LoveWhirl Review: An Obvious Scam Everyone Should Avoid

Online dating reviews are crucial when looking for the perfect dating site, as there are so many scam dating sites out there. 

People invest a lot of time and money into finding someone special online, and if these efforts turn out to be a scam, it affects them financially and emotionally.

That’s the main reason why we’re looking at LoveWhirl — to find out if this online dating site is above board and safe to use for those who are serious about online love. 

Let’s dive in and find why LoveWhirl isn’t an option you should be considering.

Reasons Why You Can Trust Us

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LoveWhirl - A Summary About The Service

I navigated to the “About Us” section, expecting to see a unique online dating site description and even some company details. However, the entire section was a carbon copy of one I’ve previously seen. The only difference is that the name LoverWhirl is used.

Lovewhirl review

It is impossible to find any company details on the site or on the net, for that matter, so this isn’t looking very good. It looks like this site is part of a series of online dating sites used for a massive scam operation.  


This dating site is blacklisted due to poor customer reviews, large number of fake profiles and very high prices for services. We recommend you use the below brands instead, for a safer experience.

How do you set up your profile at LoveWhirl?

Boy, was I surprised when I was automatically logged in on LoveWhirl without even signing up! I don’t recall having any active membership at this online dating site, and what’s more, I’ve deleted and deactivated all other memberships. 

So how is it that LoveWhirl just has my details, including the fact that I don’t even have to enter my password?

It looks like this review is going to reveal a lot of shady info about what this dating site is up to. Essentially, for this site to have my details, it means that I’ve signed up at a sister site and, even though I’ve deactivated my account, the company still uses my information to log me into other umbrella sites. 

It’s a shame the name of the company owning this site is nowhere to be found. 

So, seeing as the signup process is not available to me, let’s just go over the basic requirements of sign-up processes and what you should be looking out for if you want to join a secure site. 

As I’m pretty sure that I’ve been through this process before, I can make an educated guess about the questions you’ll be asked in the “quiz” after signing up. 

You’ll need to provide information about why you want to become a member, your interests and what you’re looking for in your ideal partner. Other details include your occupation, religious views, hobbies, and more. 

There was a request to verify my email that I simply ignored, and I assume that there is no verification process. Reason is that, if there was and I’m able to automatically log into this site, the admin would have attempted to verify me by now. 

Does LoveWhirl have a Mobile App?

Surprise, surprise, it does not. I wonder why? 

May it possibly be due to the fact that it is an exact copy of other dating sites I’ve visited?

Profile Quality in our Check

The profiles are a mish-mash of extreme airbrushing, professional posing, and some natural-looking pictures in-between. There are also women that are obviously caucasian and may even be Eastern European, that have Chinese names. I don’t quite understand this. 

However, where LoveWhirl made its biggest mistake was by suggesting I chat with a profile that I’ve already seen on another dating site. This profile is hard to forget because it is one of those instances where the woman looks more Baltic, but the profile has a Chinese name. What’s more, it’s the exact same name and picture I previously encountered. 

If this is a legit online dating site, what are the chances of that happening?

This is an in-your-face scam alert!

Usability And Interface Of The Platform

When looking at the profile interface, it was like experiencing Deja Vu. User-friendly, but extremely simplistic with those familiar orange, black, and white features. The profiles themselves contain a familiar design and setup, with a chat function, public pictures, the profiles date of birth, relationship status, occupation, English proficiency level, age group the profile is interested in, hobbies, traits, relationship status, and location. 

I feel like I’m in the twilight zone, seeing all these familiar options with the icon designs looking exactly like ones I’ve seen before. 

Free & Fee-Based Services at Compared

If anyone were wondering what’s free and what’s not, let’s first establish that this site also uses a credit system like many other scammy sites. Here’s the lowdown on what you can do for free and what you have to pay for:


Browsing, checking out profiles, watching live streams, and participating in the stream’s chat section. 


Everything else is basically fee-based. You’ll be able to identify all the activities below where there’s also a layout of how many credits you need to do certain activities. Let’s take a look: 

The LoveWhirl Costs In An Overview

You get 20 coins to get you started, which is, if you look at what you need to just have a decent chat, next to nothing. Here is a list of all the paid options and how many credits you need for each: 

Does it sound worth it?

Customer Reviews of LoveWhirl at TrustPilot & SiteJabber

Let’s see what customers have to say about LoveWhirl on the trusty SiteJabber and Trustpilot sites — my go-to for checking out customer reviews:

According to SiteJabber, LoveWhirl received 100% positive ratings in the past twelve months, which is in itself a bit suspicious. Here’s a closer look at the reviews themselves. Some of the reviews give four stars, but the review itself says that meeting someone on the platform is unrealistic. Another review only mentions that they’ve signed up and nothing else, although this reviewer also gave a high rating. 

Lovewhirl sitejabber reviews

To put things in context, there are only 14 reviews on SiteJabber, and very few of them mention finding a legit partner or any relationship success.

TrustPilot has 47 reviews, and has a lower score of 3.9 stars. One of the most interesting reviews was about a customer discovering that VISA has blocked LoveWhirl and classifies it as a fraudulent company.

Lovewhirl trustpilot reviews

Another review reported the site as a scam, which many reviews are also customer service queries asking how to check your credit balance. This can be an indication that LoveWhirl doesn’t have solid customer support.

On neither of these platforms can you see the company name, but there is a nameless individual replying to the reviews. 

What Security Features Does LoveWhirl Have?

Considering the fact that my details were automatically transferred to this online dating site without my express permission, and this being after I deactivated my account on a previous site because deletion is not an option, I would say none. It’s best to stay away. 

How Do I Delete My LoveWhirl Account?

Now, it is obvious to me that you cannot delete your account and that your information is still being used after deactivation. Steer clear of this site and don’t give them any of your personal details. 

Our verdict - the site cannot be recommended

After finding the regular warning signs you’d find on rogue online dating sites, this one gave me a scare of note. This is exactly why it is crucial to read honest and objective reviews before choosing an online dating site.

Not only is there no verification process but the profiles are also fake, doing anything on the site is extremely expensive, and it appears that all chats are run by the company itself, which is probably why it’s impossible to find the name of the company anywhere. 

It’s scary to go to a site you’ve never visited before and to be automatically logged in. Avoid LoveWhirl at all costs! 

Last Updated on June 08, 2023

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