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If you think there are no great options for international niche dating sites that focus on women from the Philippines, think again. is a premium niche dating site that connects individuals from all over the world with beauties from and around the Philippines.

To honestly know if a niche dating site is worth your time, I carefully go through every inch of the platform, looking at the functionality, security, pricing, and quality of the members (Recommended reading: Russian & Ukrainian Dating Site Reviews).

Follow me into an in-depth review of that will most likely make you change your mind about the international niche dating site you’re using or even convert you to the breathtaking beauty of Philippino women forever if you haven’t used one before.

Reasons Why You Can Trust Us

What Is is a true blessing to everyone looking for their perfect match in this exotic part of the world. With more than 600,000 members. 401,018 being women and 227,682 being men, you’re spoilt for choice. Review

This is one of the few online dating sites that actually have more female than male members. Rometic Ltd. runs TrulyFilipino, and the company’s mission is to connect people from all over the world, especially in the Philippines, to find their ideal partners.

TrulyFilipino was founded by Rometic Ltd. and has been in its management since 2009.

Here are the company details as published on

Rometic BV, Kraijenhoffstraat 137A, 

1018RG Amsterdam, 

The Netherlands

How do I set up an account at

The registration or signup process at really is straightforward, but rest assured that a verification process provides a layer of protection for those who want it.

First, the site requires that you provide your gender, email, and password. If you want to use the password the site automatically generates, you can, but you can also create your own password. Signup

Now that you’re past the first step, you need to add some details to your profile, so it’s not a blank slate. You can add your name, age, country of residence, and don’t forget your profile picture!

After you’ve done the basics in your profile, the site offers you a quick tour through its most popular services. You can check them out, or you can cancel and do your own tour.

At this point, you can now verify your account, and strongly recommends that you do it for site safety and security.

If you are verified, this will be visible to other site members. You can do the verification process by taking a photo on the spot with your webcam so the moderators can see if it resembles your profile picture. You can also do a phone verification, provide your ID documents, or Facebook.

Profiles at In Our Review

I immediately noticed when going through the profile section that most of the women are actually from the Philippines or nearby areas.

On other dating sites that may advertise themselves as niche sites, there is usually a fair percentage of the nationality the site is based on. Still, there are also many other women from many other parts of the world. Profiles

The women all had natural-looking profile pictures, and I couldn’t find any fake-looking pictures that were edited or airbrushed. The photos are also not as provocative as you would find on some sites.

Apart from the picture, the profile details are also helpful to find out more about the women you look at.

For example, the personality test score can be found below extra photos if the person decided to provide any. Then, other profile details are also available, including more information about her physical appearance, personality traits she identifies herself, and habits. Finally, at the bottom, there is a full breakdown of how the profile particulars can make the profile a possible match for you.

How Does Work? offers some valuable and fun options for its members, and the platform is focused on those who are looking for marriage and individuals looking for friendship or just finding someone to talk to. Services

Here are the services you can find on

Some of these services are linked to signing up for a premium membership, but first, let’s look at what you can do on for free.

How can I get a free trial at

Free membership at is going to feel a bit like doing window-shopping. There is an option for you if you want to try out all the features I’m discussing below, but you need to have a small amount of money.

If you can’t or won’t pay for services, you can just look at the profiles and read messages. Let’s take a look at what a paid subscription will look like. Costs: Memberships & Pricing offers a 7-day trial, but it’s not 100% free. As the site has so many intriguing perks, you can experience the whole package for seven days while paying a once-off amount of only 2.95 USD. And, there are a lot of extras that you’re going to love!

If you want to subscribe to a Premium membership, you’ll pay a subscription fee of 28.95 USD, which will become a recurring monthly transaction.

If you’re a subscribed member at, you’ll be able to video chat and send as many messages as you’d like to other profiles. If you want to be noticed, you have a great perk of placing your dating profile at the top of the list of profiles on the site.

Curious about who’s been looking at your profile?

Now you can access profile views and see who liked your photos. Additionally, if you need translation services for messaging or to understand another member’s profile information, you also have access to this fantastic perk.

Finally, if you experience any issues, you have 24/7 customer support waiting to help you out, so don’t hesitate to contact them. is so confident in its subscription product that it offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide that this experience was not for you.

Another great thing about the TrulyFilipino subscription is that you will be automatically billed every month. It’s convenient to have 24/7 customer support available when you experience any glitches.

How to Contact Customer Service at has different contact options for their customers. The one that stands out above the rest is their 24/7 customer support, which you get when you subscribe.

If you have a question, you can start by looking at the FAQ section to see if there is already an answer provided to your question. You can also file a ticket if you have a query or need to resolve an issue and you were not able to find any helpful information in the FAQ section.

You can even send TrulyFilipino an email, to which they will reply within only two hours!

There is an added feedback section with all of these contact options. You can offer your opinion, make recommendations, or offer critiques to help the company improve your user experience. Overall, TrulyFilipino has a pretty impressive customer support section compared to many other online dating sites. Review: Is The Site Easy to Use?

The site’s interface looks fantastic, and the company definitely put some great designers behind its creation and development.

It’s so easy to navigate from one option to another, and the page doesn’t feel untidy or cluttered even though there are many options you can choose from and look at.

I loved the fact that the site was so easy to use and that there was no lagging after clicking on anything. The designs of the fonts and pictures used for the landing and main page are also super-modern, which makes the site look sought-after and fun.

Customer Reviews on and

There is only one review of TrulyFilipino on SiteJabber, which is a negative review due to miscommunication about payment. This cannot be used as an accurate reflection because there is only one review to look at. Let’s look at Trustpilot to see if there are more reviews:

On, the exact same review by the same individual was posted, making it even more challenging to reach a fair conclusion using these rating sites.

I’d instead go with what I saw for myself on the site than with a misunderstanding posted on two review sites. 

Our Verdict: TrulyFilipino Is A Legit Site To Find A Woman from the Philippines

From where I’m standing, is a top option for those looking to find their other half in the Philippines or surrounding areas. verdict

The site offers many excellent services helping you connect and communicate with members safely and securely while providing an affordable subscription service without any credits you need to purchase on top of the subscription fee.

All that plus an impressive customer support service and some of the most beautiful women you’ll find anywhere, you’re off to a great start with if you’re looking for a partner for life.

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