Why Am I Getting Spam Emails From Dating Sites?

If you’ve signed up at a dating site, you’ve probably experienced the spam dilemma, whether it happened right there on the site while you were finishing your profile or afterward in your inbox. These emails can get really problematic because it’s so hard to get rid of them.

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"You have a new letter from Tatyana" — Are these girls real?

Have you ever experienced signing up on a dating site and, while you’re not even finished creating your profile, you’re already bombarded with messages and invitations from heavily-photoshopped pictures of women?

What’s that all about?

If you spend some time on specific sites, you’ll notice that the messages disappear, and the same profile will send you the exact same message later. That’s scammy.

Are these girls’ profiles or bots?

There are a few plausible arguments regarding the strange welcome attack you get when signing up at some international dating sites.

Getting Spam Emails From Dating Sites
spam dating emails

The “behavior” of these messages probably differs from site to site, but what is interesting is that so many sites do this very same thing. Here’s the theory:

You join as a “free” member when you join a site. So, all you can do is read messages and maybe send one before you’re notified that you have to either purchase credits or choose a subscription plan. These bots are there to nudge you in this direction by luring you into a conversation you cannot have if you don’t sign up and pay up.

There will also be “video call requests” from female profiles on many international dating sites, but because you’re still on a free membership, you can’t take part in any video calls.

Profiles that send you messages along the lines of “where is your profile picture? I want to see your gorgeous face” may also be moderators checking out your profile and trying to establish what your intentions are on the dating site. I know, this all sounds exceptionally dodgy, so let’s continue and address the obvious question.

Are These International Dating Sites Scams?

These emails aren’t enough proof that the whole operation is a scam, although it is a very underhanded way of trying to get new signups to take out a subscription or purchase credits that may get them nothing in the end.

anastasiadate profiles

However, it is an excellent reason to stay away from a site because the business mindset behind the dating operation is not one of integrity and customer satisfaction. And there is a light shining at the end of this dark, fake-message tunnel as well — by following my dating site reviews, and you’ll know which ones are safe to use and which ones to avoid.

How to stop spam dating emails — Cancel the account!

Some of these sites make you go into a loopy merry-go-round once you start looking for cancellation options, even as a free member!

For example, it has happened to me several times that the site only needs my username and password, which I provide correctly to the tee, but as soon as I submit, I get redirected to the main page.

If it’s hard to cancel a free membership, imagine how hard it must be to cancel a recurring subscription. If you can, don’t subscribe until you’ve done enough research. And for the loads of emails, unsubscribing is an option but rarely works. You need to cancel your account on the dating platform.

If the dating site does not want to cancel your membership, try changing your email to one that you might not be using anymore, one that you’ve created especially to get rid of all the spam you’re getting, or just mark the emails as spam and clean your spam folder regularly.

One of these strategies should do the trick. Now that we’ve discussed the effects of accidentally signing up to a legit-looking dating site and finding out too late that it’s going to spam you like nothing’s ever spammed you before, here are some options you can try that provide a great online experience

The TOP 3 dating sites you can try

Here are legit International dating sites you can try in 2023:


CuteOnly.com is a site that connects men with only the cutest Russian and Ukrainian women on the web (CuteOnly Review: Is it worth joining CuteOnly?). In fact, only 25% of women who apply to be on CuteOnly.com are deemed ‘cute enough’ to be featured on the site. One thing you can expect from this dating site is beautiful women.

The platform offers the following dating services:

The basic membership at CuteOnly is free. If you want to do more than browse, here are your options:

Here are the pros of CuteOnly:

Loveme.com (A Foreign Affair)

A Foreign Affair is the other name for this well-known international dating site. LoveMe.com provides a variety of services focused on connecting interracial singles all across the globe, so nobody needs to feel lonely.

There are free services so you can get to know the site, but if you want to know the other profiles, then there are some subscription options.

Free Members can access their inbox, view profiles, receive and view matches, and search the site. All women can use Loveme.com for free, so they can use all the site’s functionalities for free (LoveMe (A Foreign Affair) Review: Is it worth joining LoveMe.com?).

Subscribed members can send messages, send gifts, do phone calls with a third-party translator, and join Loveme.com’s international singles tours. Subscribed members can also access private videos from other profiles.

Here is a cost overview of Loveme.com:

The platinum perks give your experience that extra boost with discounts on phone translation, messages, and full access to all videos on the platform.


BeHappy2Day.com dating site has been in the dating business since 2002, and provides a great, secure online dating experience (BeHappy2Day.com Review – Worth Your Money & Time?).

Some of the services BeHappy2Day offers include:

The subscription options are based on credit bundles. The more credits you purchase, the more you save per credit.

Take a look:

BeHappy2Day.com focuses on its site’s security and offers services at affordable prices.

Last Updated on June 08, 2023

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