Chinese vs Japanese Girls: What is the difference?

Despite their proximity in the East of Asia, China and Japan are unique countries with distinctive historical, traditional, and social features. However, their racial appearances are so much alike that most outsiders and Westerners assume that the countries are the same.

Another absolute difference in their residents is their women. The female genders of China and Japan are entirely unequalled to each other. They are so unalike that you would wonder how you couldn’t tell them apart after this article.

Is there a difference between Chinese and Japanese women?

Yes, there is a difference between Chinese and Japanese women. Luckily, I interacted with the women through a few vacations and trips around Asia. Below are some outstanding, yet generalized, differences I observed between the Chinese and Japanese women.

Typically, Chinese women are considered one of the most confident and liberated women in Asia. Unlike the Japanese, who prefer traditional ways, Chinese women are highly educated and financially stable. They set goals, aim high and lead in most aspects of life.

Chinese vs japanese girls

Nonetheless, never call a Chinese woman strong. This is an offensive accusation perceived as masculinity, and they don’t take it positively.

Secondly, Chinese women are not lady-like. They’re not as much into make-up and feminine dressing; they don’t even have a feminine walk.

On the contrary, Japanese women have a deep understanding of style and consider make-up as sacred. You will even find them at home in housecoats, but with make-up on. The cosmetics have nothing to do with their natural appearance; it is merely part of their tradition.

Chinese vs Japanese women: Their appearance compare

Other than the layers and layers of powder to differentiate them, Chinese and Japanese women have somewhat distinct features that relate to them.


Body physics is probably the only appearance they have in common. Both the Chinese and Japanese women are short in stature, petite, aesthetic waistline, slim legs and an almost total absence of buttocks. However, the ‘no-behind’ shouldn’t worry you; these beauties are stunningly sexy in bikinis at the beach. Moreover, their bodies tend to maintain a fit posture even in old age.


The Japanese women have a long oval-shaped face with a thin, aquiline and sharp pointy nose, while the Chinese have flat noses with round-shaped faces, due to their wide cheekbones.

Skin tone

Both the Asian women have smooth light skin with a pale yellow tint. Yet, to an observant eye, the Japanese’s dermis is slightly lighter than that of the Chinese woman. This is probably why the Japanese women don’t like to sunbathe and instead spend a lot on cosmetics to get rid of the inborn yellowish pigment.

Who are more beautiful, Japanese or Chinese girls?

Generally, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Both the Japanese and Chinese girls have desirable features in their special ways, so it all goes down to your preference as a man.

If you fancy women with a slender face, almond-shaped eyes, a slightly full mouth, and a kinky character, then the Japanese girls will be perfect for you. If you prefer a naturally simple woman with high cheekbones, a round face, charming, yet intriguingly stubborn, then the Chinese woman is your kind of lady.

How are Chinese and Japanese eyes different?

Most foreigners are not able to differentiate between the Chinese and Japanese eyes. I was there too, but you can automatically tell them apart once you marry one or interact with them.

Both the Chinese and Japanese have typical Asian eyes with the epicanthic folds on the upper eyelids. It is relatively easy to pick them out from other neighbouring countries like India or Russia.

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However, the eye shapes are different. The Japanese have wide round eyes, set closer together and facing downwards, while the Chinese have narrower slanted eyes, with raised outer corners. Commonly, the Chinese are known to have somewhat like slits for eyes, as opposed to Japanese.

Japanese eyes are more prominent on their face with double eyelids, giving them a sort of a frowning facial expression. In reverse, the Chinese have smaller, less noticeable eyes with mono eyelids, resulting in a smiling face.

Additionally, Asians generally have black eyes that match with their black hair. Therefore, they find it quite unnatural when they meet a foreigner with a different eye colour from their hair.

Is there a difference between Chinese and Japanese dating culture?

The difference between the Chinese and the Japanese girls runs deep into their cultures. Their different dating cultures include:

Conversely, Chinese ladies speak far more loudly and are assertive. They express exactly how they feel and will not think twice about it, more like the American women. If she is not interested in a relationship with you, she will bluntly say it. Chinese women are the last people you want to mess with, so don’t approach unless your intentions are pure.

The Japanese woman is family-oriented. Once she is married and has children, it is considered inappropriate for her to go back to work. She will naturally take responsibility for the home and the children.

Chinese vs Japanese brides: Attitude to foreigners

Whether it’s dating or searching for a bride, Western men seem to be attracted to Asian ladies like love magnets. Similarly, Chinese and Japanese women have interesting perceptions of foreigners:

Our TOP 3 Tips on how to date Japanese & Chinese girls

Dating Asian ladies may prove to be a challenge if you have no basic guidelines to help you. Below are Top 3 tips on how to date Japanese and Chinese girls:


While most Chinese and Japanese women will fall in line with our comparisons given, it is essential to understand that generalization is not always one hundred per cent accurate. Due to geographical locations and life experiences, you are bound to meet completely unique and equally amazing characters.

Both the Chinese and Japanese women are remarkable in their ways, mannerisms, and culture; it is no wonder that foreign men go for Asian women. Our advice to you is that, if you’re looking for a foreign affair, go online and join an Asian dating site and have your own Asian experience. It is totally worth it!

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