dream-marriage.com Reviews: Is Dream Marriage a good dating site?

What does Dream-Marriage say about themselves?

dream-marriage.com is an International online dating service that specializes in Russian and Ukrainian women. Dream Marriage was founded in 2003. They are a paid dating service that offers three different monthly packages depending on how dedicated you are to finding that special someone. A free basic membership is offered but let’s look at the paid ones.

Dream Marriage: Company Definition

DreamMarriage Company Description

International dating site. Singles from around the world start their connections daily on Dream Marriage. Dream Marriage offers many communication features and ways to interact with members of the site. 

Creating an account with Dream Marriage is free. With an account you can start browsing profiles instantly. The basic memberships start at $9.99, or you can buy credits a la carte at your own discretion.

Dream Marriage Experience: membership

The basic package costs $9.99 a month and includes 10 introduction emails and is called the Silver Package. According to their site and introduction email is the first letter to a lady member. The next package is the gold membership which costs $29.99 a month and includes 30 intro emails and 10 follow-up emails. A follow-up email I think can speak for itself. They offer two more premium packages also with more features. If you don’t want to pay a monthly price, this site offers an easy buy credits system as well.

Dream Marriage Services Reviewed

This Russian dating site is very well built and includes photo galleries, video chats, apartment rentals and more. After reading through the FAQs, the men are able to find information about the services they offer. The homepage gives very little description about the services they offer other than pushing for a free trial of their service. When you go into the FAQ, you will find more than enough information to get you started in very detailed form. Anywhere from how to sign-up for the service and how to use it. They detail how to meet a beautiful Russian woman, video chat and much more.


This dating site is a very good one if you are looking for some international flavor in your dating life. It is recommended and very well priced. They offer many options and solutions for anyone no matter what your budget is and if you get lost, the site offers very detailed information on how to work their site. It is definitely worth every minute and penny.

What users saying about Dream-Marriage?

tobbe says about dream marriage
DreamMarriage Company Description
Joey from San Francisco says-about Dream Marriage

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5 thoughts on “dream-marriage.com Reviews: Is Dream Marriage a good dating site?”


    Yes its kinda a scam in my opinion ,some off the girls are professional chatters.I beleive they receive economic compensation based on the credits that are spent on chats with them as well as letters.

    The girls that use the agencys computers are the most likely to be part off this scam.I think the agencys in Ukraine receive payment based on credits spent on contact with girls registered too their agency.

    I have traveled too Ukraine and do speak Russian so i feel my observation are correct.However with this in mind I feel you can still use these sites too meet sincere slovic women–

    Thank for this opportunity voice my opinion—–


  2. They offer many options and solutions for anyone no matter what your budget is and if you get lost, the site off

  3. At first it seemed a bit unreal – 20 and 30 years old women emailing a 60 year old man. All said the same thing – age does not matter. There got to be so many letters daily I changed up and made a new profile, without much description and no pictures. Yet I still received the usual “read your profile over and over and you are the man for me.” No one makes such a choice based on an internet profile.

    The real deal breaker was when I emailed the 2 or 3 I wanted to email (to see how real they were), and got totally different likes, dislikes, and one’s profile said she had a child, which she said she was taking swimming. I printed out her profile from before (4 months earlier) and it said “children 0”. Even if she was pregnant at the time (and did not mention it during our lengthy correspondence,.she would hardly take an infant of 2-3 months swimming!!

    Only one did reach me off site – most had weak excuses, but after 3-4 emails, disappeared. Made me wonder about the statement by several, “I could get my profile deleted if I do.” This girl’s profile was indeed deleted, although it is still active on Anastasia Date. One lady even sent the Anastasia interview answers as an introduction to herself in Dream Marriage.!
    My opinion is that there may be real ladies looking for a mate here, but they are difficult to find, and very very rare.

  4. Brian tottenham

    Perhaps you can help? I am already a member of Dream marriage but for some reason i have lost the email address which i normally click onto to which gives me access to the site page where i can get direct access to my contacts

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