TOP3 Legit Armenian Dating Sites To Meet Your Love Online

Did you know that the talented singer and actress Cher has Armenian roots? Do you admire her beauty and dignity? Want to know more about Armenian women, their culture, and dating prospects?

You’ve come to the right place! We’ll guide you through the top Armenian dating sites and provide valuable tips on dating Armenian women. 

Stay tuned for insights into this captivating journey!

Reasons Why You Can Trust Us

How Do We Choose the Safest and Legit Armenian Dating Site

As an expert I want to share with you my point, that choosing a secure and authentic Armenian dating site involves considering various factors:

The Best Armenian Dating Sites You Should Try Today

When it comes to dating Armenian women, you have a variety of apps and platforms to choose from. Here we present our list of reliable Armenian dating sites. You’ll find brief descriptions, features and pricing information below. is one of the prominent Armenian dating platforms. As a part of the WSN network, it’s a successful hub that brings together people worldwide, facilitating connections and helping people in finding love across various countries.

The process of signing in is not complicated but a bit lengthy. First of all you should enter your name, gender, location, date of birth, email, and make a password. 

After that you are offered to complete your profile by taking mandatory tests about your appearance, occupation, work and interests. Some questions you can skip by choosing the “I’ll tell you later” answer. You don’t need to upload a photo and verify an email, but I advise you to do it, because fully completed profiles get access to some additional features. 

Unique Site Features

The website follows the standard WSN format and doesn’t have many distinctive features. However, one unique feature of HyeSingles is the presentation of member profiles. 

Using a grid-style layout, it displays three photos alongside key details such as age, marital status, and location. This design allows for a quick glance of a member’s top photos before delving into their full profile details.

How to Find Potential Armenian Matches on

For those seeking Armenian brides on, it’s highly recommended to fully complete your profile. Keep in mind that a more detailed profile will give you access to more matches.

You can browse women’s profiles and photo galleries or use the matchmaking algorithm to evaluate preferred search criteria and discover well-suited matches.


The Platinum plan on the site offers three payment options:

What we like and don’t like on this dating site
Could be better is a platform designed to unite Armenians worldwide for love, friendship, and marriage. Available on both Android and iOS, it supports English, Armenian, and Russian languages. Rated around 3.5 to 4 stars in app stores.

The sign-up process is quick and simple. After downloading the app, input your phone number to receive a verification code, followed by entering your gender, name, birthdate, known languages, height, and photo. 

jandating com
Unique Site Features

The app’s simplicity is evident, offering a global or local search radius (1 km to 500 km), age, height, and language filters. Matches are presented randomly, allowing you to like or reject them. Only matched profiles can exchange messages.

How to Find Potential Armenian Matches on

Complete your profile to increase your chances of success. The app offers random match suggestions and requires you to like or reject them. Messaging is limited to matches, while Premium Membership offers direct messaging privileges.

Costs offers a free registration, but the following features require a Premium Membership: 

There are three subscription plans available:

Jan Premium offers one free Direct Message. Additional Direct Messages are available in sets:

jandating app
What we like and don’t like on this dating site
Could be better

Barev App

Barev is the leading Armenian dating service dedicated to finding serious relationships. Its mission is to help Armenians worldwide be connected, with the aim of building strong families. 

Barev app is available on App Store and Google play free of charge. It has a medium length registration form with a total of 5 required fields. Alternatively, you can register through Facebook. 

It is available in four languages: English, Armenian, French, and Russian. The only problem which can bother you is the time of photo verification. It can take from 15 minutes to 9 hours.  

Unique Site Features

Aimed at those in search of serious relationships, the platform thoroughly checks each profile during the registration process. Another pleasing aspect is the absence of advertising, fake profiles or scams within the app.

How to Find Potential Armenian Matches

Barev seems to be the best way to find potential Armenian brides. You are strongly advised to complete your profile and upload good quality photos. You can use advanced filters, such as the ‘Nearby People’ section and the ‘Search by Map’ feature, to refine your search results.  


The app itself is free to use, and you are only charged for the option to initiate messages with others. For 29.40 USD per 7 days, you unlock:

Additionally, you can elevate your profile to the top position in the profiles section for 4.08 USD per 24 hours.

What we like and don’t like on this dating site
barev app
Could be better

Dating in Armenia: What to Know

Armenia, with its rich history and cultural heritage, has a more conservative atmosphere than many Western European regions.

Family involvement plays a significant role in dating, making the process of dating Armenian women unique and somewhat challenging. It’s common for an Armenian woman to seek her family’s permission before starting a relationship. 

armenian dating

Dating an Armenian woman requires effort and patience. Be ready that relationships often progress slowly.

If you’re taking an Armenian woman out on a date, it’s generally appreciated to be a gentleman and cover the expenses. Paying for the date is seen as a positive gesture and reflects your effort and consideration.

The journey involves romance and courtship. Be creative, send sweet gestures such as flowers, plan romantic diners and make her feel valued. Compliments are particularly important as Armenian women appreciate being recognised for their beauty and uniqueness.

Dating an Armenian Woman: Things to Remember

Dating Armenian women comes with its own unique dynamics:

Remember that individual preferences and experiences may vary. Open communication and mutual understanding are essential to any successful relationship.

Our Final Advice Before You Start Your Armenian Dating Adventure

I’m sure we have achieved our main goal of providing you with valuable insights into dating Armenian women and giving you the tools to navigate this romantic journey. 

With their innate beauty and intelligence, Armenian women are a treasure to be discovered. Their creative and artistic nature adds depth to their charm.

Armenian women bring passion and romance to relationships, making them an excellent choice for love. To truly connect with them, understanding their culture and traditions is key. 

Dating Armenian women promises unforgettable experiences and the opportunity to cultivate meaningful relationships. Embrace their warmth and create a unique love story!

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