe and serious dating experience.

    You can find more about what we do to prevent any kinds of scams or frauds on out site at If you have any comments or questions regarding our websites or using our services, you can check our customer support page here at If you still cannot find the solutions you are looking for, please feel free to contact us at


    CharmingDate Customer Service

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