Elena’s Models Reviews: what are the users saying

What does ElenasModels.com say about themselves?

If you are looking for a wonderful dating experience, you must consider Elenas models. Elenas Models is an international online dating site that can provide you with the perfect match. Whether you are looking for a girl from Russia, Asia, Ukraine or Romania you will be able to find beautiful girls to provide you with a wonderful dating experience. You will have no problem finding the right match for yourself.

Elenas Models: Company Definition

Elenas Models helps people connect since 1999. Specialty is providing a safe and secure place to meet for Russian, Ukrainian and Eastern European women and western men. Upload your profile, and start browsing and contacting members in just minutes!

Elenas Models provide a great system to make dating a fun and exciting experience. 

Elenas Models Experience: Company Description

You will be able to choose from women who are school teachers, writers, doctors, fashion designers and so much more. You will also find that this site is honest and full of integrity. This is a site that is truly going to provide you with an enjoyable dating experience.

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For only $16.50 per month you will have access to model quality women who are looking for dating companions. Each woman has been pre-screened and is anxious to have a social relationship that could lead to life long bliss. All of the women are able to speak English so communication is not going to be a problem.

It’s easy to sign up and get started. This is a licensed Introduction Agency that can offer you over 200,000 profiles for you dating pleasure. You will also have access to 1000’s of testimonial of satisfied customers. If you have tried other dating sites only to be disappointed, this site is going to create a new beginning in your life. You will be so thankful that you used Elenas Models to help complete your life.

Elena's Models Services Reviewed by users

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About the editor: Krystyna is the author of three dating ebooks, including ‘Krystyna’s lessons on successful dating Ukrainian ladies’ & ‘International Dating Digest For Men: Finding Love Overseas’. As the leading International Dating Expert and Dating Coach Krystyna is a consultant for many dating sites and is involved in a wide variety of different areas, such as personal dating coaching, online dating and matchmaking.

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6 thoughts on “Elena’s Models Reviews: what are the users saying”

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  2. Privet Krystyna,

    I came on your website through the youtube video about scammers which is quite good. I like the part about the women who all look like top models 🙂

    I really appreciate all the hard work you have been doing on your site, that’s really a lot! I have started my own blog recently because I met my wife on Elena Models (and we are going to be happy parents of a little girl in 3 months from now) after unsuccessful meetings with 6 other girls also found on the site (it did not work out well because we were not made for each other but they are perfectly nice women).

    I am extremely disappointed (and tired) to hear people doing bad remarks about Russian or Ukrainian women, and telling horror stories about scammers. I think in general the view of Russia or Ukraine is really bad, and my blog is a small attempt at correcting this. I have talked with numerous Russian or Ukrainian ladies before finding my wife, and I always appreciated the resilience, the strenght of character, the independant mind, the thirst for knowledge, and also other things that men like )))

    The only thing I’m not really found of it the cuisine: I’m French and I think the food is better in France !

    Anyway, after reading false reviews about commercial sites, I wanted to write my own story while my wife is in the hospital, to keep the baby safe. So my blog is an attempt at giving a non-biased review about Elena Models which is, in my experience, a very good site (and I have tried many others) like you point out with the quotes you mentioned. You can read the review on the front page of the blog located at http://elena-models-review.com/ but there are also some tips and tricks on how to maximize the chances to meet someone nice, and how to use the site properly.

    I have also added some tips about scammers, which compliment your own tips I believe, except that they are seen from the point of view of a Western man and not an Ukrainian woman, so that’s the two sides of the story !

    Yesterday a commenter asked what is the difference between Russian and Ukrainian women, I regret that I did not see your blog first because I would perhaps have answered differently )) (you can see the post in the questions page of my blog)

    I will read the rest of your blog with high interest.


  3. Elena Models is the dating site with less scammers, compared to the other commercial ukraine cheating sites, but that also include the indication of the truth in real life, because when you are on Elena Models, you’ll not receive many letters from woman.
    Once in a while you’ll receive a letter from a girl, and these girls are not so attractive.

    When you show interest for one of the more attractive woman on Elena models, then she probably rejects you, because she only wants a tall, high educated man with success in business.
    It reminds a lot of western dating sites, as soon the woman looks a little bit attractive, then she is very picky.
    Elena Models is more closer to the truth, and that’s good, but you’ll not find a very attractive woman unless you are a succesfull western business man.

    Another way to get closer to the truth in online dating life, is to try out ukraine/russian dating sites for free, with absolutely no charge, you can write and read letters for free. Also on the free ukraine/russian dating sites, the woman are not paid to show you attention. She’s independent.

    You will not receive many letters on the free ukraine/russian dating sites, and you will get rejections from the attractive ones, just like Elena Models, but it’s because it’s closer to the truth, and tha’t what it’s all about!! Don’t lie to you self.

    There are endless of men who are complaining about these commercial ukraine dating sites, guess why?? Money.

  4. This is my experience with Elena’s Models. I registered with them. I tried to login again and it didn’t work. I sent an email and I received a downright racist response:

    Elena Support


    Sorry but we don’t accept profiles from Saudi Arabia, that is the reason why we removed your profile and you are not able to login anymore.

    Kind regards,
    EM Help desk

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