Russian online scammers bilk Western men out of $160,000

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Today I found an interesting message about Russian online scam. This message tells us what we already know. But it is really amazing that Russian and Ukrainian online dating scam still work and the scammers make a lot of money with this kind of “business”.

What do real online scammers do?

Hundreds of dating guides and sites tell about the Ukrainian and Russian dating scam. Every Western man knows that sending money to Ukrainian women for marriage you do not know is a fool’s game. Nevertheless, as someone will definitely chime in and note ‘well I sent money to a special woman from Ukraine I did not know and I am happily married’ and I will note that even fools can be lucky, sometimes and for a while.

I have to mention that “real” women from Ukraine and Russia who want to start a serious relationship with a Western man are very unlikely to ask for money. There’s only just any good reason why you might or should send money.

Here is the message:

International scamming

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