TOP Reasons Why Bulgarians Are So Beautiful

Bulgarians are truly beautiful people, but the women of Bulgaria are truly gorgeous. 

With their bright personalities, fancy dress sense, and natural beauty, Bulgarian ladies are known to be firm, steadfast, playful, and ready for adventure. 

If you’ve ever wondered just what it is that gives these exotic ladies their vibrant charm and why they attract so much attention on international dating sites, I have all the answers here. 

Hold on tight, you’re about to fall in love with beautiful Bulgarian women. 

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How Beautiful Are Bulgarian Ladies?

Bulgarian women are beautiful in a way that other Slavic women can’t quite compete with. They are fragile, yet they have a lively quality that is naturally appealing. 

The Bulgarian ladies have dark tanned skins, and while they’re not tall, they are known for keeping a great figure due to their active lifestyles in gyms and parks and in enjoying the great outdoors. They have elongated waists, slim but curvy hips, and lush busts. 

bulgarian woman beauty

Embracing an exotic gypsy lifestyle and clothing sense, Bulgarian ladies are known to be comfortable revealing lean limbs and flaunting a racy femininity. They are sharp dressers, and while Bulgarian ladies tend to be shorter than Russian ladies, they adore high heels, which create gorgeous lean legs to catch the eye. 

Being fashion conscious, Bulgarian women are known for their flawless skin, well-kept appearance, and trim figures that they maintain even into their older age. 

You can also expect to find Bulgarian ladies in nightclubs, and if you are single, they will be interested in you. Married men will not have any luck due to the highly respectful nature of Bulgarian women who view marriage as sacred.

Bulgarian ladies are vibrant, loyal, and submissive to their husbands, which will endear them to Western men. They are beautiful in their peaceful nature and sunny disposition, making for a complete image of beauty. 

What Do Bulgarians Look Like?

The women from Bulgaria are shorter than their other European counterparts, but they make up for it with lithe figures that are also curvy at the same time. Essentially, they have the delicate shape of dancers with fine wrists and slender ankles that they flaunt with high-heeled shoes and feminine skirts and frilly tops for a whimsical gypsy look. 

Tattoos are currently trending among Bulgarian ladies, and you can expect to find delicate rose designs and feminine lines that accentuate their athletic bodies. Because their culture is socially open, tattoos are accepted and even shown off with off-the-shoulder tops. 

bulgarians beautiful

Long hair worn straight or curly is popular among Bulgarian ladies, and short hair is not very likely to feature on your Bulgarian bride. Naturally, Bulgarian ladies have brown to black hair, but blonde and red hair also feature on sidewalks as the ladies love to dye their hair. 

Their natural pale skin tone is quickly hidden with a day in the sun, as Bulgarian ladies love being tanned, and they tan easily too, revealing beautiful skin. You will fall in love with their naturally green, gray, or brown eyes and their fun-loving innocence is most befitting of these ladies. 

What Is Bulgarian Culture?

Bulgaria has an ancient culture that runs centuries old, and it’s a source of pride to the people of Bulgaria, including the women who are keepers of the culture. On a trip to Bulgaria, you will quickly be taken in by the local festivals and rituals that are still kept by the locals. 

Being in touch with their roots, Bulgarian ladies are known to be peaceful and mentally settled. They are amenable to starting a family, even though the women tend to get married later (at the age of 28) than before. Most Bulgarian ladies are Eastern Orthodox Christians, with a strong belief in the sanctity of family. 

For Bulgarian women, the man is the head of the house, and they are accustomed to the man taking charge in their culture. Such is their faith that Bulgarians still engage in the ancient practice of hot coal walking. 

The customs of Bulgaria are quite different from other European countries, which means that some hand signs and other forms of communication taken for granted may mean something else entirely different here. 

What Are Bulgarian Women Known For?

Women in Bulgaria are known for being peaceful, family-focused, and hardworking. Ladies here are happy to be housewives, but they also like to work away from home and actualize their ambitions. They are excellent cooks, and you can expect your Bulgarian wife to keep a neat home. 

Bulgarian women keep tight ties between family members, and you will likely have a house full of aunts and uncles and cousins when local festivities and celebrations happen. These ladies keep happy families going, and they aren’t known for seeking divorce unless there’s abuse in the home. 

Bulgarian Women Known For

Being respectful and very morally righteous, Bulgarian women make great wives, and you will find that your bride will see you as the head of the family, and she will look to you for guidance, while she will also be ready to support you all the way. 

A Bulgarian lady will be kind, tolerant, and respectful, and she will be very easy to get along with. More importantly, Bulgarian women know how to make men feel at ease when they socialize together. 

You will find it rather strange, but Bulgarian women are renowned for liking fast food and rich treats. Despite this, Bulgarian ladies maintain lean figures without much work at all. So don’t be surprised if your date wants to order seconds or if she dives into the MacDonald’s you order. 

Bulgarian ladies have a zest for life that makes them charming, sophisticated, but also wonderfully natural. If you are a positive-minded guy, chances are good that you’ll love the up-beat and naturally spiritual nature of Bulgarian women. 

Because Bulgarian women find themselves to be agreeable and beautiful, you won’t have to deal with a woman who tends to be depressed, insecure, or awkward. She’ll love herself already, which means she can focus on loving you even more, making for a very easy partnership. 

Where to Find Your Bulgarian Beauty

Finding your Bulgarian lady may sound like a mission. After all, she is nearly perfect, right? Luckily, you need only find a suitable international dating app that can help you make that magical connection. 

A few popular options are: 


Tinder is very popular, especially in larger cities in Bulgaria like Sofia, which is Bulgaria’s capital city and a popular destination to meet girls in nightclubs. 

tinder review


Another popular international dating app is Bumble, with many European singles connecting via this dating app, including Bulgarian singles. 

bumble review


With singles from all across the world, eHarmony is a great start for your journey to connect with a sexy Bulgarian lady. 

Eharmony Review

What to Look Out for When Choosing a Online Dating Service

Whichever dating app you choose to sign up for, you should carefully weigh up the following considerations:

Final Words on the Beauty of Bulgarian Women

If you are looking for a woman who is petite, slender, and athletic, and has a personality to match, you’re in luck with a Bulgarian woman. Bulgarian women are renowned for their beauty, which is more than skin-deep. 

The peaceful and calm nature of Bulgarian women combines wonderfully with their passionate and fun-loving personalities. These ladies are positive, happy, and light-hearted. 

With a Bulgarian lady, you can rest assured that she will be fun-loving, intelligent, happy, and dedicated.  

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