Ukrainian dating experience with a gold digger



Krystyna is a Ukrainian woman who blogs about dating Ukrainian & Russian women and how to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian/Russian-Western relationship.

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  1. Adam Black says:

    A $1000 per day expenses is my experience. I was taken (miles out of the way one night in Odessa to a restaurant which was so expense it was ridiculous) We requested we leave before the main Couse was even ordered and yet the bill was still over $300 (from just entrée and drinks for 3 people, myself, the girl and the interpreter). Of cause I had to pay it. You have no power and/or control in this country. You have foolishly come there for love (from your perspective) and yet you have really come there to be played (from their perspective). Really guys, STAY AWAY. I have entered other posts here on this website. Read them please. Take Care and Be Aware!

  2. Marc says:

    I have to disagree with Adam here. You can meet perfectly nice Ukrainian women in Kiev or Odessa. I always met only people who would speak a least some English so that we were able to communicate.

    I would never go anywhere with someone who does not speak English (and no offence to Krystyna as a translator). I had once a chance to meet a girl in Moscow, who did not speak English, and despite the fact that I already knew Moscow quite well I decided not to go because what can you do if you cannot talk even about the weather ?

    If the girl really likes you she should be able to know why and vice versa. Granted, the letters translation can help, but an English crash course requires no more than 3 months and the same for Russian or Ukrainian.

    So if there’s no way you can speak, don’t go ! It’s not a matter of Russian or Ukrainian, it’s matter of logics, it would be the same in Asia or anywhere on the globe.

    • Jim says:

      Roger that, Marc.
      And I’ll take it further.

      Going half way around the world so to meet & to possibly marry & then to ask of her to leave her country / culture. In the very least, we guys should speak & write something of their language. To place the responsibility upon the woman is ludicrous! I mean, what is she worth to you? To go @ it on the cheep? And to “expect” her to know our language so to make it “easy” on us? Come-on guys, this is the hunt.

      The hunt of a lifetime! And for a lifetime.

      So give me a break! Last I checked, I am the man & therefore it is MY responsibility to find her & to give to her all that she requires (& more). It is my job to make-it-as-easy-for-her-as-is-possible, not just with our meetings, yet also through out our marriage. Her only job is to stand by me & to support me as I take on the world (as a businessman & as an employee for those with jobs). The “English” will come to her. I am really in love with her & more than willing to teach her myself. {{{Oh how fun!!!}}}

      So guys, let’s protect our women.

      And as men, we must treat our women as a princess until we vow to her. And from there on until death do part, as queen. It really is very simple; learn the language before parachuting into an unknown culture / country. I mean, are we going there as “tourists” or are we going there with a mission, as hunters?

      I’d even go so far & state that if such a man is not willing to do so, to learn the basics of the language, then No woman in Ukraine or Russia should dishonor herself by investing her time with such a figure of a man. An interpreter, swell. Just keep the interpreter on the back burner in-case-of . . . .

      This game of trying not to be hurt goes both ways, guys. It is obvious that these beautiful women asking for us guys to present ourselves as a possible spouse to them, they have far suffered greater casualties within their lesser countries. Go easy on em, ok? They are the emotional creatures, not us.

      And guys, remember, a whiny man это человек с поводка ищет мать, не жена! Ouch!

      Nuff said.

  3. Andy says:

    I am an American who visits Kiev quite often. I have had a wonderful time dating here and while I have not found “the one”, every time I go I have a great time. I want to share how I do this because I think it will save a lot of western guys a ton of heart ache and cash. Here are the very simple rules that I follow for having a great, cheap time in Kiev and meeting nice Ukrainian girls (and avoiding the gold diggers).

    1.) NEVER go to Ukraine just to meet a woman. Going to meet her gives her all the power (you’re there to see her, which makes you much less likely to follow Rule #3). I plan my trips arounsnaires or events in Kiev. I love watching basketball and MMA and can sit court/ring side for about 60-90 dollars on average. I also love the Philharmonic, Theatre and Ballet (all under 100 USD for very good seats). Plan your trip around things like this!

    2. Dont use the paid communication websites. I use Ukrainedate. There are a lot of scammers on it, but there are also a lot of genuine, nice Ukrainian girls. There is a paid membership, but unlimited communication. Basically, avoid a site where every communication is a bigger and bigger investment. Once again, this makes it harder to walk away.

    3. When in Ukraine, always suggest the date and venue. I usually invite girls to whatever performance I am going to. If it is a restaurant, I select the venue. First of all, this helps to avoid going to a place where you get scammed on your bill. Secondly, traditional Ukrainian women usually like it when the man takes charge. Thirdly, it sets the date off on your terms.

    4. Bring flowers and/or chocolates. Ukrainian women generally appreciate this. Some may expect it from a man.

    5. Do not buy anything else from there. I have many Ukrainian friends and they all agree that a “nice” Ukrainian girl would not ask a man for money or expensive presents early in the relationship. You can deflect by telling her that you are still getting to know her and that you want to the relationship to be based on true love and not material things. I usually tell the girl that if we are in love and get married, then of course I will buy her anything she needs. From my experience, nice Ukrainian girls feel very awkward when a western man buys them expensive presents. So if she is asking for an iPhone or laptop or expensive purse, then she is likely a gold digger. However, some nice Ukrainian girls will do this as well as a sort of shit test. That’s why I always answer the way I mentioned above.

    6. If she persists in asking you for things or demanding expensive dates, then walk away! This is why I choose the venue and event. If it is something I enjoy, then the worst thing that happens is I had a beautiful date for the event. So I spent $60 on another ticket…in my mind that is worth the company.

    7. Bear in mind that just like dating anywhere, things may just not work out. She might not like you or not feel a connection or feel that you have different goals. It doesn’t make her a gold digger or a scammer. It just means it didn’t work. This is why I strongly encourage guys to visit Kiev and meet the girl in person before sinking time and money into an online relationship.

    In conclusion, go to Ukraine for Ukraine, not for some girl you have never really met before. Great Ukrainian women definitely exist. Use websites where you can communicate for free and date like you would anywhere else, just with an eye to cultural expectations.

    And for God’s sake dont pay for a translator! Download a free translator for your smart phone and use that. Bit awkward, but one of the nicest Ukrainian girls I met, that is how we communicated. Definitely not as awkward as a random third wheel following you around.

    Anyway, I hope this helps guys. There are many nice Ukrainian girls out there. But the nice ones wont expect you to “buy” their love with paid communication and expensive presents. They will give you their love because of who you are. As the old country song goes “know when to walk away and know when to run”.

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