What is the best free international dating site?

What is the best free international dating site? If you are asking yourself this question, you should know that you are not alone. Today, it is common to come across a young lady or man looking for a potential lover through the available variety of online dating sites.

Over the recent few years, online dating has grown in popularity due to the high number of internet users worldwide. It is not surprising to learn that there are many popular overseas dating sites on the internet today. International dating sites have certainly made it easier to find a foreign lover, especially for people who rarely travel outside their country.

TOP3 Sites For Russian & Ukraine Dating

Are there totally free dating sites to meet foreign women online?

Did you know that most of these international dating sites offer free membership to individuals that meet minimal requirements? If you are looking for a foreign woman online, you should consider looking at one or two of these free international dating sites.

A free international dating site will provide you with their matching services without asking for any form of payment. Through these sites, you can see matches for free and even interact online with various potential suitors.

Best free international dating sites

Nowadays, paid sites also offer free trials to new members, allowing you access to some of their features. However, you would need to get a premium upgrade to your membership if you are interested in accessing all the other features.

With the poor economic situation today, it may be a good idea to cut back on luxuries such as subscribing to online dating sites. Apart from saving you some money, these free online dating sites have a large user base, meaning your chances of success are much higher when using a free overseas dating site than a paid one.

Mamba.ru, eLoveDates.com & co. - are the sites serious and safe?

I want to inform you that it is perfectly safe and possible to find a long-term relationship through mamba.ru, eLoveDates.com & co. Though there are people complaining about fake profiles, I found positive reviews by people who used the sites to find a foreign lover.

Such positive reviews shows that it is possible to meet matches that are in for a serious relationship through free dating sites such as mamba.ru, eLoveDates.com & co.

eLoves Dates

On every online dating platform, whether free or paid, people sign in for different intentions. A free dating site might have many fake profiles and scammers, but there are also serious individuals. When using mamba.ru, eLoveDates.com, the key lies in finding people you share mutual interests with by viewing their profile.

Are Free International Dating Sites Scam or Legit?

It is not entirely wrong to consider free international dating sites as one of the best ways to find a perfect match. There are legit dating sites that can offer you quality matching services for free. However, some free sites are a scam and do not deserve your wholehearted trust.

Ensure you adequately sample various options before you settle on a particular free international dating site. Provided you follow practical tips, determining if a dating site is legit or a scam would be easier.
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Blogger at Ukrainian Dating Stories

However, the easiest way to find a legit free online dating site is by checking for online reviews. These online reviews can give you an insight into what you are to expect after submitting your profile. You can also consider the reputation that precedes the international dating site.

Are Paid Dating Sites Better for Serious Relationships?

Most online dating sites have a mixture of both hook-up and long term relationship serious dating culture. However, there is no doubt that paid international dating sites are better in serious relationships because they attract users focused on finding a committed partner.

According to online dating experts, putting matches behind a pay-wall is one of the best ways to eliminate casual users. Research indicates that paid international dating sites tend to match more serious partners than free ones.

However, ‘free’ is not a sufficient factor to write off a dating site. Whether you pay for membership on an online dating site or not, you have a fair shot at getting a serious relationship. It all depends on the kind of individuals who view and show an interest in your profile.

Top3 Legit International Dating Sites


With almost 30 years in the industry, Loveme.com has introduced thousands of couples through their matchmaking services. If you need an international bride, you should sign up for Loveme.com matching services.



Profile quality

The website has an extensive gallery of ladies from different countries around the world. You would find it easier to narrow down your search for a single because the profiles in loveMe.com include basic information about each user.

The website’s primary role is to help you search for a suitable candidate with a further goal to identify things you have in common, such as interests and goals.


If you are a non-platinum member, you have to pay an average of £8.25per letter. For platinum members, a letter’s cost is an average of £6.16 (translation included).


Among the foreign dating sites in the market today, InternationalCupid.com is one of the most popular websites. InternationalCupid.com can boast of matching thousands of singles with their prospective long-term partners.



Profile quality

In InternationalCupid.com, the profiles are often detailed as it is a requirement for members to provide information to fill their profiles. Depending on the extent of the information you provide, the profiles can have several tabs. Since the site terminates suspicious accounts and profiles that have low quality, InternationalCupid.com has fewer fake profiles.

Internationalcupid review


If you want to be a member of internationalCupid.com, you can choose between a standard or premium version. The standard version is free but does not give you full access to the site. If you want to upgrade your account to a premium version, you need to pay an average of £125 for a 12-month membership (£ 10.42 per month). For a 3-month membership, you have to pay an average of £57.57 (£19.25 per month).


With many years in the industry, AsianDating.com is one of the most established international dating sites. Through AsianDating.com, you are guaranteed a safe and unique dating experience because it has over 4 million members.



Profile quality

Building a profile in AsianDating.com involves filling in information about you and answering questions about things such as personality and hobby. These are important to help you meet partners that you are more compatible with.

AsianDating Review

In AsianDating.com, you can edit the information in your profile anytime, and so can the other members. That kind of flexibility is essential in ensuring you access the most current information about the potential partners.


For premium membership in AsianDating.com, you can pay an average of £125 for a 12-month membership subscription, £57.75 for a 3-month membership subscription, and £28.79 for a 1-month subscription.

Which Dating Sites Safer: Free or Paid?

Generally, it is not very safe to interact with strangers online because it exposes you to risks such as identity theft and online harassment. Still, you should also take the risk if you are tired of traditional dating methods. Therefore, whether you are using a free or paid dating site, you are at risk of falling victim to the crimes mentioned above.

However, paid dating sites are the best for mitigating the risk that online interaction with strangers brings. The membership fees in most paid dating websites tend to be a firewall that keeps scammers out. It is safer to use these dating sites than free ones that any individual can sign up for membership.

Putting it together

Finding a partner overseas should not be difficult, provided you find the best international dating site. Free international dating sites can offer you a feature or two, but you have to pay for membership if you want access to full features.

Paid dating sites are the best in attracting people looking for long-term and serious relationships. So, you need to choose the best paid international dating site for a better chance of meeting a better match.

As a user, it is up to you to choose a dating site depending on the type of relationship you want because free dating sites tend to lean more on casual dating, while paid ones are the best for attracting long-term partners.

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