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Online dating is becoming such a trend. Today, so many people are looking for romantic partners on online dating platforms. Interesting to know, a good number meet online, date and even end up getting married. However, you need to know the right questions to ask a woman in online dating.

While some questions may be uncomfortable to her, others may insult her culture indirectly. You don’t want to offend her or sound rude. Your goal should be to create a good impression, so she ends up liking you. The only way you can create a good impression while chatting with her online is by asking the right questions. Keep reading to know online dating questions to ask her.

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Starting the conversation: 3 main points in texting

How you start a conversation determines the rest of the outcome.

To successfully start a conversation with her, you need to be tactful in your texting. Be fun, playful and choose an interesting topic.

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A text appeals to a girl depending on her personality. You can try to catch one or two things about her personality from her posts. If she posts a picture skiing, you can find an interesting question relating to this and ask her. Highlight a mutual interest as women feel at ease when you remind them about themselves.

The best way to go about this is finding a common ground. Create a good impression at first. Small things like spelling issues and bad grammar will turn her off, so ensure your text is on point.

How do I keep a girl interested?

Attracting a girl is one thing and keeping her interested is another thing. Most guys fail at keeping her interested, which leads to her getting bored and finally ignoring you. To stay interesting, avoid using ordinary pick-up lines or sticking to the obvious. Maintain a conversation that makes her interested in you.

Allow her to talk about her beliefs, opinions and hobbies as she will feel at ease with you. Make her like you by learning what she wants, so you know how to win her.

Females are quite emotional and tend to get attached to things they do, even online. Make her feel comfortable talking to you as immediately she starts sharing things about herself; she is at ease. However, don’t get so boring by simply saying ‘you are right.’ Learn how to strike a balance and express yourself too.

Get a little naughty as it adds some spice to your conversation. Don’t be that guy who keeps playing safe. Learn to have a way with your words and flirt a little.

What are sweet things to say to a girl while mailing

While flirting may come naturally to most guys, others will think very hard before drafting that text. They will delete a message, re-write it once more, and ask themselves if the text asks the right questions or creates a good impression. Capturing the attention of a girl involves saying sweet things to her. It is the little things and the simple compliments that make her day. Saying things like I can’t stop thinking about you or your smile is stuck on my mind will make her happy.

If you had an opportunity to talk or chat with her for long, tell her you had a great time and you enjoyed her company. Let her know you always look forward to spending time with her. Common words like talking to you make my day or you make me feel great may be a game-changer. However, don’t be so obvious or say too much to make it appear like you are lying.

Our advice to you is you: Learn the right time to say sweet things and be moderate.
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What questions make a girl blush?

Once you are having regular conversations, you will want to make her blush once in a while. You have to know the right questions to ask her and make her blush. Don’t be too careful nor too stupid; just be you and ask like the answers she gives are important to you. Be genuine and don’t ask for the sake of it.

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Questions that involve her response will make her blush. For example, I had a dream about you tonight, want to know about it? Or talking to you makes me feel great; you know you are amazing, right? Simple but genuine questions put a smile on her face. You can even go the extra mile and compliment her beauty. However, be very careful about this as she most likely has heard it a couple of times; be a little creative.

What are deep questions to ask?

When you want to improve your relationship after making her comfortable with you, you should know some deep questions to ask her. The questions can be general on life or her surroundings. Deep questions take your relationship to the next level and make your conversations deeper.

They should go beyond the get to know you questions and be a little personal. However, study her reaction towards personal questions. Just get personal enough to break past your surface and strengthen the bond.

You can ask her what motivates her to work hard or her preference when it comes to public transport. These are general but personal life questions. To get more personal, you can ask her to describe her best friend if you learn from your previous conversations that she has one. Ask her what she likes and dislikes about her career and who her hero is. Start from a not-so-deep question and go to deeper questions as you progress.

What are funny questions to ask online to make her laugh?

Everyone likes a good laugh to keep their day going.

Random facts that you won’t believe are true:

Laughter relieves stress as your brain releases endorphins which are hormones that make you happy. Asking a funny question will make her happy, especially if she is having a bad day.

Though we all have a different sense of humor, some questions appear funny to almost all of us. Even better, you will know a person’s sense of humor after interacting with them for a while.

You can ask questions like, have you watched a kid’s movie that scared you? What do you feel is the most stupid thing but most people do? What are the unwritten laws of your workplace? How do you feel about adding pineapple to a pizza? Which body part would you detach if you were in a position to? Such questions will make her laugh as she writes the response.

TOP10 Questions to ask girl online before meeting

Coming up with the right questions to ask a girl online is very tricky. You want to sound cool but know her at the same time, so you must find a balance. Besides, the type of questions you ask before meeting someone sets the mood of how your meeting will go. First, you learn what they like so you know the topics to discuss in your meeting. And second, you know what to avoid during your meeting.

Here are the top ten questions you can ask her before the meeting.

Is texting everyday clingy?

Although every individual has their preference on how much they text, texting every day is normal, provided it is not every minute. Sending messages every day doesn’t make you clingy but know what time of the day to text.

Learn her texting patterns, too, so you know when to text. And even if texting daily does not make you clingy, how she responds to regular texts will tell you whether to reduce it or keep going. She might not like it, so watch out for the signs. Too many texts may make you look desperate and you don’t want this. However, don’t stay for too long without texting her as she might give up on you.


Getting to know someone online is different from meeting in person. You can learn her reactions to things if you meet her physically and know what she likes and dislikes. Online dating lets you meet virtually first and if you create a strong bond, you might talk of meeting in person.

Therefore, you must know her first before you meet her. The best way to know her is by asking questions, so she gives her responses. Even worse, you don’t know what questions might offend her, so you must be careful of how you go about everything. Do your research by paying attention to her profile and posts and learn about her personality, so you know the right questions to ask her.

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