Review: Is it worth joining the site?

Are you looking for a Russian girl to date or marry? And you wonder if All Single Russian Girls is a legit site to find a match from Russia or Ukraine?

Platforms such as promise you help to get your ideal match. Established in 2003, the platform has been in the game for more than 18 years and connects you to Russian and Ukrainian women.  

Keep on reading this All Single Russian Girls review to find out if the site is worth joining or not.

Reasons Why You Can Trust Us

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AllSingleRussianGirls Experience: Company Description

This site operates out of St. Petersburg, Russia, where single women can come in personally to apply for matchmaking with men from other countries.

There’s a background check for each applicant before she is accepted to the program, and she is also subjected to a psychological test to decide her compatibility profile. When her profile is complete, and photographs are taken, her profile is placed online in one of the site’s dating galleries. Company logo

It’s easy to sign up for this dating service. You also will be asked to complete a psychological profile to help the site find your ideal candidates from their database. There are three different levels of membership for men: the gold, silver and free memberships which allow access to different galleries and give varying levels of services.

They have sites in 16 different languages and offer professional translation services for any letters you may want to exchange with a prospective partner.

What services are offered at

The platform has various services to help you communicate with your preferred women.

Some of these services include;

  • Live chat
  • Private profiles
  • Get quality safety
  • Comfortable searching features
  • View new and online users
  • View feeds of new events
  • See lists of new photos uploaded
  • A free online translator
  • Get video and audio chats
  • Get privacy comfort
    Hide your profiles

Can I try for free?

Yes, you can. The platform does not charge users for doing a free search. Some of the services included in the limited plan include registration and account creation.

However, if you want to use the other services, you must pay for the premium plans, gold or platinum. With this, you can use unlimited messaging, favourite’s lists, and live chat, among other features.

If you seek more features, you should consider getting a premium account. membership and costs

While the basic registration and account creation is free, you need to pay for the premium membership plans such as gold and platinum. The gold membership has four plans distinctively grouped by duration.

allsinglerussiangirls costs

The one-month membership costs €34.90 per month, while the three-month gold plan costs €21.60 per month or a total of €64.90 for the period. There is also a six months plan that goes for €15.80 per month or €94.90 for the time. The last and most reasonably priced plan is the twelve-month membership that costs €10.40 per month or a total o €124.90 for the whole year.

The platinum membership only has one plan, which is the one-month plan that costs €54.90 per month.

It is important to note that all these plans attract an additional 10% discount for recurrent billing.

Random Facts that You Won’t Believe Are True
  • Over 34% of online dating members do not upload their photos on online dating platforms
  • Over 52% of online dating members are in a relationship, and 11% of the fold is married
  • Over 11% of online dating members are registered on four or more dating platforms
  • More than 6% of people die without ever getting married

Review of the female profiles at

The platform has more than 300,000 active members from various countries in Europe and beyond.

You can access thousands of women on and start interacting with them once you have registered on the site.

The female profiles are detailed with photos and bios. These profiles give you an idea of what your potential partner does for a living, education level, hobbies, interests, likes and dislikes, among other vital things that can help build a lasting relationship.

allsinglerussiangirls profiles

The registration process at

The registration process is simple and requires only a few steps to complete. You are required to fill a registration form with around 16 fields, including your name, username, emails, passwords, gender, and a few preferences.

You can choose to register via a Facebook account or a Google account. The email address you provide is used to confirm the account.

Once you have an account, you can start browsing and finding your preferred date or matches.

Did You Know?
  • Lost interest, distance, and cheating are the major reasons for breakups
  • 10% of online dating members are there to scam you
  • Over 33% of women have sex on the first date: over 80% of this faction do not use protection
  • New couples break up within the first three to five months of online dating

How does work?

The platform works with a basic search criterion to match you with your potential mates. The basic matching requires gender, age, online status, and with or without a photo.

The similarities can be identified using education, sexual orientation, income, psychological make-up and preferences. If you like a person, you have the option to invite or enter private chats with them.

You can then play some online games on the platform as you await their response. It brings people together for love, friendship, and relationships.

How do I contact customer service?

 You can get in touch with them via their email as provided on

You only need to enter your username and email address to get quick processing of your request.

You can also fill in a contact web form with your name, email, and the question. You will then check the box for ‘terms and conditions’ and send your query.

Our verdict: No reason not to join is affordable and easy to use. This website has existed for quite some years. Furthermore, has a huge Russian and Ukrainian user base.

According to, all the members are checked, and scammers are filtered away.

The platform also assures you that they do not sell or exchange your data in any way. It is SSL encrypted and prides itself on quality safety.

As we see it, there is no reason to not join, if you are single and want to find a woman from Ukraine or Russia. 

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5 thoughts on “ Review: Is it worth joining the site?”

  1. Sad truth that most of people on dating sites are fake. Don’t know even what makes people scam others. Its hard to judge. But I believe that real people on dating sites do exist. Me personally suffered from scam couple of times. But then I understood that its strictly my fault. On internet just like in real life you need to be careful and take precautions when meeting new people. I analyzed my problems and kept looking for nice dating sites.

  2. Name me ONE (1) honest dating site please (just one!). As I have talked about in other entries in this site. That you need to understand the difference between the WEBSITES and the AGENCIES. The websites are just portal that the agencies use to post and promote their local woman (be it genuine girls/woman or Pro Scammers).

    This is where ALL the action happens (including the scams). All these website promise to stamp out scams and will act on any complains (but they never refund for scams).

    The truth is, even if the website intention is genuine, they simply cannot control the 100’s (maybe even 1000’s) of local agencies in the former Soviet Union states (it is literally impossible) and the agencies have the final power to either help you find love or rip you off for ever cent you have. Ukraine is one of the poorest countries in the world

    44.7 million people with an average GDP per capita of $3,867 (per person)
    Australia = 23.2 million people with an average GDP per capita of $67,036
    America = 319 million people with an average GDP per capita of $49,965
    (figures obtained from in November 2013)

    These people (Ukrainian’s) are desperate to survive and they will do ANYTHING and say ANYTHING to survive. But instead of being honest and trying to create and honest and open system to really help people find love; (like all desperate people) the industry has chosen to go down the lazy and lucrative criminal road of scamming for their bread. Do not be fooled by the sweet faces and lovely romantic profiles and letters.

    I have known corresponded with a woman from the total scamming site who like me enough as a good person to use her brains and intelligence to track me down via the internet to WARN me that I was caught-up in a big scam (and she was the scammer).

    She liked me and we talked on Skype for almost one (1) year but she was not looking to move to a new country and marry a foreigner (she had her own life in Chisinau Moldova) and we eventually drifted apart (but she NEVER asked me for any money). So please believe me; this is a total scam industry. Yes there are genuine girls/women and website and agencies here, but you will never be able to tell the difference (I cannot even tell after 11 years experience).

    If you look at all the major website you will see a lot of familiar faces and profile of girls/women who are on many (sometimes all of them) the websites. This is what I am trying to show you.

    The difference between the WEBSITES and the AGENCIES. There is too much talk and focus on the WEBSITES. Whether their honesty and integrity is in question or not. Forget the WEBSITES. Your biggest enemy is the AGENCIES. The will smile at you whilst sticking the knife in. STAY AWAY!!! Take Care and Be Aware!!!

  3. So, if one wants to meet and marry one of the fine women from FSU countries, and the agencies are scams, and the sites are scams, what options remain? I’m sick and tired of the nonsense spewing from the minds and mouths of most American women. I’m tired of the double standard called “women’s lib”. I’m tired of the cries for equality except in the divorce courts, homes, and liberal controlled establishments in America. Men are less than human to these people.

    I pray to find a real lady from a FSU country whom wants to be married, be my best friend, my partner in life, and to love me for the man I am.

    How do I find her? Where do I look? Who canine trust to help me?

    What is the answer?

  4. Well, I have to say thanks to the website allsinglesrussiangirls because I met my wife there.
    I had read before about scams and fake websites like Anastacia and I decided not to make mistakes in my adventure of get to know a lady from Russia. I read in a Mexican forum successful stories regarding this website, so I paid my subscription of months in September 2014 and I had communication with several girls (just friendly messages in this website), later a girl ask me to use Skype, we had 2 sessions of skype but we never connect to each other in a romantic way, and finally in December 2014 I sent a message to a lovely girl who respond to me, we sent messages everyday to each other for 3 weeks, then we used Skype in January and after that everything went well. I went to Russia in April 2015, and then she came to my country in the summer of that year and after that we decided to have a life together. She went back to Russia only to arrange some personal things and she returns to Mexico to live with me in November 2015. Now we are married and have a beautiful daughter. But here in Mx there are Russians and Ukranians girls who met his husband in the internet, some of then in the same website than me, I guess is a matter of good luck too. Just one important comment, I am older than my wife just one year, a think some men want to have a very young wife, but not a Russian or Ukranian girls wants to be yournger that his partner for more than 5 years. Probably the max gap would be 10 years, no more than that.

    Good luck to everyone

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