RussianFlirting Review: Fake or Legal?

Sounds like a dream come true to have a place where you can actually flirt with pretty Russian ladies, right? Well … that depends on the “place” – how reputable it is, how much it costs, and whether you will actually meet your true love there. 

Those are exactly the questions (and many more, in fact!) I have when I look into an online dating site. 

So where does RussianFlirting fit in? Should you sign up, or should you rather try out a better site? 

Spoiler alert if you are in a hurry: I can’t recommend RussianFlirting, and I will dive into all the reasons why not below.

Reasons Why You Can Trust Us

TOP3 Sites For Russian & Ukraine Dating

What Is is an online dating service that caters specifically to Western men looking for their Russian woman for dating and marriage. The site claims that they make it convenient for you to find your dream partner and also connect to more friends. 

russianflirting review

An interesting fact about RussianFlirting is that the site claims to be 100% free. But like all dating sites that claim to be 100% free, how true is this claim? Nothing in life is truly free – you always pay in some way, whether financially, with an exchange of information, or something. 

Some services are free on; however, there’s also a VIP membership that is – of course – not free. 

Plus, once you sign up, your profile is public. The site claims that you can toggle your Privacy settings to set your profile to not show up in search engines or to other RussianFlirting members. 

The company also states that it may take a few days or some time for this to take effect. Sounds super dodgy to me. I just know that when I sign up to a dating site, I definitely don’t want my profile to be public – and see? You are “paying” for the service. is available in 5 languages: 

The dating platform has a mobile app on the Google Play Store, so there’s that. Sorry iOS users. 

The dating site doesn’t share information about who operates it so I had to dig deeper. 

AimDate LLC is the Android developer of AimDate is a company operating out of Wyoming in the United States. 

Looking further allows me to put more pieces of the puzzle together. I thought the RussianFlirting website looked familiar. Turns out that AimDate is also the owner of a couple of other dating websites – ThaiFlirting, FilipinaLoves, LoveinAsia, and UkrainaDating.  


This dating site is blacklisted due to poor customer reviews, large number of fake profiles and very high prices for services. We recommend you use the below brands instead, for a safer experience.

How to Register at

As with other Russian online dating sites (or most of them), it’s easy and simple to register. 

Once you are on the homepage of, the sign up sheet is bright and center so you can’t miss it. 

russianflirting register

In the gray-ish box under “Quick Search,” you need to:

Remember, profiles are free, so you don’t even need to register to ogle at – probably fake – beauties. 

Or you can click the Sign Up button below that. This will take you to a separate page where you need to add personal details about yourself: 

You’ll also need to choose a login and a password. 

Alternatively, sign up with your Google, Twitter, Facebook, or VKontakte account.

What Services Are Offered at RussianFlirting?

Various services are offered at In general, there’s nothing special the site offers … and you can find better and unique features on other dating sites. 

But in any case, here’s what you can do on RussianFlirting: 

Costs and Pricing of

Some of the services on are free – like signing up, creating your profile, and chatting with matches. However, if you want to access more features, you need to pay. 

For example, pay to: 

There’s no monthly subscription option, so to access exclusive or VIP services on RussianFlirting, you need to buy coins. 

When you buy coins, you don’t need to worry about it automatically renewing. Every purchase is a once-off. 

RussianFlirting Design and Usability in Our Check

The overall website of is simplistic and user-friendly. So whether you are a newbie in the online dating scene or a pro, you’ll be able to find your way around the site. 

RussianFlirting also has a mobile app for Android smart device users. The interface is easy to navigate. 

Profile Quality - How Authentic Are the Profiles?

The profiles on RussianFlirting aren’t actually that detailed. It seems like there’s a lot of information but there isn’t – not really. 

russianflirting profiles

On a person’s profile, you’ll see: 

Looking through the profiles (and I didn’t even need to sign up and become a RussianFlirting member since the profiles are public) I can only make one conclusion: Most of the profiles appear to be fake because their image profiles are too polished and perfect to be real, actual people. 

What Payment Options Do RussianFlirting Accept?

Buy the coins you want with a credit card or Paysafecard. 

RussianFlirting Customer Support Options

There are two ways you can get in touch with the RussianFlirting customer support team. 

At the bottom of the website, click on Contact Us. 

russianflirting contact

From here, you can fill in a web contact form with your name, email, subject of your message, and the message you want to send. Complete the CAPTCHA and click send. 

The other option is to send RussianFlirting an email. On the Contact Us page, you’ll see the email address on the right. Plus, you can find their email address by checking out their Facebook page. 

External Reviews in Our Test (Trustpilot)

When I test and review a dating site, I also check out what members of the dating platform have to say on third party review sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber. 

There’s only a profile for RussianFlirting (unclaimed by the company) on Trustpilot. Only 6 members have reviewed them and the average rating for the site is 2.6, which is poor. 

russianflirting trustpilot

Only 33% of the members say that RussianFlirting is great, while the majority at 67% rated the site as bad. 

Reviews on RussianFlirting mention how the site uses fake bots to chat to you and get you to buy coins (emptying your wallet and making the people behind the company rich). Another reviewer talks about how after you’ve initiated contact, all the “ladies” want is someone to financially support them.

Our RussianFlirting Review Verdict: Be Careful

After this review, it seems that it may be impossible to find your true love – it isn’t. As with all things in life, you shouldn’t trust blindly; you need to be careful. 

Scams are all the rage at the moment, and considering the number of people falling for them, scam artists are not going to be stopping anytime soon. Read also: What to Do If You Were Scammed in Foreign Online Dating?

The onus, thus, is on you, dear reader, to beware and take care. 

I can’t – in good conscience – recommend RussianFlirting. The site isn’t really free, and this is false advertising. Red flag #1. (Run; don’t think the flag isn’t red #bigmistake). 

My reasons for not recommending 

There are good and reputable dating sites out there, and you shouldn’t give up on your dreams to find and meet your Russian soulmate. 

Check out the 7 Best International Dating Sites and Apps that I have reviewed and can recommend. 

Last Updated on June 05, 2023

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