Things to talk about on an online date with a Russian girl

A lot of foreign guys worry about what to talk about on an online date with a Russian woman.

Some fear that the cultural difference will leave them without too many similar interests. Also, when you meet any woman on a dating app, there’s little way of knowing whether you’ll have face-to-face chemistry. Could they be shy when meeting you in real life? Might they give you the ‘ice queen’ stare while giving one-word answers and expecting you to carry the whole conversation?

If you’re a man who’s worrying about this, the guide below should help you. It includes 12 ideas for things to talk about on an online date with a Russian woman. 

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12 Things to Talk About on an Online Date with a Russian Girl

These aren’t just ideas to keep the conversation flowing; they’re designed with the specific goal of making this Russian bride like you and want to see you again.

1. Tell her about yourself

In some cultures, it’s considered rude to talk about yourself too much. But, how else is this woman supposed to find out who you are and what makes you unique?

If you worry about running out of things to say on a first date, it might be worth writing a list of five things you’d like this woman to know about you and stories that will reveal them.

Please remember that Russian women are particularly attracted to high-value men. So, if you have stories that subtly demonstrate a lavish lifestyle or past success in business or dating, it’s worth telling them.

2. Your travels

Your past travels are always an exciting topic to mention on a first date. Most women are excited about going on holidays and seeing the world. If this Russian woman is already in another country, you can bet she’s one of them.

This is going to be a bit different if you’re talking to girls on apps that specifically attract Russian women. There are a lot of apps that claim to have a lot of single Russian women, you can see a good example by checking out this really good Lovevoodoo review that some dating coaches put together. The reality is that many of those sites are not worth your time.

When you’re using an app that’s legit and has a lot of Russian women to talk to you can really hone the topics you discuss to make them more comfortable and interested. You don’t have to stick to the same bland stuff, you can talk about what she is really interested in, which is often travel for single younger women.

This is an easy way to demonstrate a lavish lifestyle. But, remember to also ask about where she’s been before and what she liked about it. This is a nice topic that can help her to open up and tell stories.

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It’s also great to ask where she wants to travel in future. If you happen to have been there before, you can create envy and intrigue by telling her about how awesome it is. Maybe the two of you will even travel together there one day.

3. The cultural difference

Cultural differences shouldn’t limit your conversation opportunities. It should create more of them! You can talk about the differences you’ve noticed between her culture and yours. 

You can ask what she finds strange about your culture, or what her first impressions are of men from your country.

This should create lots of opportunities for humor, so don’t be afraid to take them. Even if your date comes across as very cold and serious (which Russians do sometimes), that doesn’t mean your conversations have to always be serious and logical.

4. Tease her

The difference in your cultures should also create plenty of opportunities for you to lightly tease her. If you’re a serious guy, you might think this is a bizarre and nasty idea. But, it’s actually quite the opposite. 

Teasing is what people naturally do when they are comfortable around one another. It communicates that you feel equal to her socially, not below her.

Just make sure to keep your teases light-hearted and not about parts of her life that are actually true.
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5. Screen her

It’s important not to come across as the guy who is already sold on his date just because she’s beautiful. 

When a woman senses that she’s already won you over within minutes of the first meeting, it removes all the mystery for her. Now, it’s no fun. It’s like a bad romance movie where she already knows the ending.

Until you’re officially an item – or at least until you’ve slept together, it’s better to come across like you’re still unsure about this woman. A subtle way to do this is to list five personality traits that your ideal woman should have, then create five questions that will subtly reveal whether she has them. 

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When your date answers these questions, she’ll be selling herself to you somewhat. Suddenly, she’s the one chasing you, because she’s not so sure whether you like her. 

This creates excitement and investment on her end. Now, your date is like a romance movie where she’s desperate to experience the climax.

6. What does she like to do for fun?

You shouldn’t be talking about yourself the whole time. A simple question to find about her is: “what do you do for fun?

Hopefully, she has passions other than taking photos of herself to post on Instagram or her online dating profile. Remember, you need to come across someone who is looking for something more than beauty. 

If you’re after a foreign wife, her hobbies and interests should be important to you too, right?

7. Show off your Russian language skills

Your date will appreciate it if you’ve taken the time to at least learn the basics of her language. This is a respectful thing to do and shows you’re at least a little bit interested in her culture.

It can be fun for you to show off your mastery of specific naughty words, and maybe for her to teach you some more. At the very least, make sure you’re at least able to pronounce her name properly.

8. Give her a reason to come back to your place

Russian women aren’t known for being particularly quick to head back to a man’s place, but it’s still worth a shot. After all, this gives you the opportunity for some physical intimacy, and that is the best way to make a woman remember you and want to see you again.

It’s no good saying: “Want to head back to mine and have sex?” though. That’s going to make her feel cheap and easy, even after several dates.

A better strategy is to have an innocent excuse for the two of you to head to your place. Maybe you have a nice bottle of wine at your place, or you want to show her something cool in your living room?

9. Does she prefer to date Russian men or foreigners?

If she’s on a dating app for Russian women to meet foreigners, the answer to this question will be obvious. Still, you can pry into why she prefers to date foreign men. Most likely, her answer will confirm further in her mind that you’re a good match for her.

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10. Your weaknesses

It might sound like a crazy idea to talk about your flaws on a first date, but you’ll probably have no choice. A lot of Russian women will bring these up, just to test how you react. This helps her see whether you’re actually the cool and confident man you’re presenting yourself to be.

So, whether you’re responding to her or bringing them up yourself, you better get used to owning your weaknesses rather than being insecure and defensive about them.    

11. Ask her to teach you something

An exciting thing about dating a foreigner is that you get to learn a ton of new things about their culture and their way of life. This shouldn’t be a one-way street. As well as teaching her about your country, ask her to teach you something about hers as well.

12. Honestly, you can talk about whatever you want

Men who worry about what to say on a first date are missing a key point about attraction: it’s the vibe that matters most.

If you’re speaking in a confident, fun and excited manner, your passion will rub off on her.

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Enthusiasm is infectious, so feel free to talk about anything that excites you. In most cases, she’ll be turned on by your passion, no matter what you’re passionate about.

You’re All Set And Ready for Your Online Date!

With this list of conversation topics to hand, you should be all set for your online date with this Russian hottie.

Here’s our recommended list of conversation topics for you to copy and paste into your phone, in case you get nervous and forget.

  1. Tell her about yourself
  2. Your travels
  3. The cultural difference
  4. Tease her 
  5. Screen her
  6. What does she like to do for fun?
  7. Show off your Russian language skills
  8. Give her a reason to come back to your place
  9. Does she prefer to date Russian men or foreigners?
  10. Your weaknesses
  11. Ask her to teach you something 
  12. Honestly, you can talk about whatever you want!

We have a similar guide for dating Ukrainian women too. So, feel free to bookmark that for the future. 

With that said, remember to enjoy yourself and not put too much pressure on yourself. Best of luck!

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