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My input and experience regarding AFA Romance Tours, …GO! Just GO! Do not write ANY letters unless you have a seat on a plane! No substitute for being there, no real need to waist any money writing anyone…

The key factor is; You Must Be There Physically! Arrive with a list of possibilities or sort through the profiles when you get there…but you have to get there!

LoveMe (A Foreign Affair): Romance Tour

Leaders in international dating and matchmaking, LoveMe.com has assisted single men with meeting single foreign women in Ukraine, Russia, China, Thailand, the Philippines, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Peru.

LoveMe.com offers single men an opportunity to meet the foreign women through a variety of singles tours travel options.

AFA Romance Tour Review: Brides want to see you

When you have Plane Tickets. then if you are really compelled to do so, only write to a few women. Starting a letter with “I am coming to (Her city) on (Date)…I find your profile interesting maybe we could get to know each other a little before I arrive? 

That format will get a response, if she is genuinely interested… no lady that is serious about a relationship wants a pen-pal or e-mail buddy…

THEY WANT TO SEE YOU, Touch You, Look into Your Eye’s and know you are real! Isn’t that what us GUYS WANT TOO? No letter can do what one actual meeting can accomplish.

I know because I wrote two women before I arrived on my tour. One of those women is now my Fiancée…we were engaged after our first meeting! Sometimes you write expecting her to be the one, and she is not.

No Chemistry, nice lady but not your future. In my case the chemistry was WOW! The in person meeting could not have been a better meeting; it by far exceeded both her and my wildest expectations!

Socials: How they work

Both women (yes only two) that I corresponded with were over forty which was in my desired age group…what your preferred criteria may be is your criteria, you may eliminate the perfect woman for too strict of a requirement list …but stick to it and focus!

Not easy to focus with over a hundred pretty ladies, and girls, with bright expectant brown eyes, and long black hair, all trying to get your attention!

The socials are a whirlwind of fun games, laughter, talking and meeting with every lady! It is a lot to take in…keep notes and stay …focused! Your may actually find the woman of your dreams…I did.

afa tours

One final note: A Foreign Affair Romance Tour Reviewed

Do not sell yourself or her short! Deciding on your future partner in life for the rest of your life is not an offhand decision. It takes time and turmoil of emotions for both of you.

Get to know the woman, and let her know the man. Take as much time to do that as you possibly can…stay for the two week tour (or longer is possible) a week or ten days fly’s by entirely too fast.

As you can see, my experience was wonderful and I am thankful.

Mike S.

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  1. Romance Tours: Yea or Nay?

    Romance tours are tours taken by men whom are in search of a relationship, girlfriend or even a marriage. It is usually hosted by a matchmaking company. There are a ton of matchmaking services offering romance tours, A Foreign Affair AKA :LoveMe.com is an example of just one of the many available matchmaking services found online that are offering romance tours.

    Testimonials of people who have ventured in tours services have largely declared their gratitude and satisfaction. It makes one wonder, do romance tours really work? Taking part in romance tours can be considered beneficial but how?

    Romance tour is defined as an adventure for true love.

    Traveling to find your true love may sound a tad far-fetched to most, but hey, if true love is what you seek, you must be willing to be bold and open-minded. Romance tour’s best-selling points would be the fact that: you get to visit new places, learn new culture and explore your romantic options at the same time.

    Not only will you be able to feel the excitement of being in a new place, the romance tour’s main purpose is to let you meet the girls and have a chance to get to know them in their most natural. Not only will you be able to really appreciate them and their culture, you also get to experience what it’s like to be with them.

    Romance tours allow you to meet an abundant number potential partners. The ratio of men to women is approximately one is to ten. You get to meet and learn about each woman. This allows you to get you closer in finding your ideal woman– the one – if you will.

    And before you decide on which services to go with, romance tours usually comes in packages. Depending on which matchmaking services you’re with and the kind of packages they provide, your romance tour package should always provide the most basic needs, such as: accommodation, airport pickup and drop-off, visa assistance, tour itinerary and translators. It is advisable to research thoroughly on the matchmaking services you’re going with. It is also important that you research on the country you’re visiting, in order to fully enjoy your romance tour experience.

    The most frequently asked question about romance tours is: is it expensive? On the surface, it can appear to be somewhat expensive. And the cost varies from company to company. However, when the costs are compared to a normal vacation tour offered by many travel agencies, most romance tour prices are surprisingly competitive especially considering that the objective is to introduce you to a large group of eligible women. Some matchmaking services occasionally offers promos and discounts. You just have to keep an eye out for it.

    With all that said, would you CONSIDER joining a romance tour? Is it a yea or nay? Let us know!

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