Exclusive A Foreign Affair (LoveMe.com) Interview

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  1. ex AFA client 2008 says:

    AFA is a complete scam.
    Why don’t you ask John Adams about his teenage porn site called Kiss4Impact?

    Why don’t you ask John Adams about the golf and sex tours of Russia and Ukraine, which are, run at the same time as the ‘romance tours’.

    Seek out Tony Bochene, he will tell you the truth about how AFA scams iT’S MALE CLIENTS.
    I found Tony about 5 years after being scammed by AFA and I found out, John Adams tells lies to protect the women who scam foreign men.

    All the photos on the AFA site are heavily photoshopped.
    AFA will even change the women’s eye colour.
    The women listed with AFA are NOT VERIFIED.
    AFA don’t verify the women on their data bases.

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