How International Online Dating Sites Works

I used Google Translate to get an idea of how the agencies operate.

Payment and Agreement

Q: What guarantees the payment of money?

A: Girl gets exactly 50% of the amount that a man spends on communication with her. Guarantee the payment of money – the conclusion of an Agreement, which clearly spelled out how many and for what is believed the girl. In a month will pay any amount: earn $ 20 a month – pay 20, 1000 $ – pay 1,000. It all depends on the willingness to work. Payment – after the first month of operation, without delay.

Q: What is the timetable? Is there a minimum yield for a girl?

A: Schedule a free, no minimum generation.

Pricing Details

Q: Can you describe the pricing details for the girls.

A: The site

For each incoming message from a man (except the first one) – $ 0.75.
One minute chat with one person – $ 0.06.
One minute video chat (optional) – $ 0.12.
Also the girl receives gifts from men (roses, perfume, alcohol) in full.

Dating Ukrainian women

The site

For every incoming and outgoing (whether reading his man) – $ 0.75.
A 5-minute chat with one man – $ 0.5 (minimum order chat by men – 5 min.)
5 min. chat-enabled web Cameo – $ 1 (minimum order chat by men-5 min.)
The first presentation video download – $ 10.
Each subsequent viewing a man – $ 1.5.

Chat can lead to an unlimited number of men at the same time, the money earned from each client.

Correspond and meeting

Q: Tell us what you need to correspond with men?

A: Correspond possible about everything (the weather, politics, fashion …). The main thing – to interest a man communication. Erotic, intimate topics prohibited by the site for violating the ban a girl (or a man who initiates such topics) is removed from the system.

Q: What if a man wants to come and meet me?

A: Such cases are taking place, because many men on the site really want to find a soul mate. Choosing the girl: she can politely refuse a man, explaining to him that he’s just a friend, etc., etc., and may agree to the appointment of the owner dearly Of course, we guarantee an interpreter agencies to date, and payment 7 $ / h.

Authentication and Commission

Q: What do you want from all of this?

A: If the girl is paid 50% of the correspondence that, oddly enough, the remaining 50% we are taking myself 🙂

Q: Why do you need an activation video? A scanned copy of the passport?

A: I personally activation video girls to anything. However, the Western men require communication with real girls, and the site is goes out to meet them and forces us to shoot the video clip for the activation authentication profiles. A copy of the passport is needed in order to get the bank to you money and send them to you. At any official work in humans taking a scanned copy of the passport, and no one wonders why)))

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