Dr Phil Show – Business and happiness with foreign brides

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2 Responses

  1. Charlie says:

    These are not the typical people in America or the Ukraine. American men are usually shy and under six foot in height. They are for the most part gentlement that american women never acknowledge.

    It is more common that the intention of the Ukrainian women should be suspected and that is why a man needs to meet with several women and make several return trips to the Ukraine to meet the right woman.

    My first trips to the Ukraine I felt safer going with a tour company. But I found on many trips to the Ukraine alone I never felt I was in violent danger. The Ukrainian citizen were very polite and always returned the correct amount of money change when I purchased something.

    I felt safer than I do in downtown Minneapolis. I am peturbed by the media attitude protrayed of foreign bride and the men that travel to the Ukraine. I am angry at the American laws that make it so difficult to get married. I am devoted to changing the negative image that you present the american public.

  2. Albert says:

    Bravo to these American men. American women only become involved in relationships with men strictly for financial and material gain, but they bring nothing to the table themselves. According to American women, men are just resources to be used, exploited and then discarded when they are no longer needed. This one sided attitude is also prevalent in American pop culture. Men are constantly being admonished and lectured by friends, relatives, parents, teachers, the media, courts, judges, and society at large about how to act and how to treat their wives and girlfriends, while no corresponding obligations are imposed on women. Men in American society are always the one’s being dictated to and told what to do and how to behave, while women are given a free pass.

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