Natasha Club Review by Tom: Beware of Fakes & Scams

I have been a member of natashaclub for 8 months. I’ve written with 10 different girls and saw three in person. So, there are real women who are searching for love, honestly.

My advice is also this: Drop the lady if the cost of one letter is more than 9 dollars. She is not worth it, she is not real. Also, think twice if the trust rate is under 80. Or if there’s no trust rate at all. It is very simple for a girl to get a trust rate.

NatashaClub: Company Definition

NatashaClub is not the cheapest service in a field of bride agensies, and they might be a bit old-fashioned, but they sure that all profiles on site are real, and go an extra mile for you to achieve the results you deserve.

NatashaClub are strongly privacy oriented and opposed to the way most other social media companies treat your data

NatashaClub Experience: You can easily check

Remember, you can easily check her in (just create a profile first) If she is online in when she is online in, then there’s a high chance that she is real. You can check her backgrounds in (you need a birthdate, her first name and the home city) Simple as that. If you see wedding photos, boyfriend photos, etc… get rid off her 🙂 When you reach 15 opened letters, you can ask her to send you a letter through She will do it if she is real and serious.

NatashaClub Company logo

The first girl that I met through nc was nice, and it was her idea to meet… (she paid her own tickets to meet me in Kiev). Unfortunately her life was a mess but now she is a good friend of mine. The second girl was really cute, but we had trouble communicating with English and it didn’t work out. The third one is super serious, sweet and perfect. I think I found the right one through

NatashaClub Company Description

Conclusion: Just beware of fakes and scams!

Just beware of fakes and scams! It’s like a daytime job to find a good girl in nc. Take your time, be smart, and think with your brains not downstairs… Test her, check her… It’s your right!

Btw, I always got my credits back if I spent them with fake profiles. Administrator always answered fast, checked my troubles and I helped them to find scammers. They have good contacts with every local agency. is not the perfect dating site, but it is so damn simple to use.

Just be careful!! 🙂

Good luck guys!

About the editor: Krystyna is the author of three dating ebooks, including ‘Krystyna’s lessons on successful dating Ukrainian ladies’ & ‘International Dating Digest For Men: Finding Love Overseas’. As the leading International Dating Expert and Dating Coach Krystyna is a consultant for many dating sites and is involved in a wide variety of different areas, such as personal dating coaching, online dating and matchmaking.

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35 thoughts on “Natasha Club Review by Tom: Beware of Fakes & Scams”

  1. Hi, I live in Ukraine. Recently I was looking for a new job. I read the job ad: “The marriage agency is looking for the interpreters. It was natashaclub, who printed the ad. I thought the job was to translate the letters from the foreign men to Ukrainian women and vise verse.

    But as it turns out, the “interpreter” gets photos of the girl(s) and starts questing for men on the web-site. The “interpreter” gets 40-45% from the cost of each letter that reads a man. At the same time the girl, whose photos are on natashaclub, does not get the slightest idea about whom “she” rights and what she rights! Yes, this girl applied to the Agency a year ago, but whether she wants some relationships now nobody knows and nobody cares about this fact.

    More than that, a man may make present to the girl he likes through natashaclub. The girl “gets” the present. The Agency hires a photographer, who makes pictures of this girl with the arms around the present. Then the Agency takes from this present and the “interpreter” sends photos to a man. The girl gets 24% of the present’s cost. The Agency all the rest. I think, you’ve already understood that the present on the photos is just a waxwork.

    I am very sorry about my country and about the people, who want to earn money this way!

    I wish you empyrean love and true relationships!

    Galina. [email protected]

    1. Dear Galina (or whoever is pretending to be Galina), I am very sorry that you decided to post lies and undisguised libel about NatashaClub. We can’t possibly “print” any ads to hire girls because we are not dealing with female clients directly. We are working with local dating agencies that submit profiles and are responsible for the translation and communication. We only supervise their work, i.e. settle issues between ladies (or their translators) and our customers, decide on refunds for letters and punish them if their work caused any kind of inconvenience and spoils our reputation. We monitor the activity of our local agents and analyze all related complaints on a daily basis which helps us to ensure that there are no abuses on part of our local representatives. Judging by the tone of your claims, you seem to have belonged to a local agency which fraudulent activities were detected and penalized.

      1. Galina did not post any lies. Everything she said is exactly how these businesses operate. I know one woman who was an “interpreter” in Odessa and I myself corresponded with I woman and when I met her she knew nothing about any correspondence that occurred.

    1. tu probar la pagina .Es mas barato et estan normal signoritas , que normalmente no buscar por una extranjero .

  2. I reasently went on this site and had the same experience,if these people are just scammers they are very convincing,so don’t spend too much money on the letters.Treat it as a bit of fun and see how it goes.If they sound too good to be true,then they probably are,so my advise,walk away.

  3. I hope these stories are not true about these scams.I really did think that i was talking to real people and if thats how they make money,i feel very sorry for them.To get money, Preying on emotional pain is probably the lowest act they can do in their lives,it will always come back on them,this is true.

    1. We do our best to ensure that all the women on the site are real. Almost every female profile is registered by a passport copy. Most of them also have videos.We cannot read people’s minds but if a complaint is filed on a lady we usually remove her profile and reimburse the reporter if the investigation results are not in her favor. We also check their activity on a daily basis. One can complain on any company in business like ours but we do our best to provide a reliable service and to make people happy. Unfortunately, some guys turn out to be sex tourists or take women as their property just because they pay for our services. Then they cry all over the Internet how a girl took advantage of them and that we are to blame. We recommend to check some anti-scam tips here

      1. The guys are not sex tourists as this evil this evil lying scammer “Natalia” claims the ones who cries about their experience online by Natashaclub is the real western men victims all things with Natashaclub is a big scam stay away.

        What will happend when you purchase contact details after talking a while is the women will dissapear from the site and talk some time at email only they will refuse talking on vk or viber or skype and they will refuse talking in phone and they will refuse meeting you.

        Guess why ?

        You are talking to a translator from the company at the fake email adress you got thinking is the girls and they will either cease talking with you comming up with some lame blame or try to get you back to Natashaclub and get you purchase more credits.

        I know talked with several girls in Natashaclub and purchased several girls contact details to lower the cost of letter as much as possible.

        But its all a big scam guys and this “Tom” is likely and employee of Natashaclub…

        Stay away from all with they are a big scammer also exposed by several people working for the authorities.

        This Natalie were one of the worst liars and blammers on the innocent men at their scam site Natashaclub. Tis “Natalie and all their employees and 1st-international is working with orfor the russian mafia they only care about making money and get the western men hook on their sites to purchase credits as long as possible .

        Important to say all thei testimonials they brag about is fake false made up paid liars or something alike.
        However the people here telling the truth about Natashaclub we all do it for free here.
        The scammed victims we know what we speak of.
        This “Natalie” and her 1st international company runned or working with russian mafia will all burn in hell togheter with all their scammer prodating girls and scam agencies. Its very not likely they will ask for forgivness or change their scamming ways they will just do what they always done scam people worldwide as much as possible to earn as much money as possible nomatter how many lives they destroy in heart and emotions. This is the lowest form of emotional crime there is.
        I hope togheter with David Brunner we can shutdown Natashaclub and 1st-international forever with all their sister sites and also get them into justice infront of a court the legal system.

  4. John, the stories are true. Of course, Natashaclub is a scam. I disagree with “Tom”. Get away from the site if you are there. Do not continue to use it. Your life could even be in danger. Natashaclub is a scam and the agencies providing Natashaclub with women are scam agencies. The women who work for these agencies do not love you, do not like you and want nothing to do with you.

    So please use common sense. Don’t try to use a scam site to find a good woman. It makes absolutely no sense. Use honest services and you will be fine. In order to find an honest service you have to be willing to do your homework. By now, every man on this planet should know that all pay per letter sites are scams.
    Stay away from them. Find a site where you pay one monthly fee and you can talk to any woman you wish. Or better yet, use a free site!

    Free sites are free! Yes, they have scammers but you can find a woman in that haystack if you can just resist sending women cash.

    My name is David Brunner. . and I am the Stupid American.

    1. Hi David. Just read your comment. I’m guessing that this scam is quite well developed and that 1st international as the ‘parent’ company just has spin-off sites that is the same scam, different sites? Are there any actually legit women on those sites like odessa dating? Or is it the same elaborate hoax? Any recommendations for actual legit sites that are current? Any feedback would be appreciated! Berno (Aussie)

      1. I don’t know if you are still around. But I wanted to respond anyway in case someone else is reading along. The site is simply reskinned. It is essentially the same site with a different color scheme, url, design, etc. But the same exact women, interface, etc. But it is just used to confuse men. If you think you had a bad experience at Natashaclub, you would go to online-dating-ukraine and think you are at a different site.

        But it is the same garbage.

    2. Dear Mr. Brunner,
      we are sorry that you have such opinion about our services. However, you did not provide any evidence and reasoning for calling us a scam. The fact that we charge on a “per letter” basis cannot possibly serve as the main and only reason for calling a company a scam. We use this method because many of our female members do not know English well enough and cannot communicate with foreigners on their own. We also put in a lot of time and resources into verifying identities of our female members/monitoring their activity for warning signs/attracting new female clients/offering professional photographers’ and translators’ assistance/24.7 customer support, etc.And this all is covered by our 100% Customer Satisfaction Policy according to which a dissatisfied client can claim back all payments made within the last 30 days. If we were a “scam business” we would not have survived with such policy for 20 years.

      1. Nah, you use that method because it is easier to attract women to the site. Why would women come to the site otherwise? Agencies advertise job listings in Ukraine at this very moment to get women to come to the site. Making the claim that this is about interpretation services is disingenuous. If I like a woman at the site, you don’t think I could find an interpreter for our letters? And what kind of a woman desiring to leave Ukraine refuses to learn the language of the nation she will be moving to? Nothing about this makes any sense. But we do know that thousands of men have been ripped off at your site. Including myself. You raked in millions at all of our expense. Most men are too embarrassed to complain in public or try to fight for fairness.

        And you put no time into tracking or monitoring these women. Some of these women are married, are engaged or are sex workers. And you put your client’s lives in jeopardy because you know nothing about the women or the agencies you employ to get them.

        We are tracking a woman at your site today. She has a boyfriend and posts about their relationship on facebook. Of course her vk profile is private, I guess due to the penalties you have begun to enforce for women who break the rules.

        But the fault lies with you and your organization. The women are simply trying to make money. You are responsible for the scam.

    1. Samir is obviously a paid staff member or owner of Natasha Club. Their profiles seem very attractive and convincing at first. But after a couple of letters it’s clear that they avoid tricky questions and just want you to write more letters. When I said sorry but I have doubts that this is a genuine site, they did no more than say of course i am real darling! What I don’t understand is why the US Department of Justice hasn’t prosecuted these people for organised crime or at least seeking to obtaining money under false pretences, and probably a load of other offences. After all, they do claim to have a US office. Or is that a fiction too? Probably

      1. you may try interfriendship .The girls there are loking for a foreigner . Or .A nomal but really big economic dating pager for eastern Europe

      2. Dear Rob, we do not post fake reviews. Samir is obviously a person who was lucky on the site. You can read some success stories at but most happy customers prefer not to advertise the fact that they met their partner on a dating site
        Our website is rated A+ by Better Business Bureau which is the most known US/Canada organization that checks businesses legitimacy. We cannot vouch for writing skills of all of our members but if you have doubts, please, by all means, apply to us and we will help you to determne the truth (for example, by video chatting with a girl)

      3. While such payoffs are the norm for US Congress members, it is not the norm in the rest of the world. It does happen that influence is peddled but I doubt it does as you allege.
        Any website that has people will have some scammers. There are no guarantees in life, only in death. If your correspondent sounds like a scam, her letters look like a scam, and the conversations smell like a scam, chances are it is.
        The user has to be awake when he spends his money.
        I am corresponding with a woman too young for my age, too beautiful for most, and she is all over the web as herself. Therefore I am confident she real. If she thinks she loves me (or lies about it) and it ends up she does not, that is romance, not a scam.
        Liars and deceptors always tip their hand. Her hands are clean.
        The part we cannot know is if there is a kickback to the women to keep the messages going on a pay-to-read website like 1st-International. She could have interest but still get dollars. Even with computers, that accounting would be tedious.
        1st-International also offers discounts after so many letters. At a third of the original tariff, why would they continue to share the wealth?
        Gut feeling and logic are all we have until we get to the airport gate and see her smile. ©2020

  5. Anders Jorgensen

    I am currently in a dispute with Natasha club etc sites.

    I found the girl for me and signed up to write to her. Early on I was told that a translator was answering me.

    By the 15 message I got the name, city and email address. For some reason I never got replies from it.

    By 90 messages I had arranged a Web cam call on another dating site where my girl was also present.

    It was her and cool. We moved to Skype from then on. This was in 2012!

    By our last conversation she mentioned how stupid and fake the dating sites are.

    My 90 messages were fake and it was not before Skype that I had real contact! No translator called and said new message from me.

    The system is like this:

    The girl signs up and her pass port checked and a contract signed at her local agency.

    She gives the information they need and that is that.

    Men then see the girl and write to the translator who are paid pr. letter. When the 15 message gives the contact info they give you a fake email setup by the agency.

    This stops you from moving further and you go back to buy credits.

    You can insist on the phone and get it but if she does not speak or understand English it is not much use. But you can send flowers with a third party company from her country. That is a killer way to introduce you to her over time.

    So that is the dangerous loop setup for the men and the top 10 girls gets a lot of interest.Their system which is done from East European side can handle it and the girl?

    Who cares but we make the money! She is clueless to what is going on, where she is and how many profiles she has.

    For support you get the US and they will contact their local East European agencies to try to help you out.

    This all my experience and facts to the dealings of Natasha club sites. When I went Skype I stopped.

    Anyway my girl and me are still friends and I only research this as I want to get the truth out and my girl is right.

    It is nothing but fake but brilliant rip of system that makes good money for its shady owners.

    The girls are real though but find a better place to get the direct access to them before ever traveling so they will be waiting in the airport for you! And learn some Russian too +dress stylishly enough.

    1. Dear Mr. Jorgensen, I guess I will not be mistaken if I say that the woman in question was Anastasiya. You forgot to mention that we actually sent you a video where the girl herself confirmed corresponding with you in 2011-2012. Although you contacted us 5 years later, we were able to reach her and she commented that you must have confused our site with another service. When we asked you to send us a screenshot of the part where Anastasia told you that all her letters were written by a translator, you never did.

    1. The videos cannot be fake, we have thousands of profiles with videos, Faking so many videos would have cost a fortune.

  6. simply an awful company , i request contact after i open all necesary letter. The lady are agree for i recieve the information and he take 11 days for i recieve information simply for i open more letter and make more $$$ it is disgusting. He do that often

    1. All contact requests are processed within 3 days and this deadline is exceeded very rarely because the local manager in charge gets a monetary punishment for every day of delay. It just does not make sense to earn something on letters that the customer can easily choose not to open and get a huge fine after.

      1. Hello I must say this Natashaclub is a big scam the girls I been corresponded with confirmed this in private they contacted me outside Natashaclub and told me they never written me a singel letter. Even that on the site I recived several letters from those girls.

        I must strongely disagree with Tom Natashaclub is a big scam and Natalie at the Natashaclub support is the worst scammer there is.

        This “Natalie” seams to go under several fake names in Natashaclubs support.

        Natalie is towards their clients usually rude and condesending.

        Avoid Natashaclub and all their sites its a big scam all their girls is paid or many and most of them already have founded their love in Ukraine and Russia.

        Ukrainian girl of this Blogg please reply to me we have alot to discuss regarding Natasha club and also please ban this Natalie person.

        I tell you more in private after our conversation Natashaclub will be no more doubs about its a clear scam and very vwell summery by Anders Jorgensen.

        Do not be fooled all there girls is lying they can record a video for Anders and other people and lie in it say whatever as they are forced to sign up on a written declaration or something alike when joining the agency and by that more or less the agency controlls all if their girls wanna get their money for correspondence they have to say what the agency wants its all fake bogus.

        Their testimonials is bogus too. Even in the smallest percent like 1 its most above middle aged folks that found the love on Natashaclub. But remember most of their testimonials is fake people got paid to say lies for the site.
        They cannot prove anything real marriages by several years without any visa scams .

        Natashaclub and all their other sites is just plain and simple a big money pit and fakes scams that should be prosecuted by the highest extent of the Law.

        All these crooks will have to pay in the end.

        Ukrainian blogger please talk with me in private have much evidence against Natashaclub and its administration.

      2. Viggo Borgen-Schmidt

        Dear Natalie, now we are in 2020. Galina was brave to speak the truth. With all the money You are earning in teh agency by cheating innocent people then her life could be in danger in such a country like Ukraine. i hope she is well. I send her my best regards., Goran, Sylvain, Ron, Rob, Lars, Anders, Benito. All of them say the truth about Your organization. You are mrs. “Vranja”. You believe so much in Your own lies that they become true. You work inside Your head just as Soviet union did – build life on lies.
        Natacha has build a very intelligent system where all looks professional and decent at first glance.
        But Your management lives from cheating and deceiving people looking for love. Your management has found out that it is better business NOT to match people than to match people.
        You pretend as if You match people but when a man gets an e-mail it is not the womans e-mail but some e-mail You have invented. You are earning 40% of the letters price as interpreter pretending You are that woman with whome the man write to. Each time I have got a womans details then it is never a phone number or an adress. Always a fake e-mail. It has happen the last 5 times. So I never got an answer on my e-mails. Same story as Anders Jorgensen wrote to You in 2018. The same women continues provocing me by sending me new “sweet” honey talk letters inside the agency after I have got her e-mail. I tell them that they shall read my e-mail and then very suddenly they disappear. In old time before 2010 Natacha club was the best dating agency in Eastern Europe. I had 3-4 dates in Kiev and Kharkov and Berdyansk. Today is is a scammer dating site. It is simply impossible to get on date because of this deceiving system – Natacha club doesn’t need to recruit any new women in Your database because the women are never finding a match so they stay in the system. Off course some of them are thinkling that there never happens a shit and leave Your agency. I know that it is hopeless to convince You to change Your business – because it is a good business for You. If You are a God fearing good Russian ortodox catholic then You maybe should fear to become a rat in Your next life. You really want to end like a rat ? You should fear God more – he sees everything You do. Even inside Your thoughts.

      3. Natalie,
        It would be nice to find a way to verify the good/honest sites and expose and discredit the bad ones. This form of unsubstantiated allegations exchanged here accomplishes nothing for either side.

        If a good expose is done, there will be friction that follows. And allegations of biased reviews.

        Anything included in such a report would have to withstand cross-examination in an American court (not for lawsuits but for quality of evidence).

        I know it could be done … who funds it?? Where is it released? Which agencies will agree to scrutiny?
        Is it overt or covert? ©2020

  7. Also ich muss zu natashaclub sagen
    Das ich auch schon Mädchen über diese Seite kennengelernt habe
    und auch Persöhnlich getroffen habe.
    Die treffen waren immer super und alles war in bester Ordnung
    Natürlich kostet das treffen Geld und die Agentur möchte auch etwas Verdienen
    Das ist und war mir bewusst
    Auch muss ich zugeben das ich über den Service sehr froh bin als alles selbst zu arrangieren in einem Land wo ich keine Ahnung habe

    Aber was ich sagen muss das es so gut wie unmöglich ist mit den Damen per E-Mail zu sprechen ohne die Seite es gibt dann immer die tollsten ausreden warum es nicht funktioniert
    und falls sie dann doch einmal schreiben dann reist der Kontakt wieder ziemlich schnell ab
    das heißt du hast die Wahl
    entweder du gehst zurück zu der Seite oder du wirst das Mädchen verlieren egal wie lange du schon geschrieben hast oder sie sogar getroffen hast .
    Ich bin eigentlich so mit allem einverstanden über den Service der Seite .
    Aber die Tatsche das es unmöglich per E-Mail zu sprechen.
    Lässt mich an dem ganzen System zweifeln ob das alles wirklich so real ist.
    Ich kann es nicht behaupten das alles Lüge ist.
    Aber ich kann es leider auch nicht bestätigen das alles real ist.
    Ich denke es gibt viele gründe zweifel zu haben

  8. Due to my experience over 3 years the site is almost 100% fake. Every women claims to be highly interested while paying on the site. As soon as you try to change to email or skype contact the interest is finished. I experienced that a dozend times without exception.

  9. Just a scam. Fake profiles with fake pictures full with girls that will never meet you. I have spent too much money for writing with girls that suddenly couldnt find time to meet when I told them I am visiting Kyev (most were from Kyev). The excuses were laughable. None of the girls have any intention of meeting you. After they rejected me they started writing me generic lusty messages to get me to open more letters.
    Want a huge red flag? Read the user agreement. Did you know for example, that Natasha is based on the Island of Nevis with its laws applying? Screams trust, doest it.
    I also used its subsidiary site It is the same thing, just like their other scam sites.
    It is just a sad scam. There is a special place for such people in hell.

  10. Hallo,
    ich bin jetzt seit etwa einem Jahr bei Natasha Club und ich
    habe positive wie auch negative Erfahrungen gemacht.

    Aber vielleicht kann man mir mal etwas erklären, was ich nicht verstehe.
    Die Preise für die Damen werden immer teurer. So mehr Kontakte und
    Briefe eine der Frauen hat, steigt Ihr “Wert”.
    Natasha Club behauptet, das sie den Damen keine Provision zahlen.
    Weshalb sollen die Frauen dann so viele Briefe schreiben und sich durch
    den höheren Preis selber uninteressanter zu machen?
    Welchen Vorteil haben die Frauen also, wenn ihr Wert steigt?

  11. Hello to every one,

    I had worked for this website for the past 3 weeks until I discovered what incredible scam it is. Starting with the first fact of this job “translator”, as they call it to not make the name of the position suspicious and be more attractive for people to apply because, in reality, they ask you to use your language knowledge of languages or non-knowledge (because they tell you you can use google translator), to text more than 20 men per day so that those men can open your letters and pay for it. The problem here is that girls like me are hired to work behind the profile of girls more NON-EXISTENT. So, girls that work behind the profile monetize (monetizing actually cents, such a waste of time this job) thanks to the fact that there are men that truly believe that all those women chose them and writing them only, whereas I had to send the same exact email to other hundreds of men. How this profile has personal information about these girls, simple! Some girls sell their info and pictures, an agency like natashaclub co-works with little -known model agencies, and those model agencies sell the private info of the girls (mafia); another way is to steal information and pictures and videos from other dating websites. So it is useless to say that Natashaclub has MANY MANY ways to steal personal data, scam poor men, and live life with no conscious AT ALL. In the beginning, I was so naive that I thought it could be a simple, funny job to do during the lockdown, till I arrived at the moment where I exchanged 15 emails with a man (the number of emails after which man can have lady’s personal email like Gmail or Yahoo, etc). I realized that I was in a scam job only when the administrator (total liar) told me that a man asked for the email of one girl I was managing and so the administrator gave me a fake email she created at the moment and the password and she told me to answer to the emails of men there once per day and then once in 3 days and that after some time, the man would certainly give up! There I was disgusted when I started to dig in and discover how actually this shit works. I waited a couple of days till I could be paid and get my shit out of there. Poor men waste all money on reading the letters/videos/personal contact etc to be in touch with ladies THAT DON’T EVEN KNOW THAT THEIR PROFILES ARE ON THAT WEBSITE. So, it is then 85% that those men won’t ever meet those ladies. When I told everything to the administrator Jacquelin, she pretended that everything is serious etc She told me that she is actually the only one that is in contact with those ladies. But she lied so much and she got lost in her lies and caught her so that in the end she begged me to not tell the truth to the men I chatted with. (which I did btw, everything in details). She begged me to tell her what I would tell those men so that she can come up with a lie which could line up with my story, the best part is that while she was saying that I put her call audio loud and recorded her. Because she was pissed that once men know the truth, somebody could complain and she will get the 500Usd fine (of course from her pocket) and as men there are limited, she and the girls that work for her won’t have many men to send those letters to! She does not care that poor men, besides being scammed for money, those men’s hearts are played too. Men that truly hope to find an Eastern lady there. YOUR HEARTS ARE PLAYED LIKE VIOLINE.
    For LADIES, as I know that men are working for her too, I can imagine that those 15% true ladies that there are scammed too because those boys working fro her would manage obviously men profile to scam ladies! NOT SURE THOUGH.
    I’d like to ask all men that used it, to do complaints, to get your money back (you have this option). The more complaints they receive, the more it will lead this website to bankrupt and I hope somehow or somebody it will be shut down.

    1. I just want to say thank you for sharing the truth. Some American men simply do not wish to hear it. But in truth, we have all been made fools of. Natashaclub is the same scam we have been talking about for years.

      I hope more men heed your warning. The strange thing is, there are plenty of honest beautiful women in Ukraine who are willing to entertain an international relationship. But the men here are wasting their time talking to scammers.

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