Men become stupid when see a beautiful woman

Dear Krystyna,

I went to other dating sites, blogs in the area of Ukraine dating, today. I went to many sites that have blogs and are also dating sites. Or, what I believe is another area for poor men who do not know what they are doing.

I did many things as well in the beginning, however, I never, and I repeat never, gave a woman money before I met her. The dating sites or information sites are only now based on making money off these poor saps. American slang for stupid men, saps. I guess these men need some direction.

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Men become stupid when see a beautiful woman

However, many of these men do not know how to act around women, all women, not just Ukraine or Russian women. This in turn creates the uncertainty with regard to finding a mate for life. How these men even get up every day and go to work it beyond me. Stupid, stupid, and just plain stupid as I see it.

It is the same thing with my friend Karl, (I will not use his real name) this man gets all stupid when the woman is beautiful. He cannot see straight and thinks, really thinks, these women are interested in him for love. Come on Karl and all other men, this is a game if you believe for one minute a 57 year old man is going to have a 29 year old wife.

Truth about Ukrainian women

You (men) do not have enough money to sustain a woman who wants to be with you. She loves money, first, and then maybe has some kind of attraction to you. Most of them are professionals; they have done this kind of scam for many years now, as in the case of Inga.

Why Ukraine and Russia sell "sex"?

The real women do not go on these sites with bare chests, or cleavage a mile deep. Or the most suggestive clothing to attract the poor saps who really believe they will find a wonderful woman who dresses sexual. A real woman if confident in her good looks and does not have to show her cleavage to you.

Her photos are sensible and lovely, not vulgar or suggestive. As I told you before, “Sex” sells and it is selling very well in Russia and Ukraine. I am concerned that the business is going to get bigger for these women and all who surround this new, “Dating Game”.

Truth about Ukrainian woman

As a man, I am completely stunned to see this evolve like it has. I believe that many of the women, 9% anyway, truly want a man to love her. The other 91% are only looking for a hand out. Many of them have boyfriends in their own country and the men from their country know she does this for money.

And in some cases, helps her to gain advantage over these “Poor Saps” who contact the women. He tells her what to do and how to do it for maximum dollars for both of them.

Wake up and smell the coffee my friend!

To me as a man, it is an insult to all men on this planet to see a woman use her charms to gain advantage based merely on the sex appeal she has and uses it to her gain. Inga got Karl to buy her a laptop, new clothes, a trip to Kiev, dinner for her and her girlfriends, including the translator.

The whole thing was a sham, or scam, however you wish to describe it. He visited her 3 times total in one year. He spent his money 3 times in one year the same way. When she asked him for dollars (money), he finally woke up and smelled the coffee. American proverb, wake up and smell the coffee my friends.

The object is to gain advantage and get the money from his wallet to her purse. Men feel like they are doing the woman a big favor by giving her a, “helping hand”. She does this to two or three men at a time. It is a business and these women make much money using their bodies to get what they want.

Is it truth: Ukrainian and Russian women earn money on dating sites?

Now, it has become common practice for them to get on many dating sites and use them as a way to make money. I know a woman who is on 7 different sites as I write this. Many of them no longer have regular jobs, this is their new job. What a pity this is working and as long as men want sex; women like this will continue to earn much money from this kind of life.

I believe this will continue for a few more years, and then, many men will tell their friends and so on and so forth. Eventually finding out, finding a good woman abroad is going to be difficult with many “distractions” along the way.

I spoke to my lovely wife, Valentina, and she told me, she would help any of my friends by screening the women they are interested in first before the man falls madly in love with the woman. She sees what happens and wonders, how can American, or Western men not see the truth?

Real kind hearted and trustworthy women exist

She said to me, when I met her on Elena’s Models, when you saw me; did I have vulgar clothing on my profile? NO, I said, she said, did I tell you I needed money? NO, I said. She asked me, did I ask you for anything my husband? NO, I said, you were only interested in me as a person, not what I was bringing to the table for you.

She never asked me what I did for a living, not once. I told her what I did after 1 month of talking to her every day. She would not buy clothing for our trips, even after I sent her money for Vacation. She brought the money with her and tried to give it back to me on Vacation.

Ukrainian online dating

I bought her clothes just the same after she refused to do it herself. She is what all men hope to find, a woman who has her own money and does not look for a man to take care of her in this fashion. Obviously, she is now my wife and watches how we spend as she is concerned, she is thrifty and objective. Not frivolous, mostly sensible and with a cause.


In closing I want you to know, I do not dislike these women, I dislike their intent to take a man for a ride as we call it in America. If I knew what to do, I would do it so this whole thing would stop and the business of finding a good person would continue for all true lovers who wish to be happy in this life. God Bless the true lovers in this world, all others, go and find your fortune another way, not through the pocket of an unsuspecting man who does not know these women are carnivores.



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