The 7 Best Countries to Find a Wife

Are you ready to find your person, fall in love, settle down, and marry them? 

You probably haven’t found “the one” yet, right? 

But you are looking, and that’s what counts.

That’s no biggie. Simply turn to online dating and these 7 best countries to find the wife who meets your needs. 

Two quick notes: Firstly, there are plenty of other countries in the world you can turn to and find the perfect wife, but these 7 countries are a good starting point. 

Secondly, I don’t like to generalize and stereotype women based on where they are from, so the qualities listed below are what you could expect from single ladies from these countries. But remember that your love interest is a unique person, and you should always keep an open mind and accept the person for who they truly are.  

So without further ado, here’s the top countries where you can start looking when you want a wife. 

Reasons Why You Can Trust Us

The 7 Best Countries to Find a Wife: My Selection & Why

The ladies from these 7 countries are popular, and they’ve got a lot going on that makes men swoon (and for a good reason). Read also: How to find a foreign wife? Some ways that actually work

Aside from the beauty aspect, these single women have personality traits and qualities that make them a good wife. 

After all, a good wife is: 

TOP3 Sites For Russian & Ukraine Dating

1. Germany

Best site to use:

If you don’t know much about German culture, you may think the single German lady you are into is too reserved for you and possibly not interested in you, but she may only be shy. It’s not easy to figure out your German love interest, but stick around and get to know her. You won’t be sorry.

German ladies love honesty, integrity, punctuality, and deep conversations. So leave small talk at the door and get real with your love match. 

German woman for dating

Remember to treat your German soulmate as an equal since gender equality is valued in the country. That also means your German lady will likely have a career, and she’ll work hard to balance love and work should she choose to settle down with you.

Be patient because your German woman takes relationships seriously, and it’s likely that she won’t rush things with you. But hang in there, and you’ll have a loyal and loving partner for life. 

Check out my reviews on the best European dating sites, of which is one. 

2. Turkey

Best site to use:

Do you dream of a beautiful Turkish single lady who has a great sense of self-respect and dignity and is family-oriented? Rest assured that your dream lady love from Turkey exists. 

Turkish ladies are known to wear their hearts on their sleeves, and while some people think that showing your emotions is bad, it truly isn’t. 

You’ll always know where you stand with your Turkish partner, so while your girlfriend or wife is quick to anger, she forgives just as quickly – provided you are sincere in your apologies and rectify your behavior for the better. 

turkish woman

Expect hospitality, an easy-going and friendly nature, a good maternal instinct (for those babies you want), and neatness around the house. 

If you are serious about your Turkish woman, don’t play games or beat around the bush. Make your intentions clear, and know that you can expect the same from a lady from Turkey.  

3. Ukraine

Best site to use: CuteOnly

Ukrainians have a diverse ancestry, and a 2010 study discovered that we find mixed-race people more attractive. Without getting too science-y, it’s all about evolution and the survival of the fittest. People with a diverse gene pool are “genetically fitter,” which makes them hotter. 

Besides being stunning and oh-so attractive, Ukrainian single ladies are also kind, resilient, open-minded, supportive, and romantic. What more could you possibly want in your future bride-to-be? Read my recent article: “13 Reasons Why Slavic Girls Make the Best Girlfriends”.

women ukraine marriage

Well, there’s more. Ukrainians are well-educated, so you won’t be bored when chatting to your lady love. These ladies also dress to the nines, and their innate sense of style helps them emphasize their natural beauty.    

Your Ukrainian wife will most likely want it all: career, husband, and kids, and the best part is that these ladies will make it work. They’ll give 100% wherever they place their attention and efforts. Read also: Top 10 profiles of Ukrainian brides over 50

Read my full review on CuteOnly if you are curious about this Ukrainian dating platform. Or learn more about the characteristics of a Ukrainian woman.

4. China

Best site to use: BeHappy2Day

With their traditional Oriental features, Chinese single ladies are beautiful. They are typically more petite than their Western counterparts, so you can feel like a big and strong man protecting his lady love. 

However, your Chinese wife won’t need saving – she’s industrious, respectful, loyal, compassionate, smart, not scared of challenges, and very hardworking.   

A Chinese woman will make a good wife because they are very family-oriented, and many Chinese are still traditional in their values. 

Your lady love from China (or Chinese descent) will commit to you and your relationship, and expect that your relationship will be exclusive pretty much from the start so don’t play around with your lady’s heart.  

I’ve got all the details on BeHappy2Day if you want to know more. Related read: The Best Chinese Dating Sites 2023

5. Thailand

Best site to use: Loveme (A Foreign Affair) 

Thai ladies are friendly and approachable, so she’ll make you feel welcomed. These ladies are also quite traditionally raised, so she’ll want to get married when she meets “her one.” 

When you fall in love with a Thai woman, you don’t need to worry about whether or not she’ll be a good wife and partner in your relationship. These ladies are loyal, nurturing, caring, and simply sweet. When you are ready for the next step (kids), your Thai wife will make a good mother. 

thai women online

Plus, these ladies are calm, and if you hear “mai pen rai,” it means “it’s okay” or “it doesn’t matter.” But don’t think you can get away with murder; you still need to love and respect your Thai beauty. is a reputable online dating service (read also: The Best Thai Dating Sites). Here’s everything else about Loveme that you need to know. 

6. Poland

Best site to use:

With a pretty face and a curvy figure, it’s no wonder you might be looking for your Polish true love. You also benefit from having an intelligent, open-minded, and hardworking lady by your side when you land a Polish single. 

You can also expect romance, and you should return any romantic gestures your Polish lady bestows on you. You might be surprised with handmade gifts and other gestures that show how much your lady love is into you. 

polish dating online

Polish women also prize honesty and family, and with their caring and compassionate nature, you’ll be gifted with a wonderful wife. Your house will also be clean and neat, and when you are ready for kiddies, your wife will be a great mom.  

Want to know more about Polish women? Then check out my ultimate Polish dating guide

7. The Philippines

Best site to use: ChristianFilipina 

All the ladies so far are beautiful, and Filipino women are no different. Women from the Philippines are petite with flawless skin and dark hair. They look Asian (read also: The Most Beautiful Asian Women: Our TOP5 List) but more exotic, so know that you’ll probably want to drool over your Filipina love. 

Intelligent, responsible, and professional, these ladies have stunning personalities that translates into how good a girlfriend, wife, and mother they’ll be. 

filipino for marriage

You can also count on your Filipina soulmate to be faithful, loyal, and committed. When she says she’ll do something, she will. Women from the Philippines also value family, so she’ll keep in touch with her family and yours. 

So if you are a family-oriented man, you can rest assured that your Filipino wife won’t want you to forsake your family for her; instead, you can all be a happy family. 

Final Words

You know what you want in a wife, and this guide on the 7 best countries to find a wife is merely a starting point. 

Now you know what qualities to look for and where to find a suitable partner, but remember, there are plenty more countries in the world with beautiful ladies who will also make wonderful partners, wives, and mothers. 

When you are ready to find your true love, start with a reputable International online dating site or app. I’ve made things easy for you with my recommendation for the best site to use to find your German, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese, Thai, Polish, or Filipino future wife. Read also: TOP 10 Attractive Profile Pictures of Our Selection

So what are you waiting for? 

Put yourself out there and start looking for Mrs Right for you.   

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