International Marriages: The Complete Guide

Are you looking for a woman to marry online? Our advice to you is to consider multiple formal and informal factors in making your decision. This article explores various aspects of international marriage that you need to understand.

International marriages refer to the types of marriages between persons from different nationalities, which may follow or be followed by one of the partners moving into the other’s country of residence.

The article explains how these marriages work, their advantages, legal issues, their success rates, and their U.S. status. Finally, it explains why it is more effective to meet a woman online than in reality.

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International marriages - what is the general trend?

The idea of marrying across borderlines is not a recent one.

Random facts that you won't believe are true:

Indicate that this practice has been in existence for as long as humanity.

In primordial times, people took spouses from tribes or nations other than theirs for reasons such as; forming alliances with neighbouring jurisdictions, preventing war between tribes or kingdoms, and avoiding slavery.

In contemporary times, international unions have become commonplace because of the rapid development of new communication technology and globalization. Factors such as migration of labour, increased global communication, international trade and ease of travel have increased contact between citizens of different nationalities.

International marriages

Similarly, cultures that previously encouraged tribal and class segregations are starting to loosen their grips on such norms. Individuals who hold values that surpass such restrictive cultural practices find it easier to engage in international marriages. Most international marriage trends involved women from developing countries seeking husbands in developed countries in the twentieth century but gradually changing.

How do international marriages work?

International marriages are facilitated by the ‘international matchmaking industry’ mostly using websites to introduce prospective partners from different countries. Previously, the contexts of colonization and immigration were examples of widespread international matchmaking.

During colonization, colonizing states introduced introductory systems intending to reproduce their population. In the context of immigration, international matchmaking takes place to fulfil an immigrant’s desire to marry from their country of origin.

In modern times, women enrol themselves in international marriage agencies from where men from different countries select one to match. These women are referred to as mail-order brides.

International dating sites form a network of smaller international marriage agencies that offer various online communication services. Celebrations for these types of marriages can be either take place by proxy or be put forward until the arrival of the migrant spouse into the host country.

What are some advantages of an international marriage?

The nature of the international market endows them with some advantages. They include; these marriages are relatively informal and involve few restrictions. As a result, the spouses can freely choose how and where they would like the ceremony.

International marriages come with the added advantage of foreign citizenship. Marriage is one of the easiest ways to gain dual citizenship of your desired country.

Similarly, you will get exposed to a vast range of cultural environments hence broadening your understanding of the world in general. The possibility of acquiring another language and culture is also an advantage of international marriages. Unlike ordinary couples, international couples can choose to stay in either country upon marriage.

In instances where a marriage partner moves from a low-income society into a higher-income one, international marriage provides opportunities for better living standards. Equally, international marriages facilitate and indicate the integration of foreigners in a country.

What is the success rate of international relationships?

However, not all of them succeed in finding a relationship that will end in marriage. Even those who do, not all of their marriages may grow to full maturity.

The success rate of international marriages is mostly affected by the language and cultural barriers between marriage partners. From experience, I would say that communication is critical to the success of any partnership. Therefore, communication constraints between international couples jeopardize the success of these marriages.

Correspondingly, some foreign brides might also face significant social segregation levels upon arrival in the host country. If you are looking for a wife online, our advice to you is to ensure that you can easily communicate and understand each other before marriage as this will determine the success of your union.

Foreign bride regulations across the world

There exists no binding international legal regulations for international marriages. Additionally, most countries across the world traditionally lacked effective laws for foreign brides.

In recent days, most East Asian countries have started regulating international marriage due to reports of increased human trafficking cases within their borders.

Meeting dating foreign woman

For instance, the Republic of Korea requires that a bride pass a language proficiency test. It also requires that the Korean partner shows an income of more than fourteen thousand dollars annually. 

Some countries restrict dual nationality as an attempt to prevent the misuse of marriage for labour migration. Some countries, such as Taiwan, have banned the operation of international marriage agencies within their borders.

Most international marriage regulations focus on the immigration consequences of these unions’ unions on the host country. In the U.S, the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act is in charge of regulating international marriages.

 Regulation against international unions tends to infringe fundamental personal freedoms and individuals’ rights to privacy and should, therefore, be abolished.

Are international marriages recognized in the US?

The USA’s government recognizes all marriages performed abroad and are legal in the country of execution. However, for a foreign spouse to acquire a marriage-based green card or visa, the union must meet the following requirements.

A marriage certificate is used to ascertain this. The USA government does not recognize proxy marriages where another person substitutes the marriage partner.

Second, the marriage has to be bona fide, which means that the marriage partners must have genuine intentions to start a life together as husband and wife from the onset. Marriages entered with immigration intentions are considered fraudulent.

Third, one of the spouses has to be either a U.S lawful permanent or citizen. The fourth requirement is that neither of the partners is in another marriage. Any former marriages must have ended legally to avoid confusion.

Foreign bride facts: what kind of relationship is the most common?

Most international marriages are heterogeneous. It implies that they involve partners of opposite sexes. Homogenous international marriages are rare since not every country permits such unions.

However, this fact s changing as most governments are reducing restrictions against same-sex couples to minimize discrimination. Almost all international marriages are monogamous, meaning marriage involves only two persons.

Because of immigration issues, it is simply impossible to marry more than one person in an international marriage. Research indicates that most women taking part in international marriages come from Russia, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Central America.

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The Philippines exports a large number of international brides despite mail-order bride services being prohibited in the country.

Is it more effective to meet the woman online rather than in real life?

Did you know that it is more effective to meet a woman online than in real life? One of the reasons for that is that; women online need a husband and therefore are eager and ready to talk. On the other hand, women may be reluctant to engage in any conversation with you, especially if they meet each other for the first time.

Similarly, meeting a woman online does not involve meeting her family members, reducing the fear of awkward statements and vexations likely to arise when meeting your spouse’s family. Online dating services eliminate the need to travel long distances to your country of choice to find a woman to marry.

Additionally, dating online does away with the expense of getting hotel accommodations common when meeting your date physically. One can also pick a woman with specific attributes of their choice, given the wide range of online dating services comprising beautiful young ladies seeking international partners.

Conclusion: Putting all the facts together

International marriages are a trend whose genesis dates back to ancient times. Globalization has catalyzed the idea of marrying foreign nationals mainly because of the ease of communication through new communication technology and immediate contact between foreign nationals for various reasons.

International marriage agencies facilitate these marriages, and they have certain advantages over ordinary marriages.

However, these marriages are victims of their nature since their success rate is greatly affected by the partner’s demographic differences. Despite the lack of binding international regulations, some countries have enacted laws to regulate international marriages. 

The convenience of meeting a woman online rather than in real life is dependent on a multitude of factors.

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