Interview with Tamara: Her search and hopes….

Dear friends,

Today, I make an interview with my friend Tamara. I told about her in my article “Matchmaking by Krystyna: single Ukrainian woman Tamara” on Ukrainian Dating Blog. Tamara is looking for a special Western man who will give her tenderness, caring and, above all, love.

In our interview, Tamara tells you why she is looking for a Western gentleman, about the success of her search through different online dating services and her hopes to start a lasting, happy relationship in the Western world.



Hello Tamara. Thank you very much for that you have agreed to give me an interview. Please tell about yourself and why you are looking for a Western man?



Hello Krystyna. You are welcome :). I hope my answers can help your readers to understand us Ukrainian women better (especially why we are looking for love abroad).

Well, as you know already, my name is Tamara, I am from Ukraine and I am 39 years old. I was married to a Ukrainian man for 15 years until I found out that he was unfaithful. It was very painful and frightening for me to begin life all over again, but I decided to divorce him. I am divorced for four years now. Of course, I tried to start a new relationship here in Kiev, but I had unfortunately no success. I have met a few Ukrainian men who concealed that they were married. Therefore, I was alone – I could not find my match in Kiev. 🙁

You know, there are too many beautiful young women in Ukraine. Middle-aged Ukrainian and Russian men want to date a 20 year old girl. I assume this is almost impossible to find a man for life in Ukraine if you are 40 years old, divorced and have a child.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian man can find a gorgeous woman for dating and marriage immediately after the divorce. For example, my ex-husband got married to a nice Ukrainian woman only one year later after our divorce. But I was still alone (sorry, I said that already)…



Unfortunately, I am familiar with the situation described by Tamara. I have many female friends in Kiev who are 30 years old, have successful career and want to have a relationship but they are singles. The reason is simple, namely: Ukrainian men are too selective, and there are (too) many women who are beautiful, gentle, family-oriented and tender.  Just Heaven on Earth…

Tamara, my next question is why you decided to look for a match from the Western world through the Internet?



I did not decide to use online dating immediately. I often travel to Germany because of my work. I met one German man in Hamburg by chance. We liked each other and started a long-distance relationship. Unfortunately, my relationship with Patrick broke up but I found out that Western men are so different than Ukrainian. In my opinion, Western men are more careful, gentle, and understanding. I think Western men respect women, their personality and character more than Ukrainian men.

How did I become an online dating user? You, Krystyna, helped me. 🙂 Frankly, I was very afraid. I thought only losers or freaks looking for a Ukrainian woman on the Internet. You got me convinced that there is a real chance to meet the man of my dreams through a dating site. This little girl with a lot of power and energy showed me the best dating site for me: Krystyna knows that I cannot speak English. 

I can speak German a little bit. She talked to me and asked what kind of man I am looking for. Then we decided that it would be perfect for me to find a German man because I know Germany, have been several times there, can speak German and understand German culture and mentality. So she made a research on German-Russian/Ukrainian dating services and recommended me the most appropriate dating and matchmaking agency where I am registered now.

You helped to make the perfect online dating profile and explained me the particular qualities of online dating and communication with Western men.

Speaking honestly, the beginning was difficult. My distrust was too big. But I met a special man online three weeks ago. We communicate daily and get known each other better. I really like him and I hope I have found my happiness. We will see! 🙂



Thank you so much for your warm words! I am happy if you could help you. In conclusion, what do you want to wish my readers?



I want to wish your readers great success in searching a wife from Ukraine. Yes, it is not easy but the chance to find the woman of your dreams is really gigantic. My story is no exception to the rule. There are a great number of such women as me in Ukraine who are lonely and dream to have a happy relationship. 

Even a month ago, I hated my life because I thought I will spend the rest of my life alone without a partner.  Just horrible thoughts… Online dating changed my life… and can change your life, as well.

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