Konstantin’s First Ukrainian Bride Trip To Kharkov

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  1. harun says:

    Emerging from the kharkov metro at “Zoloti Vorota” (Golden Gate), you will see the ancient fortress from the 1,000-year-old Kyivan Rus empire. Follow the street to the right slightly uphill (admiring the beautiful European architecture) to Sofiyivska sobor (St. Sophia’s cathedral). Sophia’s elegant bell tower arises on your left, opening onto a large plaza with the unmistakable statue of Cossack leader Bogdan Khmelnitski on horseback. Looking down the street towards the river is the majestic St, Michael’s cathedral, bathed in blue. Either take the funicular railway downhill to the river (behind St. Michael’s) or veer several blocks left where you will find the turquoise St. Andrew’s cathedral at the top of Andriyivski Uzviz, one of the most charming streets in kharkov. It winds downhill, lined with the most extensive assortment of Ukrainian arts & crafts you will find anywhere. This is a great place to buy souvenirs (make sure to bargain), especially if you want Russian “matrushka” dolls. If you’re hungry, a French-style restaurant called “Vernissage” is one of my favorites. ce .thank you very much for everything http://www.privatetoursinistanbul.com that you are the best for services …

  2. filip says:

    About Mila, she looks honnest, and really take care about the costumer, but thats all a fake. Last year, i arived in Kharkov and met a girl there, via the introduction of Mila.

    Mila saves other men from being scammed, but actually she leads those men to her scams
    These are some things she said to me, and to others, i have talked about it with others that had the same experience as me, Do not use agencies, you can’t trust them and Let me introduce you to some of my girlfriends. According to that guy who i have spoken with, she uses 4 or 5 of her best friends as bait, and they get paid to go out with you by Mila, they will do everything to lett you think that you have found a reall genuine girl.

    In mine case, i found out that mine Genuine girl already had someone else; and when i first talked about it to Mila, i was suddenly the bad person, and the girl told me that he was just a friend, until i saw Her and His FBprofile, was a bit more then just a friend. Also, i had asked to Mila, before i went to Kharkov, to meet lady’s around mine age, from the 8 profiles that i received, only 2 where closeby mine age ( I’m 31y now), the rest was under 24y old.

    I chose the 2 older lady’s, and the girl that was 24y, no other profiles was sended to me afterwards. The girl from 24y old, i never seen, but the girl from 21y old, a girl that was in the 8 profiles that Mila had sended, showt up, that was the girl that had someone else already.

    For me, and you don’t have to believe me, Mila leads an orgenised scam, you don’t see it, but she is scamming you with nice words and acting an act to you, you where, just like me, and other men that found out, a dumb western guy with allot of money

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