Romance / Single Tours to China: Guide 2024

Searching for love abroad has become increasingly common in recent times. Besides, romance tours nowadays provide a fun and exciting experience for Western men looking for beautiful women. It is no secret that China is populous with a high ratio of men to women. With many single ladies, China is an excellent destination for smart and intelligent mail order brides.

Did you know that Chinese men consider Chinese ladies above 27 years no longer suitable for marriage? This stereotype has increased the number of mail order brides. It is also interesting to know that marrying a foreigner improves women’s social status and can help them achieve their dream.

So, where do they meet foreign bachelors, and what benefits do the romance tours provide? Discover useful information on romance tours in China in the following guide.

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What Are the Advantages of Romance Tours to China?

A bride agency or marriage tour organises Chinese romance tours to connect single foreign men with Chinese girls. Apart from the interactions, you will also savour the fantastic Chinese culture, including food and cultural traditions. While you can take a solo trip to find love, using a Chinese dating tour service has numerous benefits, including:

Where Do Chinese Romance Tours Take Place?

Chinese dating tours mostly attract men from Western regions like the USA, Canada, Europe, or Australia. Most of the romance tours take place in populous cities like shanghai or Beijing. However, you can also signup for marriage tours to Tianjin, Chengdu, and Guangzhou. A few romance tours also provide dating tours to Hong Kong.

Our advice to you is to take a romance tour to the largest cities in China. Populous capital cities attract various girls from various locations in the country. You will meet diverse Chinese girls from different cultures. Besides, cities are likely to attract smart and intelligent ladies to social events.

What to Do and Not to Do During the Chinese Bride Tours?

What happens when you sign up for a romance tour? If it is your first time, you may be puzzled or overwhelmed by the number of ladies. Since you will not be alone, it can be challenging to stand out and attract promising Chinese girls. Here are random facts that you won’t believe are true that can help you during your romantic tour.

What to Do

What Not to Do

Chinese girls are conservative and expect you to take the lead. However, it will help if you behave like a gentleman.

What to Expect From Romance Tours to China?

If you have never been on a romance tour to China, there is no need to worry. You can expect a friendly atmosphere with great food and drinks perfect for finding love. Besides, you will interact with various men and form lasting friendships during the bus tours and excursions organised by the romance tours.

You will attend social events and dinner parties where you will meet various women. Since they will be competing for your attention, you will have a chance to interact with many single ladies. Once you choose the ones you like, you are free to arrange a date to get to know them better.

How Much Do Chinese Dating Tours Usually Cost?

Many people are quick to dismiss Chinese romance tours as costly and outside their budgets. However, romance tour services provide numerous packages to suit any budget. Did you know that Chinese dating tours range from 3,000 to 12,000 USD? That means any guy with a regular job can afford to finance the romantic tours.

However, the cost of the romance tours will vary depending on various factors, including:

Our recommendation: Romance Tour to China by is a renowned romance tours company with thousands of happy brides and grooms since its inception in 1995. They organise individual and group tours to various locations, including China. You can attend the invitation-only socials in China and meet various foreign men.

Apart from meeting women at the socials, you can book an adventure travel package that allows you to combine meeting young women and travelling. Some of the excursions are golf, cultural expeditions, skiing and white-water rafting.

Most romance tours to china are available every three months and take between seven to fourteen days. Most of the tours occur in Shenzhen and cost between 2,595 USD and 3,495 USD depending on the days.

Each tour will have two socials (one per city) and a three-hour guided tour of the city. The cost covers hotel accommodation with free breakfast daily, transport from the airport and hotel.

Why Is It a Good Idea to Buy a Romance Tour to China?

Dating is challenging, and so are international dating problems. However, booking a romance tour to China can reduce the hassle involved with meeting foreigners. Romance tours close the gap between Chinese brides and foreigners by bringing them together in socials to interact.

China has a diverse culture, and you can meet smart, intelligent, and diverse women during romance tours. Besides, signing up for a dating tour can also reduce the cost of international dating significantly as the romance tour company covers most expenses.


If you want to go for a Chinese bride tour, you need to find a reliable romance tour site. Research and read reviews and testimonials to know what you are signing up for before booking. You can also contact them and ask questions about specific cities you would like to visit.

Keep an open mind during the tour and make up your mind on your favourite Chinese bride. You can stay in touch after the tour and who knows maybe she will be your happy ever after.

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