Andy’s Romantic Journey to Ukraine

Visit my personal experiences and my posts about UFMA. Nonetheless, these individuals served as the drive and inspiration for beginning the travel to Kharkov. I had prepared to go directly to UFMA and compensate for their package plan, which included the initial pickup, accommodation, ladies and so on, yet Sergei couldn’t ascertain me that the accommodation would fit my specific circumstances and demands.

 I have cerebral palsy and cannot comfortably walk the stairs up and down. Previously traveled from Novosibirsk last 1996, I was aware that there was likely stairs and the facility was not much of a friendly one for disabled guests.

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The first step: to choose agency

This being said, I went with the decision of organizing the arrangements myself. I received a £184 return with Australian from Vienna at Budget Air and immediately viewed it as a great start for the rest of the activity ahead. I browsed through hotels and stumbled upon one, after I was aware of where the agency’s whereabouts were located.

It was fairly practical and reasonable and the agents representing the hotel obviously knew their English that served as a sign of reassurance for me. After which, as I contemplated in setting the arrangements, Mila Lobunko called me and told me that should could assist me during my travels and could also give me a less costly lodging. This call definitely sealed the deal for me.

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Second step: organize accomodation and free time

After the phone call, I immediately gave her cash through the popular payment method Paypal. The payment summed up to $700, which was $200 for accommodations and a deposit of $500 by MoneyGram. Mila guaranteed me that she would be maintaining an organized record of all expenditures and would not be ripping me off in anyway.

Of course there was a bit of worry going into my mind, yet I was sort of pleased and satisfied in the long-term as I was able to take fewer pocket money with me.

With all the facets laid out carefully and all the aspects set in motion, the most awaited day came. I had my personal fitness trainer program during the evening so I meant to go to Heathrow afterwards. The program was completed early and I had a 2hr drive during a rainy day, stopping off to grab something to eat at KFC situated in Swindon. I then wen to the airport, with the car parked before 1am. I then sat down for a 4hr rest, though it was nearly impossible to take a good nap.

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While I was sipping some coffee, I had got the early warning regarding how remote the gate was from a staff representative. It wasn’t distant. The woman instructed me to go on down and wait, which I did and after I arrived there, I inquired regarding help at the other end. During boarding initiated, the woman called for me and I went on board first.

I was seated in row 4 that is located near the business class. Flying to Vienna looked a lot quicker than I expected, around 2 hours and 30 minutes. After which, I was provided wheelchair assistance and was assisted up to the airline’s gate wherein I learned that the plane would be about 3 hours behind of the original schedule.

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