The Most Beautiful Asian Women: Our TOP5 List

The women in Asia are quite beautiful. Do you want to connect with any one of them easily? If yes, you can sign up on one of the dating sites with Asian women. You can interact with Asian women from different nations, including Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, and other regions. The wide variety is a good thing, and you may end up finding yourself a soulmate among the Asian women from these regions.

Where to find best looking Asian women?

Are you interested in dating Asian women, and you are wondering about where to find them? Well, you can check out the dating sites that are currently under the International Cupid media. The dating sites hosted by the firm usually connect people from around the world.

To ensure that people can easily meet their perfect match, some of these dating sites usually focus on different areas. For instance, some dating sites have focused more on the Asian region.

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The dating culture of Asian girls from different countries

People usually meet, go for dates, and then get into a relationship. For the Asian culture, people usually miss the “dating” step. It is advisable to make it clear from the beginning. If you feel that things are going too fast, it is good to learn more about your partner’s dating culture, of which, in this case, the main focus is on Asia.

If you are attracted to someone, you will go ahead and ‘pursue’ them. In the Asian culture, men and women can pursue each other, unlike the scenarios whereby the man is expected to make a move.

In the Asian culture, materialism matters. People should buy each other presents as a way of showing love and affection. For instance, in China, people are obsessed with brand names. However, you should keep in mind that money cannot buy love.

Random Facts that you won’t believe are true:

The Asian dating culture is different. In most parts of the globe, the men make the move. In Asia, men and women can make a move on either party.

Which Asian country has the most beautiful women?

Asia is one of the continents with a vast population. The region is famous for its rich culture, history, heritage, and diversity; the continent also has stunning women from India, Japan, to China.

Many men usually travel to Asia as they look for the love of their life. Millions of young Asian women are single, and they are looking for boyfriends and husbands. To find an Asian woman who will either become your wife or girlfriend, you can check out different Asian dating apps.

Some of the regions will the most beautiful Asian women include:


The women in Thai are quite charming. Similar to the women in Korea, this Asian region has high beauty standards. Thailand is also known for producing a considerable number of politicians who are females; this is an indicator that women are empowered in the region.


Vietnam is a nation with one of the fairest women in the world. The women in the region are naturally beautiful, and they have high moral values. They are mainly attractive because of the double eyelids.

The dating sites with the most beautiful brides from Asia

Are you interested in dating Asian women? Yes! You may be interested in checking out dating sites such as,, and Each of these platforms has its pros and cons; nonetheless, you will manage to interact with beautiful Asian women and meet your perfect match eventually. (A Foreign Affair) is an international dating agency that connects singles from all over the globe. Using, you can meet singles from Latin America, Asia, and Eastern Europe.

The site has paired many couples from the entire globe since 1995. also offers the “Singles Tour,” which ensures women and men can easily meet. The site also caters to different programs, including parties.

Since a description is not enough to make a final decision, it is good to look into the platform’s pros and cons.



International Cupid is among the intercontinental sites meant for single people. The platform has more than 1.5 million members. Cupid Media is in charge of managing the platform together with 35 other dating sites. The site has focused on males from Canada, Europe, Australia, and America, looking for partners living abroad.

InternationalCupid review

The pros of the dating site include:

The cons of the site include:

You are supposed to pay € 34.99 per month for the platinum subscription, whereas for the gold subscription, you are supposed to pay € 29.98 per month.

A considerable number of men are currently obsessed with Asian ladies. The women from Asia are intelligent, and their colorful look is appealing. The people interested in meeting up with younger ladies from Asia should consider signing up on

AsianDating Review

The dating site ensures you can engage in video cam sharing, live talking, among many more activities. The site has a considerable number of users. At least 4,000 people are online daily. The company has also availed Romance Tours.



The costs are in the form of credits. For 20 credits, you pay €15.99; for 160 credits, you pay €96, and for 1000 credits, you pay a total of €399.

Our rating of most beautiful women in Asia

The most beautiful women in Asia include:

Jeanette Lee

Jeanette Lee

Lee is a professional billiards player. She is of Korean origin, and she was born in the United States. She also plays pool as a professional. Over the years, she has received awards as a professional pool player.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra

In 2000, Priyanka Chopra was honored to be named Miss World. Initially, she had planned to study engineering. After winning such a prestigious award, she got into the film sector. In subsequent years, she has received more awards even from the Indian government.

Koharu Sugawara

Koharu Sugawara

Koharu is a choreographer and dancer. Before she transitioned to a professional choreographer, she had won numerous awards, including Shonen Chample and Dance Attack. She has also had the honor of working with prominent individuals such as Rihanna.

Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza

Mirza is a tennis player. She began playing tennis when she was six years old. As a junior player, she won a considerable number of games. Currently, she is highly ranked in the women’s doubles.

Victoria Song

Victoria Song

Victoria is a presenter, actress, singer, model, and dancer. She is a member of a successful girl-group comprising four individuals; SM Entertainment scouted her because of her potential as a dancer.

If you are interested in women from Asia, go ahead and make a move. The dating sites can connect you to Asian singles, and you may end up getting into a long-term relationship with an Asian woman who will treat you well.
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The women from Asia are quite beautiful, and they are appealing to most men from different parts of the globe. They are women that any man would want to date as they have all those qualities a man will want from a woman.In this article, we have listed some popular dating sites where you can meet Asian women regardless of the nation you come from.

The pros and cons have been listed, which means you can make an informed decision about the dating site you should sign up.

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