Scammed or not scammed by Ukrainian woman? This is the question

I once was on this dating site called (yes, yes, I know, but I was there for a while). While on the site I met a pretty looking single Ukrainian woman. I told her that I was longer using the website, because I didn’t want to be a victim of fraud. Still she gave me the Skype ID of her translator and asked me to contact her.

True enough, after a couple of days we hooked up on Skype and had a video call that lasted for about 60 minutes. By this time it was all going well. I wasn’t asked to pay anything and she really was the girl in the initial photos.

Nothing suspicious is it suspicious?

Victoria (that’s the name of the single Ukrainian woman) was a pretty 30 year old and she gave me her phone number an that of her translator. I am 42 and since the age difference was not so great I really was interested in Victoria. Later, I got an email from Lera the translator telling me that future video chats would costs me $20 an hour and letters would be $5 each.

 I told her that I thought that $5 for her to translate a letter and $20 per hour of video chat was reasonable and affordable. She asked that I only pay every 2 or 3 weeks after she has rendered her services. She also encouraged that I send Victoria some gifts to spice up the blossoming relationship.

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By this time, I still didn’t smell anything fishy. I felt the fees the translator asked from me were fair and since she was asking to be paid after the job, I had no suspicions. I got 3 more letters and they sounded usual. It wasn’t telling me she loved me or anything like that.

She also sent me more pictures of herself and her son. The pictures had been taken over a span of about 2 years as she wanted me to see what she looked like when she was still a blond.

Ways of scamming in online dating

During our Skype chats I offered to help pay for an English course so that we could be able to communicate directly. Take note that I was the one who offered to pay and I did that willingly and freely. Later I got a reply from her telling me about the prospective English course. The letter read:

“Dear ***, I have been able to get needed information about the English courses I would like to take. They cost about $100 – $150 a month. Courses that take place 2 times a week costs $100, while courses that are 3 times a week costs $150. The entire program is made up of 4 stages. Each level takes 3 months to complete. The directors of the program promise that I would be quite good with English by the time I get to the 4th stage. I cannot say for certain if their claim is true. They want me to pay for every level upfront and I cannot meet that myself.

Is she a scam or real?

As of now, she has started the program and we have had a Skype chat without Lera the translator. We still can’t communicate properly on our own, but she said she wanted to be able to see me now and then even if we can’t communicate properly. I think that is good and we have scheduled another session for early next week.

So here is where I am confused. My instincts tell me that she is genuine. She is really a pretty single Ukrainian woman and has never asked me for money. People always say that if a woman asks for money online then she is suspicious. In this case I was only asked to pay for the English courses upfront and I was the one who initially offered to help.

So what do you think? Does it still apply? Is she a scam even though I was the one who offered to help her?

Comment by Krystyna:

I see nothing unusual or suspicious in this Ukrainian dating story. The man initially offered to help this woman from Ukraine to learn English for the direct communication. The foreign language cources cost indeed about $100 – $150 a month and you have to pay them upfront.

Certainly, it is suspicious if the woman you do not know ask you for money. But in this case, the man initially offers his support. Why is the woman suspious now if she aks for money for her English classes? Moreover, if the woman does not speak English they need the translation services. The translation fees are in proper, as well. As a single mother, she cannot pay for English cources and translation. The life in Ukraine is harder than in the Western countries.

Conclusion: I see no reason to think that Victoria is a scam.

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