Dating Story by Erick: Cancelled Membership!

Dear Krystyna,

I just wanted to say first off that I admire you for your knowledge in helping us whom are trying to find real love in the Ukraine or Russia! Your website might have saved me from losing thousands of dollars instead of just the $500 I currently have spent in 3 days.

TOP3 Sites For Russian & Ukraine Dating

Have you got a hot chat on dating sites?

I was using and their webcam service which is very pricey.

A few days ago I met 2 woman on their webcam chat. At first everything was great, but as soon as the I love you, Hunny, and I want to have your child comments started coming out after just 2 hours of chatting something just didn’t seem right. I am not used to this kind of crazy talk this early on.

Ukrainian online dating

I should of came to my senses sooner when the 20 something year olds were chatting to me “you want to see my bare chest now” and “let’s have hot chat“. I was thinking to myself why would I want to do that when I can see this down the street at the local strip club for less. I am not lonely! I just wanna find a good woman with real values.

Girls calm down, we aren't stupid!

Well anyways with the permission of one of the ladies I ordered her contact info and in her contact info was just her address and phone number, but no personal email address. What??? No email? How convenient! So I Skyped phoned her…She spoke very good English, but was quick to get off the phone because she was at work and wanted to continue to use the webcam service to webcam chat. Really? I’m insulted that she thinks I am that stupid!

But giving her the benefit of the doubt anyways that maybe she didn’t want to use up her minutes on her phone, which is very understandable. So I explained to her that instead of me calling her phone she can install Skype on her computer that we could webcam chat for endless hours with no problems.

This I did by writing on a piece of paper and showing her my username and program to install through the 2-way chat because evidently they have the word SKYPE blocked from chat. But she refused anyways and insisted we use the websites chat and letter services.

Final thoughts about scam sites

Now about the letter services! They charged me $4 to send the letter for translation and $4 to receive the letter translated. This girl wrote and read very good English almost perfect, why did my letters need to be translated!

You know I am not rich, but also I am not hurting for money either. If the red flags didn’t start popping up all over the place, I would probably be giving them a thumbs up!

Needless to say that after doing my Googling and coming to your website, I just cancelled my membership with them with funds still on my account. Good riddance!

Keep up the good work!

Thanks again,
Erick M

TOP3 Sites For Russian & Ukraine Dating

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