AnastasiaDate Spam Emails — a Must-Read

Spam emails must be one of the most irritating things when you open your inbox in the morning. I’m specifically referring to those from which you have previously unsubscribed.

Somewhere, somehow, someone didn’t get the message, or doesn’t want to as loads of the same spam keep entering your mailbox and are ruining your morning. 

This is the definition of Once you make the mistake of signing up and providing your details, you may be hearing from AnastasiaDate for the rest of your life, even if you have tried to unsubscribe.

So, let’s take a look at this horrendous spamming exercise and, if you’re stuck with these constantly incoming emails, what you can do about it.

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Ping! You've got a new message from Olga on AnastasiaDate & What To Do With The Tons of Emails From AnastasiaDate

In cases like these where you accidentally sign up to a rogue online dating site, the prevention is better than cure approach cannot be used. Once you’re knee-deep in messages and emails, you need to find another way out. And, don’t be fooled, AnastasiaDate will keep on trying to get those messages to you with the hopes of you deciding to purchase some credits on their system. 

spam email anastasiadate

It all starts when you sign up. Before even completing your profile, you start getting non-stop messages from women or, let’s just say profiles in this case.

These messages are designed to get you to start chatting…because you can’t without purchasing credits. 

Your new message from Olga will probably say something like “why are you so quiet?” or ask questions with the hopes that you will want to answer them. However, as we know, the online, on-site messages are just the beginning (read also: Why Am I Getting Spam Emails From Dating Sites?). 

spam dating emails

Once you open your emails you’ll find a plethora of emails from Most of them will be notifications and reminders that you need to message all the profiles that contacted you while you were online and even after you left. Here is my story on just how shady AnastasiaDate is when it comes to new users.

The emails are automated and sent by bots, my own profile is empty

The day I decided to sign up and create a profile at is a day I regret. After signing up, I left a lot of details out on my AnastasiaDate profile to see if something happens before I move on. There was basically only a name, one or two character traits, my age, and my country of origin. 

That, however, was enough to send strong signals to the online dating site’s Bot community, and my inbox was suddenly flooded with messages from female profiles who all had the same type of look — lots of makeup, posing like a model, and heavily edited with a blurred-out background.

These profile pictures all looked like they were taken by the same photographer, which is something I found suspicious. 

103 anastasiadate messages

After looking at each profile, including the extra pictures that you’re allowed to view, I was quite sure that these were bots trying to lure me into the AnastasiaDate web by sending me questions that are aimed to get me to reply.

The worst thing is, once you feel the urge to reply and you purchase credits, this dating site immediately turns your transaction into a future recurring purchase that is pretty hard to stop.

This is a red-hot warning sign that an online dating site offers nothing in the line of online relationships, new love, and actually meeting real people on the platform.  

Anastasia Continues To Send Me Notifications Emails: What To Do About It

These emails will keep on appearing in your inbox unless you take all necessary measures to stop it from happening.

You can always mark the emails as spam, but I didn’t want this site to keep on sending me information and, for that matter, possessing any of my information, so I wanted to find a way to stop the emails permanently.

Unsubscribing won’t help and neither will sending all these mails to your spam folder. You are still on the AnastasiaDate database, and the company has contact details for you.

It’s important to detach from sites like these entirely and keep as few remaining details of yourself as possible.

How Can I Stop Getting So Many Spam Emails From AnastasiaDate?

The only way you can say goodbye to all of this spam is to go online again and try to delete your account.

By deleting your account, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there will be no record of your information on AnastasiaDate’s database, but at least you will not receive any correspondence from the company again. 

unsuscribe anastasiadate

When you opt to delete your account, you may be asked to provide your password. After copying and pasting my correct password, the site notified me that my password is incorrect. Unfortunately, after trying multiple times, I could not delete my account for some reason, so I deactivated it.

However, there may have been a glitch, so make sure you opt for deleting your account to get as much information as possible away from this rogue dating site. 

Final advice - Do Not Use AnastasiaDate’s Services

In the end, just avoiding sites like these is the best way to keep your sanity, but unfortunately it’s not always clear which sites you need to avoid.

The best option is to read as many reviews of an online dating site as you can to gather opinions, information, and knowledge so you can make an informed decision. 

Many of these sites look perfectly legit, but that’s the whole point. Don’t just sign up at an online dating site without looking at what others say. Objective reviews conducted by online dating experts can spare you a lot of agony and help you to find the right online dating site that fits your needs and preferences. 

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